why does my coffee taste salty

Why Does my Coffee Taste Salty? 4 Reasons Behind This!


Have you ever wondered why does my coffee taste salty? There is numerous reasons behind this anomaly and today we'll explore some of them.

If you are a coffee lover, it is a grave issue if your coffee is salty. Salty coffee spoils the palate and will also cause a stinging sensation to your taste buds.

Numerous reasons can cause your coffee to be bad and salty. The first main reason that your coffee salty is making it with salty water. Also, the coffee may be under-extracted, causing it to taste salty.

Under extraction can impart saltness in your coffee. Under extracted coffee occurs when enough water is not used during the brewing process. Another reason is the use of coarse beans in the processing of coffee. Also, if the coffee maker is broken, it will lead to the making of under-extracted coffee.

 Additionally, adding specific flavors to your coffee can cause it to have a sour taste. It is thus imperative to ensure that you check all the flavors you add to your coffee. Eliminate those that may add a sour taste to your coffee.

In this article, we will comprehensively discuss common reasons why your coffee may have a salty taste and how to fix it.

Why does Coffee Taste Weird all of a Sudden?

Bad Coffee Beans

Coffee can taste weird all of a sudden due to multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is using bad coffee beans. Remember that if you store your coffee beans for a long time, they can go bad and produce a salty taste. Also, if coffee is not stored in the right conditions it will jeopardize the final taste.

Wrong Temperature

Another reason can be due to using the wrong water temperature. In most circumstances, the best temperature for making coffee is 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature ensures that all the essential oils and compounds are well extracted to achieve the correct coffee flavor.

why does my coffee taste weird

 If you incorporate very high temperatures, it will result in over-extraction, which will cause bitter coffee. On the other hand, if you use very low temperatures, it will lead to under extraction, which will lead to weak flavored coffee.

Salty or Hard Water

You are using salty or hard water to make the coffee. It is recommended that you use distilled water to make coffee as it does not interfere with the natural taste of your coffee.

A Dirty Coffee Machine

Your coffee machine or the grinder can also be dirty. A dirty machine will interfere with the taste of coffee. It is imperative to ensure that you regularly wash your machine and eliminate any dirt or debris that may compromise the taste of your coffee.

The Coffee is Poorly Roasted

Roasting is a very crucial process in the making of coffee. If you use a low-quality roasting machine, the roasting process will not be conducted inefficiently, leading to a sour taste.

Why Does My Coffee Taste Salty? 3 Reasons Behind Salty Coffee

#1 - Under Extraction

In brewing your coffee, it is essential to observe the extraction process. The extraction process has three main stages:

  1. Water extracts acids and sugars contained in the coffee grounds
  2. Water removes dissolved solids and oils
  3. You obtain the bitter flavor of coffee

If the extraction process is perfectly balanced, you get the right flavor for your coffee. But if you mess the extraction process, it will result in a salty taste.

#2 - Beans Size To Coarse

If the coffee beans are coarse, it will take more time to achieve a balanced extraction. If you note that the bean size is coarse, it is paramount to extend the extraction time so that you can balance the taste of your coffee.

#3 - The Water Could Be the Issue

The water you incorporate in the making of your coffee can alter the taste. Ideally, salty water contains sodium ions and will give your coffee a salty taste.

Also, there should be the right amount of water during the extraction process of coffee. If the ratio of water to coffee is well balanced, it will result in perfect extraction. On the other hand, if you have scarce water, it will result in under extraction, which will give your coffee a salty taste.

How to Fix Salty Tasting Coffee

Make Use of Finer Coffee Beans

The first step to eradicate the salty taste in coffee is to use finer coffee beans. Finer coffee beans have a larger surface to extract maximum flavor. Also, the finer beans will pack very tightly in the paper filter, ensuring that water will take longer to soak them and giving them enough time to extract the flavor.

Alternatively if you can't find finer coffee beans, try using a really good burr grinder and grinding fresh coffee beans to achieve a finer consistency.

Use Enough Water

If you are not using enough water in the extraction process, your coffee machine runs out of water very early, leading to under extraction. The correct ratio of coffee to water can be 1:18 or 1: 15. If you have the right proportion, it will lead to a balanced extraction.

Fix the Coffee Maker

If you are using a dirty coffee maker, it will result in salty coffee. Thus it is imperative to ensure that you clean your coffee maker regularly.

Also, if your machine is broken or old, it can cause various problems in the extraction process. Thus ensure that you either repair or replace your coffee maker to have a balanced extraction process.

Store your Coffee Properly

How you store your coffee will highly compromise its taste. If you keep it in an area that is prone to moisture, your coffee will end up having a sour or salty taste. Thus it is paramount to ensure that you store coffee in a cool and dry place. You can also keep it in an airtight storage container to prevent moisture penetration.

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Final thoughts for Why does my Coffee Taste Salty

Are you wondering,'' why does my coffee taste salty?'' Multiple reasons can lead to this problem. The most common ones include using the wrong water, under extraction, and using coarse beans. Also, if you have a faulty coffee maker, it will interfere with the extraction process and consequently interfere with the taste of your coffee.

The best way to solve the problem is to identify the root of the problem and fix it. Also, ensure that you are very keen on the flavors you add to your coffee as they cause a salty taste.

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