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The Best Coffee in the World: Undertow Coffee


Ever heard of the secret Starbucks menu? Well, if you have you need to checkout undertow coffee, which is considered one of the most underrated drinks of all time (possibly)!

Undertow coffee is a strong, condensed coffee that is served cold and has a sweet Undertow syrup added to it.

In this article we'll explore undertow coffee in great detail and give you, the coffee lover, what you're asking for.

This drink is perfect for those hot summer days or long nights out. If you're looking for something different than your usual cup of joe, then you need to try Undertow coffee!

A Secret Starbucks Item - The Undertow Coffee!

Many people are surprised to learn that Starbucks has a secret menu. While the coffee chain doesn't publicize all of the ways that their drinks can be customized, baristas are usually happy to make adjustments based on customer preferences. One popular secret menu item is the Undertow.

This drink is made by first pouring a small amount of espresso into the bottom of a cup. Next, ice is added, followed by cold milk. The result is a refreshing and caffeine-packed beverage that is perfect for summer days.

undertow coffee

Furthermore, undertow is a Starbucks secret menu drink that's made with Pike Place Roast, soy milk, vanilla syrup, and peppermint syrup. It's a coffee lover's dream because it's like drinking a peppermint mocha without having to order two different drinks. Plus, the soy milk makes it extra creamy.

So next time you're in the mood for something a little different, ask your barista about the Undertow. You may just find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Why is it Called Undertow Coffee?

Undertow coffee is so named because of the unique brewing method used to make it.

In this method, coffee grounds are placed at the bottom of a cup, and hot water is slowly poured over them.

As the water filters through the grounds, it picks up the coffee's flavor and aroma. The result is a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee with a slight undertone of bitterness.

This brewing method is said to result in a cup of coffee that is smoother and less acidic than traditional brews.

Undertow coffee is becoming increasingly popular as more people discover its unique flavor and benefits.

How do You Order an Undertow Coffee at Starbucks

At the coffee Shop

Whether you're a coffee lover or just looking for a way to cool down on a hot day, an Undertow coffee from Starbucks is a great choice.

This refreshing drink is made with cold brew coffee, milk, and ice, and can be customized to your liking with syrups and other additions.

Here's how to order an Undertow coffee at Starbucks:

  1. Start by ordering two pumps of of your favorite syrup in a small cup.
  2. Next step is to add half and half to this mixture and ask them to mix it with the syrup.
  3. This is followed by two espresso shots, however the undertow is best made by using a spoon so that the layers don't mix.
  4. Finally, enjoy your drink.

That's it! Your Undertow coffee is now ready to enjoy. If you want, you can also add flavor syrups or other toppings to your drink.

Just ask your barista for more information on these options.

Through the mobile app

So how do you order an Undertow at Starbucks? Through the mobile app, simply select "Undertow" from the list of coffee drinks.

You can then choose your preferred milk (whole, low-fat, or nonfat) and whether you want your drink iced or hot. Once you've made your selections, place your order and enjoy!

Add Different Syrups to your Undertow for a Kick!

Did you know that there are actually three different flavors of Undertow? The first is the original, which is made with Starbucks Blonde Roast coffee andnvanilla syrup.

The second is the Mocha flavor, which adds chocolate to the mix. And the third is the Caramel flavor, which is made with caramel syrup instead of vanilla.

Undertow Coffee Recipe

Here's a recipe for undertow coffee, which is a iced coffee made with cold brew and sweetened condensed milk:

undertow coffee


  • -1/2 cup of cold brew coffee concentrate (or more, to taste)
  • -1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk
  • -1 cup of ice cubes
  • -A few tablespoons of water (optional)
  • -A few tablespoons of sugar (optional)


  1. 1. Combine the cold brew coffee concentrate, sweetened condensed milk, ice cubes, and water (if using) in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. If you find the drink too strong or too sweet, add more water or sugar to taste. Enjoy

How does an Undertow Coffee Taste

An undertow coffee tastes smooth and velvety, with a slightly sweet aftertaste. It's perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate a well-rounded cup of coffee without any bitterness.

Undertow coffees are roasted to perfection in small batches, ensuring that each cup is painstakingly crafted and delivers the perfect flavor profile.


How Many Calories in an Undertow Coffee

A standard serving of undertow coffee is eight fluid ounces, or about 237 ml. This serving size contains approximately 100 calories.

The majority of these calories come from the coffee itself, which contains around 96 calories per eight-ounce serving.

The remaining calories come from the milk and sugar used to make the coffee.

For example, if you use two tablespoons of whole milk and one tablespoon of sugar, your coffee will contain an additional 30 calories.

While undertow coffee is generally considered to be a low-calorie beverage, keep in mind that the calorie count can quickly increase if you add high-fat milk or multiple tablespoons of sugar.

How many Shots does an Undertow Have?

The undertow is generally made with at least two shots of espresso. However, the exact number of shots may vary depending on the size of the drink and the barista's personal preference.

In general, an eight-ounce serving of undertow coffee contains approximately 96 mg of caffeine. This is slightly less than a cup of regular brewed coffee, which contains around 115 mg of caffeine.

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