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The 5 Best Coffee Cup Warmers | Our Epic Selection


Arrrgh, coffee cup warmers! Only the greatest device to be invented and one of the most effective ways at keeping your coffee nice and warm. This article I’ll cover the best coffee cup warmer and several others that you’ll need to check out.

Imagine making the best cup of espresso, you sit down ready to get on with your to do list or maybe you have a few emails you need to get through. But then all of a sudden life gets in the way, and you’re called to see to something else.

You finish that task and head back to the table where your delicious brewed coffee is waiting, only to find that it has gotten extremely cold! 

Absolutely perfect! You think, and you wonder if you should go spend another 10 minutes in the kitchen crafting another great drink. But then you think what a waste of coffee that’ll be if you toss it down the sink.

Stop right there, if you’ve had thoughts like this you could bring that coffee back to life without needing to put it in the microwave, only to have a stale tasting coffee.

You should be using a good coffee mug warmer to restore the warmth back to your drink without over extraction, meaning your drink will taste just how you made it.

So now that I have your attention, let us get on with the best coffee cup warmers there are and also 4 others you may consider!

An Overview of Our Top 5 Picks for Good Mug Warmers

  1. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer
  2. COSRI Coffee Mug Warmer
  3. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Home
  4. BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Mug Warmer
  5. Misby Coffee Warmer for Desk

Top Pick: Best Coffee Cup Warmer is the VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

best coffee cup warmer

Editors Rating : 

My top pick and also an Amazon's Choice product has to be the Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer.

With automatic shut off and 3 temperature settings this electric mug warmer is a definite go to warming up your coffee and keeping it warm.

A top coffee cup warmer is the Vobaga coffee mug warmer, which is a good entry mug warmer that will go well on any office desk or kitchen top bench.

This mug warmer is beautifully designed and is considered a good gift for those who enjoy coffee, but want to keep their cup of joe warmer for longer.

#1 - VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer&Cup Warmer for Office Desk Use, Electric Beverage Warmer with Three Temperature Settings, Coffee Warmer Plate for Cocoa Tea Water Milk with Auto Shut Off After 4 Hours
15,440 Reviews
VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer&Cup Warmer for Office Desk Use, Electric Beverage Warmer with Three Temperature Settings, Coffee Warmer Plate for Cocoa Tea Water Milk with Auto Shut Off After 4 Hours
  • ☕Use suitable Mugs: Please don't use double-layer insulation cups. use a thin-walled, flat, or slightly concave-bottomed mug for best results. Suitable for tableware, stainless steel cup, a ceramic mug, milk box, glass cup and etc.
  • ☕3-Temperature Settings: Our electric mug warmer can slow down the cooling speed of hot beverages; You can choose the temperature by touching the “Temp Button” to keep or warm up the temperature of the drink to 104℉ / 131℉ / 149℉.
  • ☕Automatic Shut Off and Residual Temperature Reminder: This cup warmer with an auto shut off function after working 4 hours. After turning off the coffee warmer, the blue light flashes for a while to remind that the heating plate is still hot and It will stop until the temperature donw to 97℉ (36℃).
  • ☕Safe & Durable: With high-tech materials make the coffee warmer heat-resistant and fire-resistant. The spill-proof design avoids damage and makes cleaning a breeze. 60" long length UL power cord is more convenient and safer than other brands. Product-safety guarantee with standard UL1026 certification. Back with VOBAG 100% satisfaction service.

Vobaga coffee cup warmer is the best coffee cup warmer and a must have for most of you coffee lovers who want to enjoy warm coffee for much longer. If you hate wasting coffee after it gets cold then this Amazon's Choice product is a perfect entry cup warmer you need to get.

This coffee cup warmer has a generous 3 stage temperature setting allowing you to heat your drink to low, medium or hot. It also has an automatic shut off feature, meaning after 4 hours of continuous use it will shut off automatically, good for those who are a little forgetful at times.

What I really like about this product is that it has a reminder feature for the plate element being residual hot after use, which can prevent accidental scold from having a hot plate.

The heating element is a metal waterproof panel, and leaking water or splash drops from a steamy cup can be easily wiped away.

One of the only negative things I can say about this coffee mug warmer, is that although it is very effective at getting the job done, it does have a slightly annoying beep which can be quite irritating.

However, these annoying beeps is what keeps you alert when using the coffee mug warmer correctly!

#2 - COSRI Coffee Mug and Warmer Set

COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set for Desk, Cup Heater, Office & Christmas Gifts, 1°F Precise Temperature Control, Touch Tech & LCD Digital Display (77-194℉), 304 Stainless Steel, Silver/Black
11,919 Reviews
COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set for Desk, Cup Heater, Office & Christmas Gifts, 1°F Precise Temperature Control, Touch Tech & LCD Digital Display (77-194℉), 304 Stainless Steel, Silver/Black
  • PERFECT MATCH: The stainless steel retains heat more effectively than other mugs; making it the perfect pairing to the coffee warmer
  • CUSTOM TEMPERATURES: All temperature readings are accurate within 1 degree. You can also easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • BUILT TO LAST: Enjoy the stainless steel coffee warmer’s reliable performance with one-touch controls; waterproof design; and a PI film heating element. Compatible with AC 100–240V; 50–60Hz outlets
  • SPILL RESISTANT: Equipped with a high-tech Pi film heating element; The spill-proof design avoids damage and makes cleaning a breeze

Cosori Coffee Mug offers a unique stainless steel warmer that looks really sleek and cool, and will look like something that fits perfectly onto a modern office desk.

Now you can use less effort to heating your coffee with this simple plug and play coffee warmer. Besides warming coffee, you can do milk, chocolate and tea as well.

This coffee cup warmer is capable of heating drinks between a temperature range of 77-158 degrees Fahrenheit and lets you know the temperature with it's cool digital display.

Besides getting the warmer, you get a newly released mug with it, which has better thermal conductivity and is made of premium materials. 

What I liked about the Cosri coffee mug and plate warmer set, is that it has a specifically designed cup to be used with the warmer. Meaning you'll be making your drinks warm with the optimum temperature in mind.

They do offer just the warmer on it's own, but I feel that to benefit from this device you'll need to get the set. The mug is also made from stainless steel and has a slip resistant grip around it.

My only downside I have with this cup, is that if you heat the cup way to hot then you can actually burn your mouth. This is because the stainless steel cup can absorb some heat and retain it, you'll need to be weary about this.

#3 - Oracer Coffee Mug Warmer for Home

A slightly more affordable coffee mug warmer with auto shut off has to be this Oracer one. This is an Amazon's choice mug warmer, and is a little more simple than the previous one. 

Coming in two colors, black and white, this coffee cup warmer is perfect for a home office desk. It is easy to use, simply plug the chord in, tap the on switch, and put your mug on for warming.

The machine has an automatic shut off after 8 hours of use, which makes safety a huge priority with these devices. It has a built in two-level temperature setting, allowing you to maintain your beverages between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Made from aluminum materials, it is considered splash proof but if you do get some little drops of coffee or tea on it, it's really simple to clean. 

I liked the price point the most on this one, offering a nice price tag making it affordable for most. The only dislike I have is that I wished it had a led display so that I can see the current temperature of the drink.

#4 - BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Cup Warmer Set, Auto On/Off Gravity-Induction Mug Office Desk Use, Candle Wax Cup Warmer Heating Plate (Up to 131F/55C), 14oz
2,985 Reviews
BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Cup Warmer Set, Auto On/Off Gravity-Induction Mug Office Desk Use, Candle Wax Cup Warmer Heating Plate (Up to 131F/55C), 14oz
  • BESTINNKITS SMART gravity-induction mug warmer for Coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate or candle wax, Warm your beverages at 131℉/55℃
  • Gravity induction technology, auto on/off, the warmer auto activates when you place your mug on it and shuts off when the mug is removed.
  • A ceramic mug (about 14oz) is included, You can also use your own mug with the warmer.
  • Patented waterproof design, stylish smooth glass layer on the top make it easy to clean and assure you no concerns for security issues as it's made of flame retardant materials.

A slightly more costly coffee cup warmer has to be this Bestinnkits smart coffee warmer. This comes with an auto shut-off and temperature control that prevent heat damage and also lets you set the temperature of your coffee.

This combo uses gravity induction technology that auto activates when you place the mug on it, and shuts it off once the mug is removed.

It does come with a sleek and trendy ceramic (14 fluid oz) coffee mug, but feel free to use your very own mug.

The warmer is finished with a spill-resistant and shiny stylish glass top that is FCC certified, which is a really cool added benefit.

I really liked the design and technology this mug warmer uses, but it does come at a steeper than usual price tag. I recommend getting this one as a gift or if you want to replace a cheaper coffee mug warmer that has done its time.

#5 - Misby Coffee Warmer for Desk

Misby Coffee Cup Warmer, Mug Warmer for Desk Use with Auto Shut Off, Gravity-Induction Coffee Warmer for Coffee Lovers Christmas/Birthday Gift Keep Beverages Coffee Warmer (Deep Black)
6,903 Reviews
Misby Coffee Cup Warmer, Mug Warmer for Desk Use with Auto Shut Off, Gravity-Induction Coffee Warmer for Coffee Lovers Christmas/Birthday Gift Keep Beverages Coffee Warmer (Deep Black)
  • ☺[What can Misby coffee warmer do for you?] This coffee mug warmer not only can slow down the cooling speed of hot beverage, but also can heating cold beverage to 120℉-140℉(40-60℃) temperature. You can concentrate on what you are doing. A drinkable beverages always ready for you.
  • ☺[What can this mug warmer plate heat?] This coffee cup warmer is versatile. It can heat coffee, milk , water etc. And keep your beverages at constant right temperature120℉-140℉(40-60℃). NOTE: It does not support to boil liquids.this temperature we design according to the health needs of the human body. So don't expect it to heat your drink very hot like a microwave or a kettle.
  • ☺[Easy to use]This coffee mug warmer equipped with auto shut off switch. Just plug the adapter into outlet, then place your mug on the warmer plate and the cup warmer will work auto, take the cup away, the cup warmer will shut off auto. No need extra operation.
  • ☺[Suitable for most cups] The coffee warmer for desk auto shut off have no groove, so it can fit most cups, such glass cup,stainless steel cup, Ceramic cup etc. We recommend using the cup with flat bottom for better heating results. Place a lid to cover the mug will also help retain heat.The Weight of your mug needs to be over 0.8lbs (13oz) to activate the gravity induction switch.

Lastly, but not least is this Misby coffee warmer device for your home desk which can be used on any table top or where a convenient power source is located.

A versatile cup warmer with a unique sleek design and only coming in black! This warmer doesn't also skip on the automatic shut off feature, that nearly all warmers have but at an affordable price than some others.

It is very easy to use, just plug it into an outlet, place your mug on it and then let the warmer plate do its thing. A perfect gift to keep any ones beverage warm during winter.

I like this coffee warmer because it heats up your drink to the perfect temperature, and maintaining a warm drink. The only dislike I have is that your cup needs to be very level before it turns on, I guess this is a good safety feature so that it doesn't spill the drink.

Things to Consider Before You Buy: Ultimate Coffee Cup Buyers Guide

Now that we have some frequently asked burning questions out of the way, we can jump onto the things you need to look out for when buying the best coffee cup warmer.

Base Material

Good coffee cup warmers are typically made of high conductive materials, because if it can conduct heat really good then it can distribute it just as well.

Cup warmers that are made of plastic tend to not result in the best type of warming as opposed to stainless steel or aluminum.

However the better the material, the more costly it can be to have a cup warmer. So do consider this.

How much should I spend on a cup warmer? 

A decent cup warmer can set you back between $100 - $200, so if your budget allows you and you really want a good one then that is what you’ll have to fork out.

These ones will typically have good features such as automatic shut off, made from high conductive base materials, used as special cups and only works if the cup is on.

Most of these expensive ones are high quality and use these features so that safety is kept in mind.

Consider Size and Use!

If you’re wanting to get a cup warmer for your office desk or kitchen, then it really doesn’t matter on the size.

However, if you wish to take it on the road for example on a camping adventure, then consider portability as well as it having a car charger included with it.

Overall most cup warmers are designed like plate-like elements, but you do get ones that wrap around the mug (I haven’t included these in this review of cup warmers).

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I’ve covered the best coffee cup warmer that will be perfect for the car, kitchen or just about any situation, you may have some additional questions about them.

Don’t worry, I thought you may have had some questions about coffee mug warmers that you’ll need to know the answer to, so I crafted together these little frequently asked questions about them.

Remember, if there is anything I’ve missed you can let me know by contacting me and I’ll be sure to add them when I update this article.

What is a coffee cup warmer?

A coffee cup warmer (or also) is a device, usually in the form of a plate, that sits on an office desk or kitchen table that allows you to keep your coffee warm.

It can also be used to warm up extremely cold coffee that otherwise would have gone to waste! 

So if you ever find yourself in a moment where you’ve been pulled away from having the perfect coffee, then you need to get yourself a coffee cup warmer.

what is a coffee cup warmer

Why do I need a coffee cup warmer

If you want to retain the flavor that you’ve extracted from brewing your coffee a special way, then you’ll need a cup warmer to do so.

Have you ever left coffee to brew in a coffee cup maker, just to keep it warm for the next round of drinks. If you have, you’ll notice that the coffee can often taste a bit burnt, this is called over extraction which is a result of the brew process not coming to an end.

Coffee cup warmers allow you to warm your coffee while retaining that goodness in the cup and without over extraction.

Are coffee cup warmers safe

Cup warmers are perfectly safe, and they have been used for a very long time by many people that want to keep their drinks warm.

The only thing you must be weary on is that the plate that is used to warm your cup gets hot, so stay away from touching it. 

A good thing to do is to leave the cup on it, and when not in use turn it off!

best coffee cup warmer (2)

Can you put a paper cup on a mug warmer

Unfortunately you can only place a ceramic mug or glass cup on the coffee cup warmer. This is because there are molecules within those types of cups that can absorb heat and redistribute it into the coffee.

Paper cups don’t have the right type of molecules to absorb heat and will not distribute it to your coffee that well.

So try not to put a paper cup on the mug warmer.

Do coffee cup warmers work?

Mug warmers are usually electric based and require a power source to heat the coil up in the plate, similarly to how kettles work.

Once the coil is hot enough heat begins to transmit through the mug substrate, whether it's ceramic or glass, and once heated enough begins to warm the coffee.

So, coffee cup warmers do work as long as you’re using the right type of cup on them!
do coffee cup warmers work

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the best coffee cup warmer and a few others that you may want to check out.

My top pick at a cup warmer has to be the Vobaga coffee mug warmer which is affordable for most, and is a great first cup warmer. It is also an Amazon choice product, so if you’re looking at getting your first cup warmer then this has to be it.

If I have missed anything from this review, then please write into me and I can update this post with your suggestion.

All the best with finding a good coffee cup warmer!

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