Can You Use Powdered Sugar In Coffee

Can You Use Powdered Sugar In Coffee? 4 Easy Facts!


Are you too a fan of coffee and wondered can you use powdered sugar in coffee? Well you are not alone and if you also drink coffee frequently but want to see if there is something better than regular sugar?

Do you have some powdered sugar in your kitchen and wondering if you can add it to your coffee? Well, as much fun it is to try new sweeteners in our coffee, we should at least know which one will make our coffee better. Now to answer the question can you use powdered sugar in coffee, yes you surely can.

Powered sugar is not that different from the granulated sugar, although it is not made from just pure granulated sugar. Using powdered sugar in coffee is not that different from using the regular granulated sugar, although you should know the proper amount of sugar to use.

About 100 grams of powdered sugar contain 383 calories. So if you use a lot of powdered sugar in coffee, you might be damaging your health.

Some people also prefer brown sugar over granulated sugar and powdered sugar. Brown sugar is made when molasses syrup is added to boiling crystals of sugar. This comes after the sugar refining process. Brown sugar contain less calories than regular sugar but using it in a large amount can still do the damage.

Powdered Sugar vs Granulated Sugar? 

When it comes to differentiating between the use of granulated sugar and powdered sugar in coffee, there are not many qualities on which we can compare them. 

Powered sugar is just the crushed version of granulated sugar. Although powdered sugar is made by adding cornstarch to the crushed granulated sugar. One cup of sugar needs one gram of cornstarch for making powered sugar. The other comparison between the granulated sugar and powdered sugar is about their quantity.

Usually a quarter cup of powdered sugar tastes similar to two tablespoons of granulated sugar. Since cornstarch is also an ingredient in the powered sugar, you will need to add more powdered sugar in coffee to get the same sweetness as you would get with granulated sugar.

Powdered sugar is more often used to bake rather than being used in coffee. Since powered sugar can dissolve more easily then the granulated sugar, it is often used in the industrial food production.

Whereas in homes it is used for icing and frosting and other food decorations. It is also sprinkled over the food to make it slightly more sweet. So using powdered sugar in coffee is also an option if you have it laying around.

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What happens if I use powdered sugar instead of regular sugar? 

We have already discussed the difference between powdered sugar and regular sugar. However using powdered sugar in coffee instead of regular sugar have a few benefits.

One benefit of using powdered sugar in coffee is that, it will blend very easily in your coffee as compared to regular sugar. Since it is a crushed version of granulated sugar, powdered sugar brakes into smaller pieces. When you add powdered sugar in coffee, it also makes your coffee way smoother compared to regular sugar.

You also need to check the amount of powdered sugar in coffee, so that you get the desired sweetness and you don't consume a lot of calories. Remember a quarter cup of powdered sugar in coffee will give the same amount of sweetness as two tablespoons of granulated sugar.

powdered sugar over coffee

Although typically powdered sugar is used for baked goods and for mixing with other things like milk and butter for creating icing and frosting but if you have some powdered sugar lying around you can surely use it in coffee also.

So if you want to taste a smoother coffee once in a while or maybe regularly, adding powdered sugar in coffee is the answer. Also, if you have one kind of sugar in your home used in baking and making coffee, it gets a little easier.

You don't need to get two separate kinds of sugar whenever you go for shopping. Having just one item to fulfill all your needs is much better than looking for two.

Which sugar is best for coffee?

There are different kinds of sugar in the market these days. All of them have their benefit and limitations in one way or another.

So, which kind of sugar would be best for your coffee? Will adding powdered sugar in coffee be more beneficial as it blends more easily and increases the smoothness of the coffee or should you add brown sugar since it is much healthier? The answer to these questions depends on your perspective and what you are looking for in your coffee.

White sugar is just the regular kind of sugar that we use as a sweetener in our coffee. It is made by removing molasses from sugarcane and then it is filtered, crystallized and dried. Brown sugar is made by adding molasses back to white sugar which wakes it moist. 

Raw sugar is just like brown sugar, the only difference is that it is not processed into white sugar first and you already know about the powered sugar. Not only this, there are more options to choose from.

powdered sugar vs granulated sugar

If you are looking for a healthy sweetener in your coffee then stevia can be your answer. Stevia is natural sweetener which is extracted from the stevia plant. It is 200 times more sweeter than regular sugar, so only a small amount will be enough to sweeten your coffee.

Brown sugar is also a healthier option. It has less calories then regular sugar but it shouldn't be overused. You can also use powdered sugar in coffee to make it more smoother. So basically, whatever you are looking for will decide the right kind of sugar.

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So, Can You Use Powdered Sugar in Your Coffee?

Coffee is a way of life for most of the people these days. If we get the right kind of coffee when our day starts, it gives us motivation to carry on our day with a positive attitude. The right kind of coffee for you should be the one that makes you feel refreshed and ready for work. If you want to add powdered sugar in coffee to make it smoother or if you want add brown sugar or stevia in your coffee to make it more healthy, you should.

A hot coffee has a power to change our mood and give a us a new spirit, so we should know what kind of coffee suits us and if we don't know it yet, we can at least try to find it out.

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