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What is an Iced Americano | 4 Interesting Facts


So, what is an iced Americano really? Today you will find this out and some other interesting facts about iced Americano’s that will completely shift your mind. If you are a coffee lover like us, then you would understand the bliss and truly appreciate having coffee in different blends.

The Americano drink, originally called caffe Americano, is typically prepared by brewing espresso and topping it up with water which gives black coffee an all better taste than when you brew black coffee with a French press maker or pour over coffee machine.

When you wake on a winter’s morning, most people would prefer to have a seriously warm hot chocolate or just a nice hot black coffee to kick start their minds and bodies! But what do people do when it’s summer and its 120 °F already by 9am? Soda doesn’t really resonate well with most adults!

That is where an iced caffeinated beverage comes to light and what’s better than getting caffeinated and cooled at the same time!

So, just adding ice in a regular black coffee it creates an all-new caffeinated beverage to take pleasure from. The iced Americano is one such blend that is liked by many. It is sweet, refreshing, and crisp in flavor with a kick of caffeine.

What is an Iced Americano?

An iced Americano has 3 main ingredients to it, which include typically a shot of espresso, some ice cubes and often topped up with very cold icey water! 

It is basically an Americano, which consists of a brewed espresso topped up with warm water, served with ice! That's it, nothing out of the ordinary about it! Iced Americano's are a type of cold brew coffee drink that is preferred by most people when the whether is a tad bit hot.

Is an Americano called a hot americano when served regularly? Not really, that just seems a bit odd to be saying "can I have a hot Americano"

People are often ordering Americano's in winter and autumn compared to summer, when they'll most likely get an iced Americano.

The drink itself is a very popular drink at coffee shops like Starbucks and you'll often see people enjoying it while taking strolls along the beach during summer or hanging out with their friends.

Here at caffeinated face we enjoy having both Americano's and iced Americano's because of it's unique tasting notes that is extracted through an espresso brew.

Often some people enjoy making iced Americano's by using some seriously good tasting flavored coffee.

What is the Difference between Iced Coffee vs Iced Americano?

Iced coffee can be made from any type of coffee from instant to pour over to the drip brew type, once the coffee is brewed simply add ice cubes to it and top it up with cold water.

It is served chilled or over ice and hence the named iced coffee. Not all iced coffee is cold brews, but the majority of iced coffees are.

Iced Coffee at restaurants are generally brewed from dripped coffee with ice. At times the coffee brew is double the strength to prevent any dilution of coffee drink once the ice is put in. 

Americano is a coffee espresso drink that is brewed with an espresso shot blended with hot water. This is a super-power drink of coffee. Iced Americanos are made by espresso shot brewed over the ice and then added with ice or iced water.

This is a more robust flavor than iced coffee. It is a little on the bitter edge as compared to iced coffee.

Primary Differences between an Iced Americano

Iced coffee and iced Americanos differ slightly, although they look the same they are effectively different. It all lies within the taste of it!

So we've created a cool little table to help you visualize the differences rather than discussing it in a paragraph.

Iced Coffee

Iced Americano

Iced coffee has notes of cola and caramel

Iced Americano has a rich coffee depth

Iced coffee is made with sweetened syrup with double strength coffee brew

Iced Americano is a blend of rich espresso shots with cold water.

Cold brew can take longer to prepare overall and can be stored for 5-7 days

Iced Americano can be prepared immediately

Cold coffee is smooth and flavorful

An iced Americano is crisp, refreshing, and sweet.

Is iced Americano bitter?

When brewed with no additives besides the staples an iced Americano can often taste a bit bitter, however to a regular coffee lover you often cannot taste the bitterness but rather the actual tasting notes of the espresso brew.

If you're finding that it is too bitter for you try adding a teaspoon of sugar or artificial sweetener to really enhance the flavor! Most people will tend to do this with cold brew coffee, but let us assure you that if you were to drink an espresso shot that has been perfectly brewed it can often taste far better than ordinary black coffee.

This is because the natural flavors of the bean roast, when ground freshly, is released during the extraction process. When done accurately, you will experience unique tasting notes just from the espresso alone.

Adding a bit of water can dilute these tasting notes, but usually not by much if the right quantity of water was added to your espresso to make the perfect iced Americano.

Other things that can lead to a bitter tasting iced Americano is when the ice cubes melt, and continue to dilute the espresso further than it was already. If this happens, again just add some sugar to restore some flavor.

Starbucks often add flavored sweeteners such as peach or mango to their iced Americano's so that you cannot taste any bitterness in the drink. This really boils down to personal preference.

We like to have our iced Americano's pure because we know this is better than adding sweeteners to any coffee drink!

How to make an iced americano at home?

Now that you know a little more about iced Americano's or maybe you're just wanting to save some money and make them at home? What ever the reason we have you covered and will show you what you need.

If you're to skim on time to read, then simply watch the embedded video below to learn how to make an iced Americano.

Ingredients for Iced Americano - Serves 1

  • Ice Cubes (As much as you like);
  • 6 Fluid Ounces Water (Preferably cold);
  • 2 Fluid Ounces Brewed Espresso (hint, freshly ground beans deliver the best flavor);


  1. Brew the espresso with some seriously good espresso of your choice. We prefer to use freshly ground beans by using a burr grinder to do so. 
  2. Fill a tall 12 ounce glass with medium sized ice cubes about 3/4 the up.
  3. Pour cold water in the glass about 3/4 to the top.
  4. Top off with your shot of espresso and give it a good stir.

If  you don't have a burr grinder to get freshly ground beans, you can use pre ground coffee as well it works just as well. Other additives can include adding some starbucks flavored sweeteners or plain old sugar can do the trick as well.

Watch the video below to see how this is done in action.

How does an Iced Americano taste?

If you've tried espresso you get to understand and appreciate how variable the taste can be based on the different type of beans you're using.

Most brewed espresso drinks give tasting notes of dark rich chocolate or a warm nutty taste. The taste is very rich and completely different to ordinary black coffee whether it was brewed with a pour over coffee maker or in a french press coffee maker.

When you add water to this rich tasting espresso drink you will dilute the flavor of it, meaning it won't taste as strong and rich as it originally did. If you add far to much water it can begin to taste bitter.

Can it be sweet as well? Yes, but that is your preference of whether you want sugar added to it or the use of a flavored syrup.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, Iced Americano's are a unique drink that is enjoyed by most people on a hot summer day.

Whether you're hanging out with friends on the beach or just sitting under some air con in your house, this drink is a must try during days when you think you can't breathe.

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