Can you make coffee in the microwave? This question has crossed every coffee lovers mind whose short on time, and today we’ll explore this! If you are a coffee lover, you can make coffee in the microwave. Typically, as long as you have a good microwave, it is possible to make that coffee quickly. Besides, you

Have you ever wondered why does my coffee taste salty? There is numerous reasons behind this anomaly and today we’ll explore some of them. If you are a coffee lover, it is a grave issue if your coffee is salty. Salty coffee spoils the palate and will also cause a stinging sensation to your taste buds. Numerous

Have you ever wondered does instant coffee dissolve in cold water as opposed to just in boiling or hot water? Well let’s take a deep dive. The simple answer to this question is yes. You can dissolve instant coffee in cold water. Instant coffee cares little about the water being cold or hot when it comes

When coffee makes you cough, it’s fair to be asking why does coffee make me cough? And it could boil down to numerous reasons, today we explore some of the primary reason’s behind coffee making you cough! The majority of people do not experience coughing upon consuming coffee. However, some people may cough upon consuming coffee

Are you too a fan of coffee and wondered can you use powdered sugar in coffee? Well you are not alone and if you also drink coffee frequently but want to see if there is something better than regular sugar?  Do you have some powdered sugar in your kitchen and wondering if you can add