does coffee go bad

Does Coffee Go Bad? 5 Interesting Storage Considerations!


So does coffee go bad? To me coffee need never be wasted. In the City where I live there is nothing nicer than an iced coffee on a hot Summers day or a warm beverage on a cold winters morning.

As I have learnt recently it can be brewed cold, and this will give quite a different flavor and does not require any cooling. A similar outcome can be achieved by brewing normally and pouring over ice, a slightly different flavor, but just as good.

If your coffee has been stored correctly it will last for a long time, and if we put it into an airtight container when opened it will last past the use by date. So in reality coffee does not usually have time to deteriorate and this is why. 

Does Coffee Go Bad? Why is it Bitter

For coffee lovers there are now so many diverse coffee flavors and some of them, especially dark roast coffee beans brewed strong do verge on being bitter. 

I have noticed in the Lebanese restaurant late at night, the old men playing cards are always drinking the dark strong coffee. 

When they make it for me they make it slightly syrupy, I love it, and it does tone down the bitterness which scientifically means that these coffee beans have high levels of Quin Acid. 

Do Coffee Beans Go Bad?

There are acids, alkaloids and formaldehyde in coffee and these are all groups of chemicals, but are in many things and are not anything that we should be worried about, as they all contribute to the taste.

Look on the bright side if you are looking for antioxidants you have found them in the form of phenol compounds. Therefore we could almost say that coffee is an anti -aging drink, and is necessary for our good health to consume every day.

Coffee must be stored correctly as once opened it starts to deteriorate. Store in an airtight container and keep away from the light.

The beans stored in this manner will last for a long time and can be ground as needed. In a humid climate freezing is not recommended. So we store in a cool dry spot. The antioxidant effect will help to prevent the coffee from going bad.

Does Ground Coffee Go Bad?

When buying ground coffee it is best to go to a reputable roaster, and there are many high demand cafes that perform this function.

Many people prefer ground coffee as it is quicker to prepare, but cannot be kept for too long. This enable the coffee drinker to try seasonal blends of coffee in a 250 gram pack, and store it in an air tight container as soon as you get home.

When entering the roastery it is another world of lovely ground coffee wafting through the air and it is part of the experience to sit down and try a new blend while you are there, it always tastes fresh.

Ground Coffee: Is It all In Our Minds?

Coffee is definitely a sensory experience, you taste it you breath in the aroma and many of us can't live without it. Because coffee has an alerting effect on the human brain, we find that it helps us to function during the work day, and many of us have different tolerance levels to it.

Even if the coffee is a bit past the use by date you wouldn't really notice any difference, because the natural chemical components set up a slightly preserving effect.

This makes coffee very good value in the workplace where people are often not keen to spend money. Caffeine is the major component, of coffee which works on the Adenine receptor in the brain making us alert and stimulated and able to do more work.

Most sensible workplaces would read the literature and see that it was in their interest to keep the staff supplied with it. The coffee in the workplace never goes bad!

Do Coffee Beans Have a Short Life?

There have been more than 8000 Medical studies done on the Health benefits of coffee over the years, and basically it has shown that coffee consumption may prevent several chronic diseases. 

In order to prevent your coffee from oxidizing when it comes in contact with the air, use the beans you need and put the rest of the beans away in your airtight container, as mentioned earlier and it will not deteriorate so rapidly.

A new study even suggests that drinking a few cups of coffee in the morning may prolong your life and a lower risk of early death. So at this rate there is no way that the coffee beans will go bad.  Barista's uses 100s of scoops of fresh coffee beans per week.

does coffee go bad

Coffee Does Not Go Bad - Here's Why!

I have drawn some major conclusions about coffee over the last 25 years.

  • Coffee is good for you, there are many health benefits.
  • It is universal, I have found it in every country.
  • Coffee is great for after work drinks, you will always pass the breath analysis test.
  • Coffee does not go bad if stored and used correctly.

Final Thoughts

How lucky we are to have such a diverse coffee culture. We can go into any number of bars, restaurants and clubs in any town and 99% of the time we can get a very good cup of coffee and you certainly can't say that about many drinks.

I can see the coffee industry going from strength to strength and new blends are being produced all the time, and even new ways of serving my all time favorite drink which always tastes fresh.

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