how long does coffee beans last

How Long Does Coffee Beans Last – 5 Interesting Facts


Have you ever wondered how long does coffee beans last? Coffee is thought to have originated in Ethiopia.
As these legends go a goat herder discovered coffee after his herd ate the red berries and became so energetic that they ran around all night.

He tried the berries too and found that he had a lot more energy, he then collected many berries and took them back to the village where he lived.

History of Coffee

Many countries experienced strong migration after the second world war, Australia and the USA were no exception and migrants from Italy, Hungary and Turkey bought coffee with them.

Arabica beans do well in Northern New South Wales and because of their distance from other crops remain relatively disease free. Only top-quality beans are used for the coffee, which means the beans are graded before being packed into large bags.

I recently met a man from Papua New Guinea who owns some highland coffee plantations and he said that he grows the best coffee in the world. I am waiting for my first packet to arrive. 

Ground coffee, what happens to the coffee after it is ground?

The beans are roasted and then they are ready for you to purchase. It is best to buy your beans from a specialized coffee shop to ensure freshness.

I have reached the conclusion that it is better to buy the beans whole and then to grind them as needed just a few minutes before brewing, this keeps the flavor of the coffee fresh.

The beans should be kept in an airtight container while awaiting use. Brewing methods vary, many people use drip brewers and they give a good flavor to the coffee which you grind yourself. It is important to grind the coffee finely.

Finely ground coffee is also used in an espresso machine, and for making Turkish coffee where the grounds sit in the bottom of the cup.

The aroma of coffee through the house is very inviting, and every time I have sold a house, I brew coffee just before the open for inspection it is a very welcoming smell.

how long does coffee beans last

How Long Does Coffee Beans Last - Whole Beans or Ground Coffee?

Because I always buy the beans, I have been able to experiment with different flavors over time and most people have a favorite or a favorite blend.

If the beans are fresh, and you have the time and equipment to grind them they are the best option.

Checking the Date on Packaged Coffee

So how long does coffee beans last you may be askingAccording to the USA Department of Agriculture, consumables should not be sold after the date on the packet.

Ground coffee can last 3-5 months when stored in an air-tight container at room temperature, much longer in the freezer 1-2 years.

Whole beans will last longer at 6-9 months at room temperature and 2-3 years in the freezer.

However, freezing is not a good option for humid climates as on thawing out they need to be used quickly or mold can develop. Roasted beans are fresh and will have two dates on the packet a 'roast date' and a 'best before date'.

They are still at their freshest within about 4 weeks of their roasting date. The man at the coffee store says:

• Buy within 3 weeks of roast date.
• Do not expose to the air for more than 2 hours.
• Use within 3 minutes of grinding.
Use old coffee and coffee grounds as gardening mulch, as it is good for the earth.

What Happens to Coffee After it is Ground?

The coffee store advise that you buy enough coffee to last you for 2 weeks, this way you will get to enjoy a constant supply of fresh aromatic coffee.

Even if the shop grind it for purpose for you it will remain very fresh for 2 weeks. Ground coffee is very popular as it is accessible and quick to make in the workplace where we are all so busy.

Once the coffee grounds are used for coffee, they still have other uses. Apart from spreading on the planting bed the grounds are said to repel cats from gardens, kill slugs and keep weeds at bay.

They also act as a soil acidified an important function in growing certain plants and improve nitrogen content. They can also enhance the germination of some seeds.

There are some magnificent desserts containing coffee and coffee beans, including a black coffee bean chocolate cake, mocha truffles, coffee cheesecake and ice-cream.

Whole cafes devoted to cakes and desserts containing chocolate and ground coffee, which is such a versatile product.

How Long and How Does Coffee Pods Stay Fresh?

There are many types of coffee pod available on the market. The machines have proliferated in homes and workplaces and are certainly a quick and easy way to have your coffee.

Because they are vacuum sealed they stay fresh until use, and after use they are biodegradable!

When the company sends out a sample pack you get to try a lot of different flavors, they are inexpensive and arrive by mail order.

how long does coffee beans last

Storing Coffee in the Refrigerator or Freezer

As mentioned earlier, especially ground coffee, do not buy too much unless you live in a remote location.

Seal the ground coffee in an airtight container and store as mentioned, if you buy it frequently it will keep well.

It is not recommended to freeze coffee beans, but it can be done for a short period of time up to one month, (advice differs on this, as it depends which climate zone you live in), provided you are not taking them out during that time, longer in a dry non humid, colder area,


So, there you have it on how long does coffee beans last! We now know how to keep our coffee fresh and how to store it. The way we make it is a personal choice.

We can save a lot of money by having our coffee at home and there are so many different options for brewing and serving.

It is estimated that around 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed across the world every day, and it is universally popular.

Whether we use ground coffee or coffee beans if it is fresh it will be a very enjoyable daily ritual repeated many times right across the country most of us never grow tired of our coffee. 

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