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The Best hot cocoa k cups | 7 Delicious Flavors


With winter looming around the corner, most of us are eager to get out wool blankets and throws, to sit on the couch and enjoy a nice warm beverage. 

There are so many delicious recipes for having the most amazing hot chocolate that will go down a treat in winter.

But what if I told you your Keurig machine can make a really good hot chocolate with the best hot cocoa k cups as well! Not only that there are several amazing flavors as well.

With a well known fact that chocolate releases endorphins, making you feel warm and fuzzy inside, taking away life’s random dramas.

So even though you have a Keurig Coffee maker, you can also use it to make some of the best hot chocolate drinks.

I’ve summarised the top hot cocoa k cups below, but feel free to see my other suggestions. There’s also a neat ultimate hot cocoa k cups buyers guide after my review.

Top Pick: Best Hot Cocoa K Cups That Goes Well for Every Wintery Occasion

best hot cocoa k cups cafe escapes

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Deeply Decadent, this is my top pick and it goes down a treat.

Perfect for any cold evening or as a hot cocoa drink at thanks giving or Christmas eve.

The Cafe Escapes dark chocolate hot cocoa k-cups is an elegant drink that will go down just good. Not only that it tastes really good, and will keep you warm while the snow is falling outside.

Grab these, pop them in your Keurig coffee maker and enjoy a hot cocoa in front of the fire place. These are absolutely the best hot cocoa k cups we've had and have discovered. 

#1- Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cups

best hot cocoa k cups cafe escapes
  • Contains 24 K cups
  • Deeply decadent, decidedly dark, definitely delicious dark chocolate experience
  • Trans fat and gluten free, contains both natural and artificial flavors
  • High in sugar!

Enjoy a box of 24 hot cocoa k-cups that are trans fat and gluten free! They work in any Keurig single cup brewers and also the new Keurig 2.0 brewers.

These deeply decadent, beautifully rich dark chocolate hot cocoa cups are an absolute must have and are rated highly among-st 6000+ reviews.

Get this hot cocoa dark chocolate flavor today and enjoy them with the family or in front of the fire place.

#2- Grove Square Hot Cocoa Milk Chocolate K-Cups

grove square hot cocoa k cups
  • Creamy smoothness makes this cocoa a classic and comfort in a cup
  • Perfect for an quick treat or pick-me-up anytime of day or night
  • Kosher certified
  • Can be a bit sweet for some

Next on our list has to be these delicious sweet grove square hot cocoa milk chocolate k-cups. They come as single serve cups compatible with all Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewers.

The creamy smoothness this drink delivers makes it feel like you're having comfort in a cup, while keeping you all warm and toasty.

Grove square hot cocoa is considered an Amazon's choice product and that's why we included them in this best hot cocoa k cups review.

I highly recommend these as an alternative to the cafe escapes dark chocolate hot cocoa drink. These will go down really well in a cold winter.

The only downside I have with these is that, if you don't have a sweet tooth, steer clear of them. On the plus side, I'm an absolute chocolate addict and love everything sweet, so that's not a problem for me.

#3- Double Donut Hot Chocolate Cups for Keurig

double donut hot chocolate k-cups
  • Double Donut hot cocoa capsules are perfect for use with all Keurig brewers, including the Keurig 2.0 K-Cup brewers
  • Double Donut Hot Chocolate is certified Kosher. See label for other dietary and nutritional information
  • Enjoy your hot cocoa responsibly
  • Not gluten free

Sit back and grab a warm blanket, if you love coffee and donuts then you'll need to give the double donut hot chocolate cocoa a go.

You can expect to enjoy a nice rich cup which is so creamy and full of richness, that it can take you back down memory lane.

Double donut hot cocoa is certified kosher, however they are not gluten free so consider this as something to watch out for.

I found them to be quite yummy and tasty, however not a lot of people have given them a go. So that's why I'm recommending them here.

The k-cups work with any Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewers.

#4- Starbucks Hot Cocoa K-Cup Coffee Pods

starbucks hot cocoa k cups
  • Made with ethically sourced, high-quality cocoa
  • Designed for use with the Keurig Single Cup Brewing System
  • The package weight of the product is 19.5 pounds
  • Does not work with Keurig 2.0 machines

Starbucks have crafted this amazing hot cocoa drink from ethically sourced cocoa! So if you're all about fair trade (and of course Starbucks) then you need to give these a go.

Unfortunately they only work on Keurig 1.0 machines, so if you have the latest don't get these as they won't work.

For a Starbucks product, I thought there would be more reviews (guess it's just from me)! I felt like it needed a little more sweetness to it, as it tasted a bit watered down.

I did end up trying at least two of them before making that call, so if you like it as a slightly watered hot chocolate then go for it.

To sweeten it up, I'd suggest adding like an artificial sweetener to give it more of an edge. Overall it was an "OK" beverage.

#5 - Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup Pods

swiss miss milk chocolate hot cocoa
  • Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Flavor
  • Contains six cartons, each with 12 K Cup packs, totaling 72 K Cup packs
  • Keurig Quality
  • Can have a bitter aftertaste

Swiss Miss milk chocolate k cups are absolutely amazing, in fact 2000 people including Amazon love it. Milk chocolate has to be one of my favorites (besides dark chocolate) that I can drink or eat all day long, regardless of the season.

There was claims that it can have a bitter aftertaste, but personally I didn't find that (maybe it was all the marshmallows I added).

The drink does contain artificial sweeteners, which can leave a slight tang in your mouth. But hey, that's what artificial sweeteners do.

This drink is a low calorie hot cocoa drink for your keurig machine. So if you're on a diet, consider getting these as it only contains 60 calories per serve.

#6 - Two Rivers Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup Pods

two rivers variety hot cocoa
  • Contains the largest Hot Cocoa variety available! Over 16 different flavors. Individual flavors may vary
  • Get wrapped in velvety, creamy deliciousness with this Hot Cocoa sampler box
  • Compatible with 2.0 Keurig K-Cup Brewer.
  • Can have way to much of a flavor you don't like.

Alright, can't make your mind up about what hot cocoa k cups are best for any occasion? No problem, I got you covered and did think about this.

So, if you're like me and can't decide then I recommend getting a hot cocoa k cups variety pack. The two rivers chocolate does the best variety pack, with over 40 hot cocoa flavors.

It has a bit of everything and is even compatible with Keurig 2.0 brewers. I do have one downside about this, the pack is an assortment so there is a chance you could be stuck with a flavor that you may not like.

I ended up getting tonnes of mint chocolate and I can't stand it, so had to give them to some family members with Keurig machines.

Overall, they are very creamy and delicious and goes down well on a cold winter night.

#7 - Dunkin Donuts Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cups for Keurig

dunkin donuts milk chocolate hot cocoa k cups 24
  • Includes 1 box of 24 K-Cups
  • Now, you can enjoy the great taste of Dunkin’ Donuts Hot Cocoa at home
  • Works only with Keurig K-Cup pod brewers, including 2.0
  • Sweetened with Sugar and Sucralose

Everybody loves Dunkin! Well, you bet your bottom dollar there are Dunkin hot cocoa k-cups for your household. If you love their donuts, then you'll love this milk chocolate k cup drink.

It only works with Keurig k-cup pod brewers, so don't try slotting them in your nespresso machine! That won't go down to well.

To me, the flavor was really good and it tasted quite rich and milky. I'd recommend adding a dash of fresh milk to top up the drink so that you can taste the chocolate-tee notes instead the nasty sucralose taste.

Best Hot Chocolate K-Cups Buyers Guide

Now the best part, an ultimate buyers guide to making sure you are looking out for certain things when purchasing hot cocoa k-cups.

Remember this, not all are equal and some can tend to have a tonne of sugar than others! If sugar is not a turn off, then other things to consider are calories and or caffeinated k-cups.

Besides all of this, I will cover some of the most common questions asked by the majority of you. 

Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets Light Hot Cocoa K-Cups
  • The great taste of Swiss Miss hot cocoa with less calories and sugar
  • 48 K-Cups

Can you get k-cups hot chocolate variety packs?

The short answer is yes, there are many variety packs that you can purchase!  One of the variety packs I like the most is this one: 20-count Top Brand Hot Cocoa Variety Sampler K-Pods

The only thing I dislike with variety packs is that if there’s a flavor you really like then you only get a certain amount of it. So if you’re in a household with a large family, be sure to hide the favorite hot chocolate k-pods.

Other than that, it has the benefit of giving you a taste of a variety of hot chocolates if you are uncertain on what to buy.

Once you try them all you’ll get a favorite out of the lot, and tend to purchase only that as time goes on.

How much does k cup hot chocolate cost?

The price of k-cups can vary depending on brand or quantity. However k-cup hot chocolate pods can set you back about $10 to $30 per pack.

At the lower end of the price point, you’ll get a pack or box of about 10 or so pods and at the more costly end you can get packs of 40 or more.

Generally the larger packs work really good if you get a variety pack, because then you can try a range of flavors.

how much does k cup hot chocolate cost

Is k cups hot chocolate sugar free?

Some of them are definitely not sugar free, however there are a variety that are low carb hot chocolate k-cups, which means they are low in sugar or reduced calories.

If you’re looking for some decent low sugar hot cocoa k-cups then the one I highly recommend is the swiss miss reduced calorie hot cocoa k-cups.

are k cups sugar free_

Can you make k cup hot chocolate without a keurig?

Yes it is possible to make k cup hot chocolate without a keurig and on a recent trip to Los Angeles I gave it a try.

The hot chocolate pods contain a powder that needs hot water to make the drink.

What I did was opened the k-pod seal on the top, exposed the powdered contents and added it to a cup of fresh milk. You could also use warm water (a kettle that has recently boiled) works best as well.

Give it a bit of a stir, and zap it in the microwave and there you have a hot chocolate without a keurig machine.

It’s not traditional but definitely works. Does it taste different? Not that I can say but most people will argue otherwise.

How Long Do Hot Chocolate K Cups Really Last?

K-cups typically have an expiry date on them, and they tend to last for about eight months as long as the seals are not broken.

Eight months is a very long time, and I can imagine that if you have a really tasty hot k-cup flavor then it’d be gone by then. Well at least in my family!

Recommended Article: How Long Does Coffee Last

Can you freeze hot chocolate k-cups?

Yes you can freeze hot chocolate k-cups, but it does come with a slight warning.

When you take them out after freezing, and try to use them the flavor and taste is no longer the same as it was prior to freezing them.

Therefore freezing can spoil them slightly. In saying that, most k-cups last for about eight months from the manufacturing time, and in my opinion you’d most likely use it by then.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, I’ve summed up what the best hot cocoa k cups for any occasion, followed by a handful of others I’d recommend others use.

If you’re feeling cold or a little bit down, then you have to try these k-cups with cocoa for your keurig machine.

They will make you feel good again and warm on the inside. My preference is to have these in winter or on a very cold evening.

The top pick hot cocoa k-cup we’ve selected is the Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cups which is based on a mass amount of user reviews, flavor it delivers and quality.

If you have any other recommendations, I’d be happy to include them just email us and give us a snippet of why you and your family and friends prefer them.

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