Have you ever wondered how long does coffee beans last? Coffee is thought to have originated in Ethiopia.As these legends go a goat herder discovered coffee after his herd ate the red berries and became so energetic that they ran around all night.He tried the berries too and found that he had a lot more

Coffee is quite addictive! Sometimes I drink so much I get a bit shaky. Yep, this post is all about how to stop coffee jitters. I absolutely love it and every day I hang around the coffee kiosk and sniff the air as the beautiful aromas waft past. The reason I am forced to do this is

Have you ever wondered how to grind coffee beans without a grinder? Most people in the world start their days drinking coffee every morning and every great cup of always begins with freshly ground coffee. When you grind a whole coffee bean just before brewing it, it reduces exposure of the coffee to oxygen, which

Have you ever thought how coffee is made, the exact outline from a bean to a cup? The time it takes to roast coffee or how it goes into the packaging? Today, I’m going to be covering just that!Individuals are different; therefore, some may consume the coffee in the form of iced, ready to drink, cold

We’ve all been there and just like you I started to wonder how can I save money on coffee ! Everyday during work or at lunch time we stop at Starbucks or the local cafe to buy our favorite caffeine drink, but although the coffee tastes great it’s making us more broke than we think! Now,