Do chocolate covered espresso beans give you energy

Do chocolate covered espresso beans give you energy? 4 Facts


The power of coffee is in the fruit, and ancient people had been harnessing this energy long before they learned to brew. Today, coffee lovers have learned to appreciate this practice of eating coffee beans instead of drinking it.

They have also discovered that coffee and chocolate make a rich and flavorful blend. Hence, a bittersweet treat was made. But, do chocolate covered espresso beans give you energy as a cup of coffee does? Let's talk about it here.

Do chocolate covered espresso beans give you energy?

Chocolate-covered espresso beans give you twice the energy as your cup of coffee does. Even without the caffeine, you can already get as much power with chocolate.

You can get a sugar rush when you have too many of those sweet treats. Add caffeine, and you become an energy bolt.

According to the Caffeine Informer the average serving of caffeine in chocolate-covered coffee beans is 7 milligrams per coffee bean. That's about half or even more than what you have in your regular coffee cup.

You can get a double dose of energy with chocolate-covered coffee beans.

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If you've enjoyed those sweet treats for quite some time, you might want to watch the amount of chocolate-covered coffee beans that you take every day.

Sure, you can reap some health benefits, but your body can only bear enough. Getting more may damage your health.

Moderation is the key to enjoying the bittersweet pleasure of chocolate-covered coffee beans. It's always tempting to put these two tasty treats together.

It's hard to say no to that delicious cup of chocolate-mocha but keep in mind that caffeine and sugar can also become the body's formidable foe. Your health is always a priority. It should always come on top of your cravings.

Are chocolate covered espresso beans good?

Chocolate-covered espresso beans are good. After getting a basic idea of the power of chocolate-covered espresso beans, it's time to look at the benefits of our little guilty pleasure.

This potent energy popper is more than just a flavorful snack. It can also be a boon to a healthy lifestyle.

We already know that coffee is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. Coffee boasts of these antioxidants. They make the brew a healthy beverage that may help prevent diseases.

Chocolate reinforces the number of antioxidants in coffee.

You must have heard of flavonoids. This antioxidant contributes a lot to your health. It helps improve the circulation of your blood, increases good cholesterol, lowers your blood pressure.

You get this healthy substance in dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

Several studies show that drinking coffee helps reduce the risk of some illnesses. Six cups a day may prevent prostate cancer. It can also lower the possibility of getting type 2 diabetes.

Although research on espresso beans is yet to be made, the healthful components of coffee are found in espresso beans.

Just as coffee and chocolate help improve your mood, chocolate-covered espresso beans can also be a powerful stimulant. Dopamine, acetylcholine, and serotonin are mood-altering substances found in both coffee and dark chocolate.

You can probably get all these in chocolate-covered espresso beans.

How much caffeine is in a chocolate covered espresso bean?

The amount of caffeine in a chocolate-covered espresso bean depends on the type of coffee fruit. I have already given you an idea of how much caffeine you can get from chocolate-covered espresso beans.

It is in a range of 150 to 175 milligrams per serve. But what does that exactly mean?

That amount is for the average serving of caffeine in chocolate-covered espresso beans. In other words, it all depends on how this bittersweet treat has been prepared.

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A single chocolate-covered espresso bean may have about 7 milligrams of caffeine in it.

You also need to consider the type of coffee bean used to make your chocolate-covered espresso bean. Each type of coffee also has its own level of caffeine in its fruit. Espresso beans are usually made with Robusta or Arabica coffee.

One Arabica coffee bean contains about 1.9 milligrams of caffeine. Robusta has 2.9 milligrams. Therefore, a chocolate-covered espresso bean made with Robusta coffee has more caffeine than one that is made with Arabica.

The roasting process does not affect the amount of caffeine, but the freshness of the fruit also matters. Freshly picked coffee beans have more caffeine than dried ones. Drying the coffee beans takes about half the caffeine in it.

Finally, you also need to consider the chocolate coating of your espresso beans. Remember that chocolate also has its own level of caffeine.

Will chocolate covered coffee beans keep me awake?

Yes, it does. The experts at Healthline say that caffeine impacts your brain and central nervous system. It can boost your energy and alertness.

If 2 cups of coffee can make up for a good 30-minute nap, then perhaps chewing coffee beans can indeed keep you awake. After all, caffeine is in the fruit and not the brew.

A study has been published in the Annals of Medicine about the effects of coffee on night time driving. Twelve young men participated in the experiment. They were about twenty years old and above.

The objective was to compare the effects of coffee over napping on nighttime driving performance. The researchers concluded that drinking coffee or taking a quick nap can reduce the risk of accidents when driving at night.

It might be helpful to grab a pack of chocolate-covered espresso beans when you are on the road at night. It will be more convenient to pop those bittersweet treats in your mouth than sipping hot coffee in a cup.

A bump on the road can spill the hot coffee. You may have to pull over just to get your dose of caffeine from the cup.

Final Thoughts

Chewing chocolate-covered espresso beans can give you twice the amount of energy you get from drinking coffee. It's a guilty pleasure that offers the same health benefits that your favorite cup of coffee can give you.

You just have to be mindful of your diet and keep a healthy lifestyle.

The amount of caffeine in chocolate-covered espresso beans depends on the ingredients used to prepare the treat. Caffeine levels vary according to the type of coffee.

Chocolate also has its own level of caffeine. Together, they determine the amount of caffeine contained in this sweet treat.

Coffee is an effective brain stimulant and it can give you the energy you need to finish your daily tasks. If you are reaping the benefits of a daily cup of coffee, then perhaps a good treat of chocolate-covered espresso beans will also do you the same.

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