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Best Coffee Scale for Espresso (2022) |Make The Perfect Brew

Best Coffee Scale for Espresso (2022) |Make The Perfect Brew


Brewing great tasting coffee at home generally requires you to ensure that you have the right distribution of coffee grounds to water. Oftentimes you take a punt in the dark to get this absolutely right, but it can lead to some horrible tasting coffee overall.

If you’re like us and you want to improve your brew game and measure your coffee grounds more accurately then you’ll need the best coffee scale for espresso to do this.

A coffee scale will typically help you achieve a more accurate measure of getting the right ratio and making the perfect brew. Not only that, but some scales double as a general kitchen scale that can be used to measure the weight of ingredients that go into your favorite dishes.

Let’s get onto the best coffee scale to use for measuring coffee!

5 Best Coffee Scale!

What is the best coffee scale?

best coffee scale for espresso

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Brewing espresso, pour over coffee and french press has become a lot more easier with the coffee gator best coffee scale.

Check out this amazing coffee scale by clicking the button below or reading our full review.

#1 - Coffee Gator Digital Weighing Coffee Scale

Coffee Scale with Timer - Coffee Gator Digital Multifunction Weighing Scale - Large, Bright LCD Display - Espresso Scale, Coffee Brewing, Food, Drink and General Kitchen Use
881 Reviews
Coffee Scale with Timer - Coffee Gator Digital Multifunction Weighing Scale - Large, Bright LCD Display - Espresso Scale, Coffee Brewing, Food, Drink and General Kitchen Use
  • Get it right and reap the rewards. Brewing pour over, espresso, French press or any coffee that lights-up faces means being precise about weights and times. This multi-purpose scale is engineered to easily achieve spot-on coffee every single time
  • Better Coffee - every time. These scales make brewing exceptional, repeatable coffee a romp in a recreation area. The one-stop piece of kit weighs (ounces and grams), measures water volume (fluid ounces and liters) and times your brew
  • Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Batteries are included. A non-slip rubber matt and feet protect and steady the scales. Weight, time and liquid measurements (imperial and metric units) are clearly visible on a large, bright LCD backlit display
  • Designed for coffee - works with (almost) anything. Gator scales are a no-brainer pick for beans, grounds, cooking, weighing jewelry and more. They’re accurate from 0.003 ounces to 6.6 pounds so everything from brewing to baking is a piece of cake

Coffee gator digital coffee scale, with built in timer is perfect for weighing coffee beans or grounds to 0.003 ounces of precision.  The scale doubles as something that can be used for your baking or cooking needs.

If you're serious about craft coffee such as pour over or chemex and want a bit of precision then this is the best coffee scale for weighing grounds and beans. It's also perfect for espresso, which makes the coffee gator coffee scale with timer the one to go to.

What we liked about this was the very large display, the accuracy and how brilliantly easy it was to operate.

A common dislike that we had amongst all the scales reviewed here, including the coffee gator, was that there was some bounce in the reading. But to be honest the bounce was so insignificant that it won't effect the outcome of the quality of any brewed drink.


  • Digital Coffee Scale
  • Measures to 0.003 of an ounce up to 6.6 pounds
  • Good for Espresso, Baking, Cooking
  • Affordable


  • Has some minor bounce on readings

#2 - Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, White
3,710 Reviews
Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, White
  • Hario V60 drip coffee scale measures in 0. 1 gram increments for highest precision
  • Includes a drip timer for perfect bloom times and pours each time
  • Integrated timer for complete and total control of your coffee brewing process
  • Auto power off in 5 minutes (not activated when the timer is on)

The Hario V60 was another good coffee weighing scale that we thought deserved to make this list. It is a very accurate and easy to use scale that runs off 2x AAA batteries.

It has a digital display with an integrated timer, which allows you to get total control over the coffee brewing process.

What we liked about this digital coffee scale was how sleek and compact it was and it also gave a fairly quick readout.

Our biggest dislike compared to the coffee gator scale was that it had a really small display, it costs more (almost 3x as much) and there were hardly any physical buttons. 


  • Measures to 0.1g increments
  • includes a drip timer for perfect bloom
  • auto power off after 5 minutes
  • small sized scale


  • Small display
  • not many buttons

#3 - Digital Food and Coffee Scale

GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale, Multifunction Scale Measures in Grams and Ounces (Ash Grey)
107,466 Reviews
GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale, Multifunction Scale Measures in Grams and Ounces (Ash Grey)
  • A Premium Choice: Between the design and quality, this kitchen scale is going to last and function at an impeccable level. Your cooking just got ten times easier!
  • Fresh Features: All of the qualities you need and expect in a kitchen scale: readings down to the gram, an eleven pound capacity, and easy to read display. What more could you want?
  • Simple And Stylish: Don’t let the kitchen accessories cramp your style—the simplistic, modern design of this scale fits right in with the decor of any trendy space. Go ahead and leave it on the counter; it shows you care about your kitchen.
  • True Support: Our friendly team in St. Louis are industry experts at-the-ready to assist you with any questions that might arise about your kitchen scale. We take pride in our work and want you to have a great experience from beginning to end.

Here we have a digital coffee scale perfect for espresso, pour over coffee or chemex and it comes at a highly affordable price tag. This was classified as a food scale, but it can also be used for weighing coffee seeing as it had a measurement precision of 0.1 ounces.

What we liked about this scale was that it was a relatively small scale, making it easy to store and clean.

Although quite cheap, the quality of this scale was sub par and ours didn't last long (kept showing no battery, after trying new batteries repeatedly) 


  • Cheap small coffee scale
  • Easy to use


  • low quality
  • lightweight and cheap

#4 - KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer

KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer 3kg/0.1g High Precision Pour Over Drip Espresso Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display (Batteries Included)
969 Reviews
KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer 3kg/0.1g High Precision Pour Over Drip Espresso Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display (Batteries Included)
  • #PRECISE MEASUREMENT & WIDE RANGE# - KitchenTour EK6002 defines the latest in precision weighing technology with a weight capacity from 0.3g - 3000g to help you measure and get an exceptional cup of coffee with refined accuracy.
  • #MULTI-FUNCTIONAL COFFEE & FOOD SCALE# - The electronic coffee scale has a built-in timer to cook and time your coffee to ensure the consistency of each cup of coffee. With Tare Function, You can add different ingredients or coffee powder and water in the same container to make your cooking more accurate and simple. It also features 120s Auto-off and Low battery reminder function.
  • #SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIAL# - This Kitchen Drip Coffee Scale is crafted to be sturdy, accurate, safe, and user-friendly. Constructed with a high-quality ABS platform and frame, this digital kitchen scale is durable and easy to clean and maintenance. A waterproof Silicone Non-Slip pad included.
  • #UNIT CONVERSION# - KitchenTour High Precision Coffee Drip Scale supports switching of different units of g,oz, ml, which can weigh solids, liquids, powders. The touch activated keys also make for an elegant and clean design. With the back-lit reverse LCD display, weighing is quick and easy.

The KitchenTour digital coffee scale with timer provides you with high precision for espresso, pour over drip coffee and comes with a neat back light on the LCD.

The large display makes it easy to read and use, and this scale is capable of measuring grams, ounces and ml which is good.

We liked that it was a nice coffee scale that doubled as a use for baking, it produced an accurate measure and overall was quite durable.

Our biggest dislike was that the tare button was hard to push, which can be an issue for an elderly person using this scale.


  • Precise measurement
  • multifunction coffee and food scale
  • large display
  • various units - grams, ounces, ml


  • Tare button hard to push

#5 - Brewista Smart Espresso Scale

Brewista Smart Scale II for Espresso and Kitchen scale - 2000 grams (BSSRB2)
377 Reviews
Brewista Smart Scale II for Espresso and Kitchen scale - 2000 grams (BSSRB2)
  • Silicone protective pad - helps protect scale from water spillage and surface scratches
  • Easy to read backlit LCD display and rechargeable battery (do not over charge the battery)
  • Large protective cover that can also be used as a weighing tray
  • Weighing capacity - 2000g with an accuracy - 0.1g

This is the perfect brewing scale for espresso and can be used as a kitchen scale as well. With a accurate measure of 0.1g all the way up to 2000g, you can't go wrong with this dual purpose brewista smart coffee scale.

If looking for a barista scale that can make high quality espresso shots, then this is your best bet. 

What we liked about this coffee weighing scale was great for weighing espresso grinds and pours. It also automatically tares the scale, which can be beneficial to some. This scale can measure from 0.1g all the way to 2000g, which is incredibly accurate as well.

Our biggest dislike was the cost of it! It's bar on top of the other scales (which are just as equally useful and good), but it also has some design flaws. For example if you're running a larger espresso machine built for commercial purposes, this scale will need to sit sideways so that it can fit, which can be a pain for a busy coffee shop.


  • Large protective cover
  • Automatic Tare
  • Rechargeable built in battery


  • Tare Function a bit slower than gator scale
  • A Little bit expensive

Features of a Decent Coffee Scale!

When you’re after a good brewing scale to make decent coffee, you need to consider some important aspects in a scale that would be good for weighing coffee.

If you think an ordinary scale would be good at weighing coffee, you are easily mistaken as coffee grounds or beans are really light.

That means you need the best scale for coffee that is capable of measuring to at least a 10th of a gram.

With such precision and accuracy you’ll be able to get a decent brew each and every time.

So with that aside let's discuss a few aspects for features in a decent coffee scale.


When it comes to size you need to be sure that your espresso scale will be small enough so that it doesn’t take up to much storage space.

A lot of people tend to also get the best scale for coffee based on their preferred brewing method. So if you’re brewing espresso, or pour over coffee you’ll need to keep this in mind.

coffee scale review

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Measuring With Acute Precision

Not every digital coffee scale has the best precision for measuring coffee, so it’s important that you get the best coffee scale that can measure up to 0.1 of a pound or gram. 

Weighing coffee to this level of precision is crucial because it’ll get your brew actually tasting quite good.

digital coffee scale

Battery Capacity

One of the important things of the best coffee scale for espresso is that you should be mindful of the battery capacity of scales.

Most digital coffee scales rely on a couple of small batteries, which are often very easy to replace. This will tend to last your scale a couple to a few months, since the scale is not something that is used every second of the day.

Tare Function

The tare function is a very useful feature for any digital coffee scale and it allows you to reset the weight of the scale to get a more accurate measure.

For example if you turn on a scale, and put a bowl on it to capture coffee grounds from a grinder when you put the bowl on the scale it will begin to measure the weight of it. 

To reset the weight, you simply push the tare button and the weight resets to 0 lbs or grams, now you can grind the desired weight of coffee for your espresso.

What is coffee scale?

A coffee scale is typically a digital scale that can measure coffee with high precision and accuracy compared to a food scale! Typically, they can measure to to a 10th of a decimal, which is really accurate.

It allows you the precision when weighing coffee and can be really helpful when it comes to making the best cup of joe.

Most barista’s use a digital coffee scale to help with accurately weighing coffee so that they can brew the best pour over coffee that you can imagine.

best coffee scale for espresso

Do I need a coffee scale?

When you have an espresso machine, pour over coffee maker or chemex drip coffee maker then having a scale will allow you to make more accurately.

Without a coffee scale measuring coffee becomes a tedious task, sure you can gauge it with a teaspoon but often it does not give you the overall weight.

This small difference is what can lead to having the best coffee or a slightly ok one.

Can you use a food scale for coffee?

Yes you can use a food scale for coffee, but again it won’t measure as accurate as you’d like! Unless your food scale is one used to measure the weight of spice and not vegetables.

If it can measure the accuracy of spices to a 10th of a pound or gram, you typically can use this in weighing coffee.

Because if you think about it, spice grounds and coffee grounds generally will weigh about the same, so it’ll be generally acceptable to use a spice food scale for weighing coffee.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it the best coffee scale for espresso has to be the coffee gator digital coffee scale. This digital coffee scale is perfect for espresso and makes the best pour over coffee or chemex coffee.

If you loved this article about what is the best coffee scale for weighing coffee, then check out our other reviews about espresso machines, pour over coffee makers and more.

Until next time, happy caffeinating.

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