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How to Keep Coffee Hot | 7 Interesting & Simple Ways


How to keep coffee hot? If this question keeps coming to you then this post is for you. Keep reading below!

Nothing can beat the simple and piping hot cup of coffee. In fact, many coffee lovers can not even start their day without a nice hot cup.

Due to this fondness, coffee drinkers have invented new ways to make their coffee. However, there is one thing most of the coffeeholic people find annoying - Keeping their coffee hot until they are ready to sip it.

It may sound minor but is really a huge turnoff for the coffee drinkers. But the good part is, it is very simple.

There are a number of ways by which you can keep your coffee hot for hours, some even don't require special appliances!

In this post, we have narrowed down the top 7 easy ways to keep coffee hot like you've just picked it from the counter.

But before that, let's discuss the most common myths regarding keeping the coffee hot.

4 Myths About How To Keep Coffee Hot

Before you learn the tricks of keeping coffee hot for hours, first burst some common myths :

#1 - Glass Carafes Do The Job

Glass carafe is good for brewing the coffee but if you're thinking that it would keep it hot for long, then you are certainly wrong!

The reason is, glass carafes don't have thermal insulation. And also, some carafes that are placed on the coffee maker's hot plate may keep the coffee hot but also alters its taste. We are sure you don’t want to drink rough and bitter coffee!

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#2 - Hot Plates Keep The Coffee Hot 

Now, hot plates will obviously keep your coffee hot because they're really HOT!!

But the problem is, using this idea to keep your coffee hot will result in an over-extracted and bitter-tasting coffee. Every coffee drinker should know this fact.

#3 - Microwave Always Comes Handy For Reheating The Coffee Cup

Microwave is the first thing we reach out for reheating our food and even beverages. Although it is very quick and easy, it is not the best idea for reheating coffee because of two reasons:

  • first, it doesn't heat evenly.
  • Secondly, it may burn your coffee making it taste unenjoyable.

#4 - You Should Reheat Your Coffee Using a Candle Warmer

Candle warmer is another thing people use to keep their coffee warm. But as a coffee lover, you should know that it is a false way.

It will do the same job as a hot plate and will result in burnt and bitter coffee.

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Coffee Hot

While there are uncountable ways to keep your coffee hot for hours, we have sifted out some of the easiest ways for you. Most importantly, these will keep the taste of your coffee intact!

Always Preheat Your Coffee Mug

Make a rule of thumb and always preheat your mug before pouring the coffee in. In fact, this mechanism is the inspiration behind the use of coffee warmers.

By preheating your mug, its temperature will be raised and when you put your hot coffee in, it will stay the same for a longer duration. Normally, cold mugs make the coffee lose its heat and thus, it gets cold very fast.

And don't worry if you don't have a cup warmer in your machine, you can preheat your cups in other simple ways.

One of the simplest ways is to fill boiling water in your cup and leave it until your coffee is ready. It will evenly heat the cup and you can pour your coffee into it after throwing the water.

How to Keep Coffee Hot? Cup Sleeve is The Answer 

No need for the coffee warmer and thermos, you can simply get some cup sleeves for keeping your cup hot as ever. It is the cheapest (say easiest) way to prevent coffee from getting cold.

Usually, the cup sleeves are used to prevent the hand from getting burnt but it can also be used as a hack to keep the beverage hot for long.

The sleeves prevent the cup from lowering the heat by insulating them. This means the liquid inside will retain its temperature for much longer.

Cup sleeves are available in various materials such as wool, paper and neoprene. You can get any kind of sleeves and should always keep in your bag to use one when in need.

Although these are really cheap, you can still make your own by following any YouTube DIY tutorial.

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Use a Cup With a Lid

The reason why your coffee gets cold faster is the lid-free cup you use. Most of the heat escapes from the cup and coffee doesn't remain warm.

This is the reason you should always prefer cups with lids. So, next, you purchase your mugs, look for their lid as well.

This is not the problem with the travel mugs as they already come with lids for the carrying purpose but the coffee cups at home do not have lids.

Here is a secret hack for you, always keep the lid of your used travel mugs safe before throwing them in the trash and use these lids on the cups at your home. Isn't it a great idea?

Also, some lids may not fit your mugs. So, check them for their fit to make sure you don't end up spilling the coffee on the floor or on yourself.

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Get Yourself a Thermos Flask / Thermal Cup 

Thermos flasks are the most popular ways of keeping the beverages hot for several hours. You can either get a thermos flask or a thermal cup as both do the same job.

They are best for travelling purposes and can also be kept at home. Also, they come with lids.

However, be very careful while selecting the thermal cup for yourself because the poor quality will result in knockoffs. Cheaper mugs may allow you to save some money but will stop working after a few days.

Hence, invest in a good quality and branded thermal cup. It may be a little bit expensive, but will solve your problem for years. Moreover, you can use them to carry soups and other hot beverages as well.

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Wrap a Scarf Or a Thick Napkin Around Your Coffee Cup

Do you know, your scarf can help you to keep your coffee hot until the time you want to have it?

Yee, you've read it right. Any thick piece of fabric can prevent the coffee from getting cold. This thick fabric can be your scarf, a cotton napkin, a handkerchief, your jacket and your bandana as well.

It is cheap and you don't need to buy any expensive appliances.

Invest in a Car Cup Warmer 

This is the answer for, how to keep coffee hot while traveling?

If you're a coffee lover who travels a lot then you should definitely consider buying a car cup warmer. It is an effective solution for keeping your coffee hot on the go.

It will not only reheat your cup but will also keep it in place to prevent spillage at the time of driving.

These cups basically work as steel kettles that plug into the outlet of your car. They use heating coils for keeping the coffee cup warm.

The only problem with these cup warmers is that they don't work when the car is off. So, when you stop the car, it will also stop working.

Get a Thermal Carafe and it Will Do The Trick

So, how to keep coffee hot when you have a large volume?

All the above-mentioned methods may not be very useful if you intend to make large batches of coffee in one go. In such a case, you need a jumbo-sized appliance which can store large quantities of your brew.

A good quality thermal carafe is perfect for such people. It is specially designed to hold large volumes of coffee and keep it hot for hours.

Unlike the glass carafe, the thermal one is designed with double steel walls which are separated by a vacuum space. This design lowers the transfer of heat and thus keeps the beverage steaming hot.

They also include a tight to prevent the spillage and provide additional insulation.As with every other product, thermal carafes also have a downside.

First, they are relatively expensive and second, cleaning them takes much effort due to their small opening. Apart from these, they are very effective and perhaps the best solution. So, if you don't mind the price, you can surely try your hands on them.

Final Thoughts

No matter how many flavors and preparations of coffee are there, nothing can replace the cup of classic steaming coffee.

Temperature plays a crucial role in enhancing the taste of your coffee. This is the reason that even a slight drop in temperature doesn't give that fresh feel.

But thankfully, there are uncountable ways for maintaining the temperature of your coffee. We have already discussed the best ways such as using cup sleeves, thermal carafes, cup warmers etc.

You can definitely use these ways to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every single time.

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