how do k cups work

How Do K Cups Work: The Unexplained, Explained!


How do k cups work ?

K Cups are basically small pods that contain coffee or flavored coffee grounds within a small capsule. The way coffee comes out of them is by inserting these k cups into a compatible coffee maker, typically Keurig, and then having a high pressured jet of hot water flow through the grounds. At the bottom of the pod there is a hole, which allows the brewed coffee drink to exit and drip into your coffee mug!

While Keurig's K-cups can be seen almost everywhere, these are becoming ubiquitous in offices and houses and the signature K-cups from the company are seen in convenience stores, supermarkets and also in different outlets online.

The question ponders our brains though, how do k cups work? K-cups are really interesting once you start using them. The machine takes water through reservoir and then heats it, and then it gets pumped inside K-cup chamber. The chamber where K-Cup rests has two hollow sized needles with large gauge.

One is for puncturing the foil in cup and it fills it with hot water for beginning brew process, while other can puncture the plastic bottom of the cup so brewed coffee makes it way towards the cup.

Now hot pressurized water gets forced into cup between 195F to 205F along with the filter on the bottom of the coffee cup. The filter can act like a screen stopping ground coffee that passes through.

Brewing can be fine for individual preference or for taste as K cups are available in different strengths and flavors.

While lots of people think of K cups as "instant coffee" solutions but they're a lot more different than that. Let's find out how do K cups work.

A K-cup is available while being packaged sealed with paper filter and ground coffee, and on small scale it can be thought of as same like a coffee pot. See, it is really simple in how k cups work!

How many times can you use one k-cup?

Most K-cups are meant for only single use. This means you need to throw the cup away after using it once. If you think that this increases the waste, and many Keuring brewers also do, you must have a K-cup Reusable coffee filter.

The reusable filter lets you add up loose ground coffee whenever you would like to consume coffee. Right after brewing, each time you can clean it and then use it again next time.

Also, reusable K-Cups are great ways to save on money and waste. You'll just need to purchase ground coffee and then fill K-cup by yourself. 

Only 1/8th of ground coffee cup is meant for filling reusable K-cups. You can get around 15 scoops coffee from bag. It means that you can have around 15 (10 oz) coffee for around $2.98!

Let's admit it, that it is a whole lot cheaper compared to purchasing pre-made singles. Honestly, it doesn't take much long for filling it. This literally requires only a second. 

Thus, you're not wasting time with reusable K-cups. Most reusable K-cups are made through eco-friendly materials and they're also dishwasher safe. You can just toss them in area where you generally put silverware.

These can be used on any coffee variety, and you can refine the flavors according to your taste preferences. 

keurig latte machine

Can I use K-cups without the machine?

The design of k cups is meant to "brew" all inside contents, so same effect wouldn't be possible to achieve after opening cup and then pouring it into liquid.

The water should drip through cup for mixing contents with liquid. After opening cup and then mixing contents with liquid, you won't be able to get outcomes that you've looked for and you'll probably have large mess in hands.

However how do K cups work without machine? For using K-cup without machine, you'll have to heat up the water to either boiling or nearly boiling setting.

Later the water can be poured into mug with Keurig cup powder inside it, then it can get mixed and you can add whatever you want to afterwards. Hence, K cups or even flavored K Cups can be used without a machine if you really wanted to.

For brewing K-Cup pods without machine, you can follow simple steps:

  • Separate coffee pod through Recycle Cup Cutter 
  • Remove coffee grounds and paper filter
  • Appropriately dispose aluminum cover along with plastic cup
  • Place paper filter along with grounds in coffee cups
  • Pour around six ounces hot water over grounds and paper filter
  • Now stir grounds and filter gently for helping water soaking through
  • The grounds should steep for around few minutes and you can later remove filter

Now you can enjoy fresh coffee cup.

For how long you're letting grounds steep would depend on how you like the coffee. Short times can result in weak brew, while long times also result in stronger flavors. 

Are Reusable K-Cups Worth it?

People are moving towards the reusable options for K-cups and it is because there are many features that you would love to have. Firstly, it is made through BPA-free plastic.

The cups are eco-friendly. Secondly, these cups are dishwasher safe. You can only toss it in places with silverware. And when there is cover for holding light items.

Also with reusable cups you won't have to remove filter holders. The design eliminates the need of doing so.

Let's compare these with single cup options for coffee!

  • A cup from Starbucks - Tall coffee (around 12 oz) is 1.65
  • 12 K-Cup pack for around $11.95 - it is around $1 per cup
  • 50 pack Green Mountain Coffee is available for around $27.78 - and it is available at 55 cents for a cup
  • Refillable K-cups - Roughly only 20 cents for a cup

Without a doubt, reusable K-cup is the most cost saving option.  With K-cups you'll save around 80 cents for a cup. Now, let's suppose you're bringing in a tall Starbucks coffee daily and spending around $600 for a year

Contrariwise, let's just say you've got a coffee cup of the reusable K-cup. In this case a year's coffee would cost only $72. You're saving more than $525 with the reusable varieties. 

Disposable K-cup options are detrimental to environment. And there isn't any denying about the fact. Reusable K-cup filters, while they're still plastic, they lead to reduction of plastic waste dramatically in landfills.

When you're regular K-cup user it is a simple and efficient way of reducing your footprint. 

Final Thoughts on How K Cups Work !

K Cups are great options for having a brewed non organic coffee on the go. The working of K-cups is quite simple and straightforward and the idea of using these simply sounds amazing.

However, with the recyclable varieties you can simply make the morning cup, even without having access to Keurig or any other machine. You just need to wait for a few minutes for that perfect cup.

With separation of individual components you can easily brew K-cups without the availability of a machine. Simply place device over top of pod and just a few twist rotations is all it requires.

With the cutter you separate foil top through plastic pods, and you also pull paper filter containing coffee grounds.

This not only allows brewing coffee without the machine, but with it you also prepare the pod for responsible disposal after you're done.

The working of reusable K-cups ensures that you're not littering the spot with K cup waste. With reusable K cups you'll be able to have your part in making the planet healthy and safe for future generations.

Also, reusable cups offer you chance of buying beans through your favorite local roasters. They offer you opportunity of not only trying few hundred low-grade beans, but lots of specialty grade beans as well.

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