are you supposed to drink espresso quickly

Are You Supposed To Drink Espresso Quickly? 4 Facts


Every coffee lover will admit that an espresso shot or two is the best way to start of the day! But you can have espresso any time of the day if you need an instant boost of energy.

No wonder, an espresso is the best way to enjoy the oozing flavor of the coffee and feel fresh. Have you ever wondered about how you must drink the espresso?

Well, you can admit it as you are not the only one. Majority of the people ask, are you supposed to drink espresso quickly? To know exactly how you can drink an espresso and what the right method is, read on. 

Are you supposed to drink espresso quickly?

The espresso should be consumed quickly just like the name suggests - ex-press-o. The espresso must be drunk while the top layer i.e. the 'crema' is still on the top.

This crema is actually the creamy emulsion formed from the oils of the coffee beans. It is light brown in color and remains on the top as a frothy layer.

It covers the espresso and all the aromas are stored in it. Also, it is the bitterest part of the espresso.

But it can dissipate quite quickly. If you like the bitter taste of espresso then you must drink while crema is still there so that it can touch your taste buds.

are you supposed to drink espresso quickly

But if you are beginner and you don't want that super bitter taste, then you can try a way out.

As it is the bitterest layer and it remains floating on the top, you will need a spoon to stir the espresso.

Take the spoon or you can even swirl your cup in circular motion. It will allow the crema to get mixed with the rest of the drink.

Once the light brown frothy layer dissipates, you can drink the espresso. But don't leave the espresso for too long. Quick consumption will allow you to enjoy the flavor.

But after every sip take some time to enjoy the aftertaste.

What is the proper way to drink espresso?

Drinking espresso is an art. Ask any coffee lover and they will say the same. If you're inspired by the people around you or anyone to try espresso, then you need to know the proper way of drinking it.

You already know the answer to - are you supposed to drink espresso quickly? Now, you need to know how!

proper way to have espresso

Step 1: Cleanse your palate

To start off, you must make sure that your palate is completely cleansed. This is important to enjoy the aroma and taste to the fullest.

Most of the time, cafe's will serve an espresso with a glass of sparkling water. If not, you can also try some regular water. Take a sip of it and cleanse your palate before you sip.

Step 2: Smelling the espresso

Once the cup of espresso is served, you must take the cup to your nose. Now, take a long and slow breath to inhale the aroma of the coffee.

This is the most important part as scent plays a major role in the overall flavor.

Step 3: Stir the crema

This is the step for the ones who don't want to taste bitterest part of the espresso i.e. the crema. For the beginners, the flavor can be too much to take.

Hence, it is better to take a spoon and stir the beverage properly to mix the crema with the entire drink.

Step 4: Take a sip

There are two ways to enjoy the espresso. The flavor of espresso is changing throughout the cup.

To enjoy the changing consistency of the flavor, sip it without stirring. If you want to enjoy a more consistent taste, then it is better to stir the coffee before you sip.

Make sure to finish your cup of espresso before it cools down. The flavors of the espresso can alter after cooling down. You may or may not add sugar to it.

Is Espresso stronger than coffee?

As the espresso is highly concentrated and tastes bitterer than that of the regular coffee or drip coffee, it is considered as stronger by many people.

This is a complete myth! And the reality is quite different. You will be amazed to hear that a normal brewed or drip coffee is stronger.

To make it easier for you, let me tell you a fact about the espresso and brewed coffee.

While a 2oz. double espresso contains just 80 milligrams of caffeine, a 12oz. of brewed coffee contains about 120 milligrams of caffeine in it.

So, it is quite evident that you will have more caffeine in your cup of drip coffee than you will have in espresso. If we examine both by an ounce, see what the result is. 

A single shot of espresso will have about 40 mg of caffeine in one ounce whereas a brewed cup of coffee will have 10 mg in one ounce.

So, you can see that espresso have more caffeine by concentration. So, the actual answer lies in the serving size.

Is 3 shots of espresso a lot?

Most of the people, on an average, can handle about 300 mg of caffeine without any problem. We can translate this, it means 4 to 5 cups of instant coffee or 3 shots of espresso.

Although the amount of caffeine present in the espresso can vary from one type of coffee bean to another, 3 shots of espresso is fine! But you need to make sure that you are capable to intake that much of caffeine in your daily basis.

If you are just a beginner, then I will suggest you to start by one. When you are a coffee addict or lover and love coffee, then 3 shots of espresso in a day is fine.

shot of espresso

Final thoughts

Talking about the main question - are you supposed to drink espresso quickly, you now know that it is better to have the espresso quickly.

This is because of the two main reasons - one is before the crema dissipates and other one is before the drink cools down.

Even if you don't want the taste of crema to hit your taste buds directly, then stir the espresso and take a sip while it is hot or warm.

This will help you to get the most of its flavor and aftertaste.

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