So you love lattes! But you just don’t know what is the best latte machine that will essentially create the most amazing latte for you with the push of a button.If you don’t know what a latte is, it is basically an espresso coffee with steamed froth milk. The milk gets frothed to the right

Coffee is a well known beverage that has been introduced since the 15th Century and there are over 20 million 130 pound coffee bags consumed in 2019!  Adding your favorite flavoring can make the drink even more alluring than it already is, and can lead to some of the best flavored coffee your palate can

So does coffee go bad? To me coffee need never be wasted. In the City where I live there is nothing nicer than an iced coffee on a hot Summers day or a warm beverage on a cold winters morning. As I have learnt recently it can be brewed cold, and this will give quite a different

In this post we’re going to cover all you need to know about eating coffee beans! So, buckle up and let’s get to it. Have you ever wondered if it is safe to eat coffee beans at all? Their smell can be very tempting every time you open a fresh bag. We’ll explain everything you need to

Have you ever wondered how long does coffee beans last? Coffee is thought to have originated in Ethiopia.As these legends go a goat herder discovered coffee after his herd ate the red berries and became so energetic that they ran around all night.He tried the berries too and found that he had a lot more