Is decaf coffee completely free of caffeine? A lot of people think that decaf coffee is completley free of caffeine when it is actually opposite to popular belief. Decaffeinated coffee is not completely free of caffeine, and it does contain trace amounts of caffeine which in turn make it  99% caffeine free. Continue reading more

Is decaf coffee less acidic than regular? Decaf coffee can be considered a healthy alternative for those wanting to kick their caffeine habit, in fact besides having almost no caffeine in decaf coffee it is also less acidic than regular coffee!  But there are proven studies that decaf coffee is in fact, less acidic than

Why do people drink decaf coffee? For a caffeine loving junkie, the answer to why do people enjoy drinking decaf coffee when they are missing out on the real kick caffeine offers may not be so obvious!  People love coffee and drink decaf coffee for its taste, health benefits and can be had even by

How is Decaf Coffee Processed? To start with, coffee beans are decaffeinated before they are roasted. They have to still be considered “green” in order to get the absolute best results out of them and is done in food processing factories. The caffeine gets extracted with the Swiss Water Process and when complete the beans

Does Decaf coffee dehydrate you? Decaf coffee in itself is not going to dehydrate you, though it is encouraged not to be considered as your main source of hydration, like many consumable liquids besides water are.That leads you to your next question though, right? After drinking decaf coffee, why does your mouth feel like it’s