Are espresso machines for the home worth it? From a financial standpoint, yes, an at-home espresso machine is definitely worth it. Just imagine how much money you can save by making your own espresso at home.Sure, the upfront cost is steep, but you also can’t deny the convenience of having an espresso any time you

Why is espresso machines so expensive? The reason behind their high cost is that they’re used for demonstrating taste and character of the coffee beans. For doing it, they should also include the pressure, specifications, pumps and the right equipment.For making a perfect tasting espresso right from the start, the temperature has to remain within

Is decaf coffee completely free of caffeine? A lot of people think that decaf coffee is completley free of caffeine when it is actually opposite to popular belief. Decaffeinated coffee is not completely free of caffeine, and it does contain trace amounts of caffeine which in turn make it  99% caffeine free. Continue reading more

Is decaf coffee less acidic than regular? Decaf coffee can be considered a healthy alternative for those wanting to kick their caffeine habit, in fact besides having almost no caffeine in decaf coffee it is also less acidic than regular coffee!  But there are proven studies that decaf coffee is in fact, less acidic than

Why do people drink decaf coffee? For a caffeine loving junkie, the answer to why do people enjoy drinking decaf coffee when they are missing out on the real kick caffeine offers may not be so obvious!  People love coffee and drink decaf coffee for its taste, health benefits and can be had even by