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How To Drink Espresso? 3 Sips or a Fast Gulp!


Not sure how to drink espresso? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you do not know the correct way to drink espresso then you will surely know it after reading the information provided below.

Espresso is basically coffee that is in its concentrated form and is served in strong and small shots. You can say that it is a base for numerous coffee drinks. You need to know that espresso is thicker and stronger as compared to coffee.

However, it is made from the same beans from which coffee is made and has a high amount of caffeine in it. Thus, to maintain the balance of caffeine it is usually served in small quantities.

You can enjoy it with your friends at a party and feel relaxed. Learn and understand all about espresso in detail in the following steps.

How to drink espresso?

I must tell you that it is very important to understand all the things related to espresso. After all, everyone must be aware of the drinks one is taking or going to take.

You should be aware of the amount of caffeine present in it. You should also have knowledge about the quantity that should be taken.

You will find many people who are fond of drinking espresso but I am sure that not everyone might be aware of the content of caffeine present in it.

As the quantity is small, a serving of espresso is referred to as a shot. But it should not be taken at one go but should be taken sip by sip.

By having it in this manner you can get its full flavor. You can either opt for one-shot or double that entirely depends on your liking and desire. If you wish you can add sweetener or sugar as well.

Those who do not prefer to have espresso alone can enjoy it with a biscuit of their choice.

If you are the one who works at night drinking it would surely energize you. But, if you are thinking of having it before going to the bed, it is not a good thing at all.

In case, if you feel like having it at night you can take it and wait for at least half an hour to one hour before you go to bed. This is because anything that has caffeine should not be taken at night and that too before bedtime.

Learn how to drink espresso to get its full taste and benefit. You can also learn the correct way to prepare it and that is the Italian way.

Do you drink espresso like a shot?

Remember that a single shot of espresso has caffeine of around 29 - 100 milligrams. And if you prefer to go for a double shot the content is somewhere around 58 - 185 milligrams.

So, to get the rich flavor it is always better that you have one shot. If you feel like having more you can go for a second shot. The third shot is not good at all. 

The basic reason for you to have espresso in shots is just because intake of caffeine should be a small amount. So, try to complete your first shot in about twenty to thirty minutes by taking sip after sip.

If you are drinking more shots you are obviously increasing the intake of caffeine in your body. Too much caffeine is not good for your health and will do more harm than benefit.

how to drink espresso

For the right shot, the size of the cup also plays a vital role. There are many cups that are specially meant for having espresso.

Buy those cups to enjoy it and to get a feeling of having the best drink in the world. If you want an energy booster that will energize you and make you feel good.

The only thing is that you need to restrict the number of shots per day to get its benefits.

There are different forms of shots 1. With water - Caffe Americano 2. Filtered coffee - Red eye 3. Double shot with steamed milk(espresso topped) - Caffe latte 4. Single shot with frothed and steamed milk(espresso topped) - Cappuccino.

Why do you get a glass of water with an espresso?

Everyone is aware that water is very essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But few might know the reason for water being served with espresso.

There are four main reasons for which the water is served with coffee. 1. Dehydration 2. Stomach irritation 3. Eliminates crash of caffeine 4. For better taste.

1. If you are having your morning cup of espresso water is a must. Your body is dehydrated as you are fasting for the whole night. So, not drinking morning water before espresso is harmful as drinking coffee alone will further dehydrate you.

2. Due to the acidic nature of espresso there are chances of stomach irritation. So, having water will be helpful.

3. Chemical called theobromine is present in caffeine that works after half an hour you consume espresso which causes tiredness. Drinking water lowers the effect of this chemical.

how to drink espresso with water

4. It helps in cleansing your palette so that you can enjoy the richness of it.

Is drinking straight espresso bad for you?

If you have it in a limited quantity it is surely going to do wonders. But if you over indulge in it, it might cause problems related to the heart. Overindulgence might also damage your liver and increase your blood pressure.

Taking it in a limited quantity will be helpful to your heart, liver, and brain. Studies have shown that a regular coffee drink is at almost 19 percent less risk of dying from any heart-related disease.

Studies have also shown that the risk of cirrhosis can be reduced by consuming it on regular basis. Drinking espresso is also beneficial for the brain as it reduces the risk of dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know the correct way to drink it and the benefits it offers you will understand how good it is. It is good for everyone if taken in one or two shots.

Prevent taking it at night as it might be a hurdle in your sleep. If taken in the right manner there are many benefits of it which have already been discussed above.

You can also use espresso in a number of drinks related to coffee and enjoy it with friends and family.

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