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7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Coffee


We've all been there and just like you I started to wonder how can I save money on coffee ! Everyday during work or at lunch time we stop at Starbucks or the local cafe to buy our favorite caffeine drink, but although the coffee tastes great it's making us more broke than we think!

Now, I’m sure we’ve all thought to ourselves at some stage “Hey! Where’d all my money go?”

That’s right, we’ve all been there no matter what your background. In this article I discuss some of the best ways to save and keep a track of your money when buying coffee at cafes.

Read below to find out and see if you can benefit from any of them. My personal favorites are making it at home and downsizing instead of upsizing at the counter keeping more bank in your pocket at the end of the day.

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#1 - Save Money on Coffee By Making it At Home

Put the kettle on the boil and invite over your friends. Having a cup of coffee at home is a sure way to save money . When making coffee at home make for more than just yourself at a fraction of the cost of buying out.

Although making coffee at home is not exactly the same as having a skilled barista making it; you can learn on some of the machines out there and you too can become a master coffee maker.

First of all I have a list of the different types of coffee there are. There’s the usual suspect, which is the go-to for everyone who drinks coffee, which is instant.

The other is sachets. Now when it comes to flavor there are various flavors both in the instant and sachet such as hazelnut and caramel.

Nothing beats a stock standard cup of flat white though. The third alternative is filter coffee. Plunging that good old hand made brew. Now, machine coffee outshines all the others and the quality is what you’d be expecting to pay for in a café.

When you make coffee at home, don’t forget to style up the flavor with an addition of sweetener. Sweeteners such as white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar and honey are great ways to add a little something special to your brew.

So, as you can see when making your own coffee at home there are plenty of ways to make it your own, and buying coffee when out should be your treat.

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#2 - Own a Coffee-Making Device

Owning a coffee-making device is a Godsend. It’s a good way to save money on coffee when out and about by using a flask.

It’s usually a big upfront investment to get a new machine so why not try to get one off eBay.

Probably one of the best upfront spends you’ll make is on a good coffee machine. Coffee machines get close to the barista style you’d find in cafes without the price tag of a coffee every so often.

These machines usually take whole coffee beans beans are freshly ground up in the machine. Most coffee products can be found on supermarket shelves and on the internet.

Here is a list of coffee making devices as found on

  1. Drip coffee maker (electric)
  2. Thermal coffee maker (electric)
  3. Espresso machines (electric)
  4. Percolators
  5. Siphon coffee maker
  6. French press coffee maker
  7. Aero press (manual)
  8. Cold brew coffee maker (manual)
  9. Vietnamese coffee maker (manual)
  10. Moko Pot coffee maker (stove top)
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#3 - Track Your Spending & Stick To Your Coffee Budget

If you see where you’re spending on coffee, you could see where you could be saving.

Usually where you can make a saving is where you can identify where you’re making unnecessary spending. For example, you might be buying 3 cups a day where you could cut that down to 1.

Have a coffee budget. If you set a coffee budget you are most likely to spend coffee within your means and only when you need to. This way you should be able to monitor your habit more closely.

Seeing where you’re making unnecessary spends can save you so much money in the long run because usually making those extra little purchases adds up over consecutive weeks.

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#4 - Buy Something at the Cafe that Doesn't Break the Bank

Do you really need that giant Frappuccino? Let’s be honest you don’t really need it. Instead, just opt for a regular flat white or a long black to get your coffee fix.

These usually have more coffee in them than the fancy coffees. You’d be saving a heck of a lot of money if you drink regular coffee like most of us.

Also here’s a quick tip, order a smaller version instead of the extra larger mega-giant versions of the drink.

#5 - Try Other Alternatives to Coffee

A cup of coffee has about 70-140mg of caffeine according to The average quantity of caffeine in tea is 11mg according to the USDA. If you start to drink tea you’d be weaning your self off of the habit.

Here is a list of alternatives to think about from

  1. Kombucha tea
  2. Yerba Mate
  3. Probiotic drinks
  4. Tea
  5. Coconut water
  6. Sparkling water
  7. Hot apple cider

#6 - Save Money by Using a Loyalty Card

Loyalty cards are great for bringing you back to the counter and a perfect way to save money on coffee. It makes you feel like you are a loyal member of the café. These cards are simple to use usually by receiving a stamp for every coffee you buy.

Get your loyalty card from your café. You could be earning yourself a free drink on the house while you purchase coffees.

#7 - Opt for a Smaller Cup of Coffee

Buying those extra-large coffees from your Starbucks or café down the road can add up over the weeks.

You should think twice about whether you’re opting for that XL. Small is usually a snack, medium is the middle ground and should fulfill you. Large and extra large are usually over the top and are treat sizes.

Instead of going for the mega XL frappe, downsize and buy a small or medium. You’d be saving your self a bit of penny’s in the process. The general rule of thumb is that you do get more value as you go up in size.

Conclusion on Best Ways to Save Money on Coffee

There you have it guys! Those were a few ways for you guys to save a bit of bank on the coffee front. My favorite way to save money is point number 3, which is to track my coffee expenditure weekly. Just to make sure I’m not blowing the budget.

Comment below which tip you like and get the online

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