does instant coffee dissolve in cold water

Does Instant Coffee Dissolve In Cold Water? Facts


Have you ever wondered does instant coffee dissolve in cold water as opposed to just in boiling or hot water? Well let's take a deep dive.

The simple answer to this question is yes. You can dissolve instant coffee in cold water. Instant coffee cares little about the water being cold or hot when it comes to dissolving its content. That's because instant coffee is similar to dehydrated regular coffee. However, it might take some time to dissolve.

There are a lot of rules that people follow when it is to make instant coffee. And, it starts with adding the content in hot water. But many people use cold water to make instant coffee. While it takes some time to dissolve instant coffee in water, it dissolves eventually.

Because hot water has more molecular energy compared to cold water, instant coffee dissolves easily in hot water. As said, the main difference arises in terms of the time taken to dissolve the instant coffee.

It means that you can prepare instant coffee to make iced lattes, coffee, or other cold beverages without the need to waste time on heating water. Moreover, by using this process you can avoid brewing coffee and cooling the same in the refrigerator. Or, adding ice cubes that consume much time.

So, the next time you can't brew coffee because of lack of time, have some cold water and dissolve instant coffee without hassle. When you use cold water, you need a little more stirring.

Is It Okay To Use Cold Water For Instant Coffee?

Yes, you can use cold water to have a cup of instant coffee. If you don't have plenty of time on your hands, starting your day with instant coffee is the right way. Sometimes, you may try something new with your instant coffee like having it cold. And, making instant coffee with cold water is easy.

Coffee lovers prefer to brew their beverages and this is what makes instant coffee a popular item. When you brew a regular coffee, the temperature plays a crucial role. Around 200 Fahrenheit is required for good extraction of coffee. This is why most people don't associate cold water with instant coffee.

instant coffee

In reality, you can mix instant coffee in cold water. However, there should be enough water. Also, it will take a little more time. But you can have a delicious cup of coffee after the process gets completed.

While some people might consider instant coffee mixed in cold water a coffee that doesnt taste like coffee, it is not true. Occasionally, you should try mixing instant coffee with cold water and experience something different. It requires a little more stirring, though. But it is definitely worth your time.

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What Is Instant Coffee?

Made from real coffee beans, instant coffee is made by dissolving the powder in either hot or cold water. In general, instant coffee is prepared from the roasted, ground, and brewed coffee beans. So, what makes the coffee instant? It is when the water content is removed leaving the dehydrated coffee compounds behind.

And, when you need coffee again, just add water to it, and you are done. It is a straightforward process. There are two main methods of making instant coffee. However, before drying, the coffee crystals may or may not be concentrated with these methods.

  • Freeze-drying - In this method, the coffee extract is allowed to freeze and later ground into small fragments. After that, the fragments are dried at a lower temperature under different vacuuming conditions.
  • Spray-drying - In this process, hot air is sprayed over the coffee extract. As such, it dries the droplets and transforms them into small pieces or fine powder.

Both these methods of extracting coffee preserve its flavor, aroma, and quality. Instant coffee contains about 57 milligrams of caffeine per 8 fl. ounce. Also, you don't need to have any kind of brewing equipment to make a cup of instant coffee.

The Differences between Instant Coffee Vs Powdered Coffee

In general, instant coffee has a similar flavor regardless of whatever variety you choose for. However, for some people, it matters whether it's a light or dark roast. Also, most instant coffee tastes bitter compared to powdered coffee. Moreover, instant coffee doesn't go through the same brewing process that powdered coffee undergoes.

As such, powdered coffee endure more flavor compared to instant coffee. Powdered coffee has a higher capacity intended for pleasant acidity. And, they have more flavor compounds. In short, the basic difference between instant and powdered coffee is the difference between milk and dark chocolate.

instant coffee vs powdered coffee

One has numerous flavors whereas the other has some flavors with a twist. Furthermore, both variants come from the same ingredients. Also, the ability of instant coffee to dissolve completely in water is another aspect that differentiates it from powdered coffee. It is hard to dissolve powdered coffee in water regardless of hot or cold.

While this is not a great deal for coffee lovers, some people might consider this a major difference. They believe that if their coffee isn't going to dissolve and they have to work on it, instant coffee is a much better option.

Final Thoughts to Does Instant Coffee Dissolve in Cold Water

So, there is no denying that you can mix instant coffee and cold water. All you have to do is add the coffee powder to the cup and keep on stirring. It would take around 2 to 3 minutes to dissolve the compound completely. However, instant coffee takes less time to dissolve in hot water.

That's because hot water has more molecular energy than cold water. Also, the molecules in hot water help to move faster and make the coffee dissolve quickly. Instant coffee comes from regular coffee that's dehydrated. You can use both hot and cold water to brew your favorite coffee.

Many people like the concept the brewing coffee in cold water instead of brewing it with hot water. However, you need more time to dissolve the compounds of instant coffee in cold water. Although you get a smooth cup of coffee, it might be as fresh as a regular coffee.

Certainly, diehard coffee fans won't like instant coffee but it appears to be the right choice for people who have limited time to spare. However, the truth is that instant coffee is the best way to incorporate caffeine into your body.

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