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Why Is Espresso Served With Water? 4 Amazingly Cool Facts


Today many coffee shops serve water with espresso. If you do not know why is espresso served with water then you must read this article until the end.

The answer to a few questions provided here under can help you to get an appropriate solution for your problem.

Why is espresso served with water?

Though there can be various reasons behind serving water with espresso but the main reason can be for cleaning the palate so that you can enjoy the taste and flavor of your espresso very well.

Other reasons to serve water with espresso can be:

To avoid dehydration: Being diuretic by nature coffee can cause dehydration if you do not drink water before drinking a cup of espresso.

The richness of your coffee can increase the risk of dehydration if you do not drink water before it.

Avoid irritation in the stomach: Coffee can cause irritation in your stomach due to its acidic nature. It can deprive you of your breakfast if you drink a cup of espresso in the morning without drinking a glass of water before it.

Make the taste of espresso better: Most of the coffee shops serve water with espresso mainly to cleanse your taste buds. It will help in removing other flavors in your mouth and allow you to have a better taste of your espresso.

Eliminate the crash of caffeine: The chances of caffeine crash can be reduced by drinking water with espresso.

The caffeine in your coffee contains a chemical, Theobromine, which can cause a crash and tiredness you normally experience after 20-25 minutes of drinking coffee as this chemical gets activated. 

You can lower the chances of this crash and tiredness by drinking water before, during, and after drinking espresso.

why is espresso served with water

What is an espresso with water?

An espresso that is diluted with hot water to give a different type of flavor than the coffee brewed traditionally without sacrificing its strength is known as Caffe Americano.

The amount of water added to a certain number of shots of espresso can help in determining the strength of a cup of Caffe Americano.

An espresso with water can be prepared in different ways in different countries like:

  • In the UK as well as in Italy, normally water is added to one or two shots of espresso to make this drink. To a double espresso 28 to 450 ml hot water is added to dilute it.
  • In Australia, Caffe Americano is known as Long Black. To prepare Long Black, water is poured into the cup before pouring espresso into it.
  • In the western US, a short Americano is prepared by adding water and espresso in equal quantities and is known as Italiano.
  • To add water to the cup of espresso you can get hot water either from the same machine or from a different kettle or water heater.

    why is espresso served with water (1)

    If you are preparing Caffe Americano at home then it can be more convenient for you to take hot water from the same machine instead of some other source.

    It will allow you to get water into your cup of espresso before or after the espresso according to the type of espresso with water you are preparing.

    In Americano water is added after pulling the shot of espresso whereas, in Long Black, water is added to the cup before pulling the shot.

    In some espresso machines, there is a separate spout to take hot water to make an Americano whereas in some machines you can get hot water through their steam wands.

    However, in a commercial setting, it will be more convenient to use a separate device to heat water for this purpose.

    It will allow them to prepare espresso without disturbing the temperature of the machine along with heating the water inexpensively by using a separate water heater.

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    Do you drink water before or after espresso?

    Yes, we drink water before and after espresso because it is very important and purposeful. In fact, drinking water with espresso is an art that allows you to enjoy your coffee more effectively.

    While drinking espresso, you should, first of all, cleanse your palate by taking a sip of water before taking a sip of espresso. It will help you to know whether the taste of the coffee is good or not.

    The first sip of the coffee after drinking water will allow you to determine the beauty of its taste. If the taste of your coffee is good then you should drink water first and then enjoy your coffee as much as you can.

    But if the taste of the espresso is not good then you should first finish the shot and then drink water to cleanse your taste buds.

    What do you drink espresso with?

    An espresso is sipped slowly so that you can fully enjoy its rich flavor instead of drinking in a gulp even if it is called a shot.

    Most people like to drink a single or double shot of espresso but you can add different things like sweetener or sugar into it to change its taste according to your choice.

    Some of the popular coffee shops make different types of espresso by adding different thing to it like:

  • You can combine hot water with a shot of espresso to prepare Caffe Americano
  • You can combine a shot of espresso with filtered coffee to prepare Red-Eye
  • You can top a double shot of espresso with steamed milk to prepare Caffe Latte
  • You can top a single shot of espresso with frothed and steamed milk to prepare Capuccino.
  • Thus you can drink various items with espresso.

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    Final Thoughts

    Thus, the information provided in this article can help you to know exactly why is espresso served with water.

    The water served with espresso helps in determining the actual flavor and taste of the espresso which you may not get if you have several other flavors in your mouth. 

    The water you drink before espresso helps in cleansing your palate so that you can determine the real taste of your espresso.

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