What is so Special About Arabica Beans? 3 Quick Facts


Did it ever cross your mind that when it comes to a coffee whenever Arabica is on the label it gets sold very quickly and the price is higher? So, what is so special about arabica beans?

For this, you can go for quick online research and you will find out that this coffee consists of 100% genuine Arabica blends or beans.

You will also get results on other coffee blends which are made of Robusta and Arabic blends, and most of the time the ratio varies.

Robusta beans have more caffeine than Arabica cherries, which might be a good thing, but it will taste bitter. You might also get a burnt taste that is not present in 100% pure Arabica.

However, the roasting and blending procedure lower the bitter smell and taste, but the Robusta and Arabica blends are not that delicious as the pure one.

When the coffee has more Arabica than Robusta it will be less bitter and you will get the true flavor from the drink.

It will be smooth in texture and, when it's made properly you will forget to buy any other blend version than this.

True lovers of coffee always seek to have the best taste in their drinks, and for that only they love to go for Arabica.

What is arabica coffee?

Arabica coffee is a beverage made from the genuine Arabica beans plant. The coffee is originally from Ethiopia and specifically from its southwestern highlands. This is the most popular coffee in the world and covers 60% production of this beverage globally.

Robusta beans are second to Arabica, and this is made from the canephora plant. The coffee is called by this name because in the seventh century the beans were traveled from Ethiopia to the lower section of Arabia.

In Ethiopia, the beans were processed with fat and this was food for the Oromo tribe. But when the beans arrived in Arabia, they invented coffee from them. This was scripted in the documents of Arab scholars.

Once the coffee started to spread in the world, it became very popular with so many beverage lovers.

This coffee isn't bitter and has a sweet taste to it, and that is one of the main reasons coffee lovers cherish this blend.

Although produced in Ethiopia, this coffee was born in Arabia, and that's why it got the name Arabica coffee or beans. While brewing the coffee you will get a sweet smell with a hint of chocolate, caramel, and nuts.

Coffee drinkers have also noticed the hints of berries and sweet fruits.

You will get no bitter taste or acidity drinking, so if anyone asks you what is so special about Arabica beans, you can tell them the various goodness of the drink.

Apart from that, Arabica coffee is self-pollinating. This means that it doesn't need any assistance for fertilization. As a result, plants often have a large variance within their genes due to this excellent means of cross-pollination.

Why is Arabica so expensive?

Different types of coffee are famous with beverage lovers, have you ever wondered why Arabica is most expensive?

You might like the blend of Arabica and Robusta but with pure Arabian coffee you will get better taste and there will be no chance of acidity in your stomach.

Arabica is the smoothest drink and has increased sugar content and more lipids which increase platelets in the body.

While Robusta has higher caffeine, which protects the coffee beans from diseases and insects. With the best flavor and health benefits, pure Arabica is always the most favored coffee among beverage lovers.

You will get the sweet notes of fruits and chocolate from Arabica and it's not present in Robusta.

Various cafes in the world use this coffee blend in their stores. You can even ask for pure Arabica at the stores.

If you are not up for the bitter taste of Robusta then you must look for Arabica, and what makes it expensive?

You will understand it when you first have the taste of the drink. You will get the best and the smoothest texture of coffee in your mouth and it will never create acidity which is a sheer health benefit for coffee drinkers.

All these advantages make Arabica beans expensive and most popular as well.

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What does arabica coffee mean?

Arabica coffee labeled as 100% means it's the purest form of beans you will get in the drink.

The brands who use this label on their packaging at least the well-known ones truly sell the genuine thing. Before the 20th century, there was no Arabica as Robusta made its way into popularity.

But after that Arabica started to enter the coffee market and took its place as the highest-rated coffee. The label of 100% means the quality you will get from the product, and it will also describe the contents inside the package.

When you buy pure Arabica coffee it means there's no Robusta in the blend, and you will get the natural sweet smell with the smoothest texture in your drink.

what does arabica coffee mean

When you are looking for the specific taste of Arabica then you must go for the hundred percent labels.

If you are not certain of the caffeine in the drink then you have to check the ingredient part on the label.

With common coffee blends, you will get a 65 to 80 percent mix of Arabica and something else which often affects flavor and taste, but with 100% Arabica, you will get the genuine flavor and taste.

Also, if you research on the internet there will be various pages on Arabica coffee which will tell you that the beans originate from Ethiopia and later it was transported to Arabia and there it was made into coffee blends.

This coffee has better health benefits than Robusta does. You will not feel the bitterness and it has the sweet smell of chocolate too.

The coffee is solely named Arabica because it was made in Arabia, although it was produced in Ethiopia.

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Final Thoughts for What is So Special About Arabica Beans

Now you know what Arabica coffee means and its origin.

Coffee drinkers from all over the world prefer this coffee, not because of its sweet taste but the price too.

This is because for the higher rate you will get the best quality product always.

Robusta in this case lacks in sweetness and you can get acidity from the bitterness of the drink.

Also, to know more about What is so special about Arabica beans, you have to read through this informative article. 

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