how to grind coffee beans without a grinder

7 Great Ways on How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder


Have you ever wondered how to grind coffee beans without a grinder? Most people in the world start their days drinking coffee every morning and every great cup of always begins with freshly ground coffee.

When you grind a whole coffee bean just before brewing it, it reduces exposure of the coffee to oxygen, which enhances flavor, ensures freshness, and protects natural flavors from becoming stale and bland.

So, what happens when you’ve gone to the store and ended up getting coffee beans instead of ground coffee? Well, it’s not the end of the world if you accidentally bought whole coffee beans, as you can simply grind them yourself.

In case you don't own a grinder, or it breaks down, there are still several ways you can make coffee out of coffee beans and enjoy a cup of fresh coffee.

In this post, I’m going to discuss how to grind coffee beans when you don’t have a grinder handy.

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#1 Grind Coffee Beans with a Mortar and Pestle 

A mortar and pestle are famously known to be used by cooks and pharmacists to grind spices, medicine, and herbs into a fine powder.

Seriously! I couldn’t believe it too, but apparently you can and this guy on reddit tried it.

It uses a combination of rolling motion and hammering, which creates a consistent texture. If you decide to use this method to grind beans, you measure one or two tablespoons of beans and pour them into the mortar.

Using the pestle crush and press down the coffee with twisting motion while the other hand is holding the mortar in place. Once you have crushed the beans, roll the coffee around the bowl using a pestle until you attain a texture and consistency that you desire.

A pretty simple way on how to grind coffee beans without a grinder, right? We’ll let’s move onto method 2.

how to grind coffee beans without a grinder

#2 How to Grind Coffee Beans with a Blender

A blender can be used as an alternative to a coffee grinder. It’s quite simple, instead of blending the beans continuously the best way is to blend them in bursts.

That’s right, short quick bursts are what grind the beans and release the full flavor and texture. This is because the blender's blade usually moves at a very high speed, which can heat the bean's natural oils hence making a bitter and harsh-tasting cup of coffee.

It is done by adding beans to the pitcher of a blender and setting the blender to grind at a slow setting.

Then cover the pitcher with lid and start to pulse the coffee beans in a pulse of two-seconds for about eight to ten seconds. You can repeat the process several to attain the right amount of coffee you require.

#3 Using a rolling pin to grind coffee beans

Another classic method on how to grind coffee beans without a grinder is to use a wooden rolling pin. It produces a finer grind than other methods and can provide even more texture.

In this method, you start by measuring the beans and putting them inside a bag and seal it. Place it onto a surface and place a wooden rolling pin onto the coffee beans and start cracking the beans using gentle force.

After breaking them, make the rolling pin roll on them while you still applying pressure on it till you attain the consistency grind you desire. Repeat the process several times until you reach the correct quantity of coffee you want.

#4 Grind Your Coffee Beans with a Hammer

A mallet hammer or a meat tenderizer usually crushes your coffee beans easily. You should use these instruments with care because they can easily inflict injuries on your hand during the process of crashing.

In this method, you start by measuring the beans and putting them in the middle of two leaves of parchment papers or into a freezer bag that is sealed.

Then the bag is placed on a surface and uses consistent and moderate strokes to crush the beans until the desired consistency is attained.

If you wish to make a more consistency, grind always begin breaking the coffee beans from one edge of the bag and move gradually to the other side of the bag.

#5 Use a Knife to Grind Coffee Beans 

In this method, it is advisable to apply the flat of the blade to crush the beans.

The design of a chef's knife and butcher knife is highly preferred because they have a stiffer and wider blade hence providing extra leverage that improves the process of cracking and crushing coffee beans
When using this technique, begin by placing coffee beans onto a wooden board, laying the blade of butcher knife against the beans, and crushing and cracking the coffee beans by use of your palm, which should be on top of the edge pushing it down to increase pressure.

Once you have broken those beans, make the knife slide towards one end while still pressing to crush the beans into finer particles.

#6 Grinding Coffee Beans with a Food Processor

This is almost similar to using a blender, but here, there is a larger version of the blade hence making it unable to adjust the consistency and size of particles.

However, it can be used when there are no other means of making coffee. In this method, you start by measuring your coffee and transferring them into the instrument.

The coffee beans are then ground by using a pulse of five-second for fifteen to twenty seconds while checking the consistency and repeat the process I order to achieve a consistency you desire.

how to grind coffee beans without a grinder

#7 Use a Hand Mincer to Grind Those Coffee Beans

These are devices there used to cut all types of vegetables and meat. These are manual plastic machine or stainless steel with an internal blade which chops up whatever you put in it and operate with a hand crank.

In this method, you take measurements of the beans you need to grind and empty them into the hand mincer and start turning the crank arm in a dextrorotatory direction by use of your hand.

To attain finer particles of coffee, gather the ground beans, and make them go through the process again until you reach a consistency you desire.

Final Thoughts on How to Grind Coffee Beans without a Grinder

The above method is an alternatives method of using a grinder as a tool for grinding coffee beans.

Hence there is no reason to miss a great cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee just because you lack a coffee grinder, or your coffee grinder has broken down

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