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Do you find yourself in search of the perfect cup of coffee? You are not alone! Coffee is a beloved drink worldwide and to make the perfect on the go espresso you’ll want the Staresso Espresso Coffee Maker!

It's no wonder that people value their morning cup so highly. We have all been there, rushing to get ready for work and stressing about how we will survive the day without our precious caffeine fix. Well, worry no more my fellow coffee lovers because this review has found your answer!

Not only that, if you’re an outdoorsy person that just wants to have decent coffee on the go, whether it is hiking, camping or just taking a bit of a long stroll then the Staresso Espresso maker is the perfect solution.

The Staresso Espresso Coffee Maker is an easy-to-use machine that will help you make your favorite beverage at home in minutes with minimal mess or fuss. Order one today and enjoy a great tasting coffee every time!

Do you need to try this product out for yourself? Then keep reading.

This Staresso espresso coffee review is going to knock your socks off and give you full guidance about the product. We take a deep dive to review it’s features, the pros and cons, reasons for getting one and more.

Staresso Espresso Coffee Maker Features

The first impressions of the packing, and of unpacking it to extract the Staresso, are good. We are pleased by the box's construction, the method it's been packaged, and the absence of extra packaging material. The plastic liner is usually unnecessary, and they should replace it with recyclable paper, but you must have seen much worse.

staresso espresso coffee maker

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This portable espresso coffee maker is perfect for any one that loves the outdoors and loves having espresso.

Check out the price below or continue to read our hands on review below.

The item comes fully assembled, with hardly any assembly required - and it appears and feels fantastic! If you have a gas stove and can froth coffee when it's being heated, that would work - but be very cautious about faffing around attempting to froth coffee while heating the coffee.

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5 Reasons for Buying the Staresso Espresso Maker

#1 - Makes Authentic Espresso with Lots of Crema

Lets be honest there is not a lot of portable espresso makers or aeropress's that don't live up to their name! Not the Staresso espresso maker, this device is literally one of the best portable espresso makers that give you a layer of crema.

The crema layer is what is delivered on top of the espresso shot and gives it that authentic espresso look! So, this is definitely one important aspect to have when it comes to finding the best portable coffee maker.

#2 - Cheap and accessible

The Staresso coffee machine is very portable equipment that you may easily take in the suitcase or carry in the baggage, weighing around 1 pound.

Despite its small size, it boasts an elegant and compact layout that makes the device simple to use and manage. You may use the Staresso to brew coffee anywhere or when you want because it is a mechanical coffee maker.

#3 - Robust

Despite its modest size and compact design, the Staresso coffee machine is flexible enough to prepare not only coffee but various espresso-based drinks like mocha and foam coffee.

#4 - It is inexpensive and best to use.

The little cylindrical contraption may alter your day if you're a roaming coffee addict who can't operate without a solid caffeine hit. The Staresso coffee maker is simple to operate and produces crema-topped coffees with plenty of punch. It comes highly recommended.

#5 - Small and lightweight

The Staresso espresso maker is one of the most light weight portable espresso makers on the market. Weighing only 0.97lbs overall, it is sure to be compact and suitable for most expeditions.

Whether you're off on a mini hike, or out kayaking or just want to go for a long stroll and want some coffee with you. Then you won't be tipping yourself over the scales with this crafty little device.

What we dislike about the Staresso Espresso Maker

Why you must avoid this product:

  • Requires a certain amount of hand pressure.
  • It's a little sloppy, and the tamper is slightly too tight.
  • Frothing milk isn't very effective.
  • With time, using a loud pump can become problematic.

Don't assume for a second that a transportable item like this can't make a coffee as excellent as an electrical maker. Because espresso depends on water pressure, it doesn't matter if the water is pumped by your hand or through a pump. The model generates a pressure of twenty bars, which is enough to make authentic coffee with a nutritious foam.

The most significant point to know while using any espresso machine is to use boiled water. Otherwise, the espresso will be cold by the moment you've connected all of the pieces and begun pumping, which you don't need.

Structure of the product

The espresso coffee machine is split into two categories- the brewing component above and the pouring unit below. The brewing device is made up of three parts. Moreover, a glass mug and cup container is included in the serving section.

Other compact coffee machines use inexpensive plastic cups since they are more portable. The machine, on the other hand, comes with a transparent glass weighing glass with capacity markings. It's held in a sturdy plastic mug carrier, so it's unlikely to break. It is a great addition because sipping espresso from a glass mug instead of a plastic mug is often a better experience.

Finally, the espresso maker includes a small spoon with a smooth surface that can be used to press the espresso. Overall, Staresso manages to strike a good mix between producing a high-quality product and keeping it light enough to go with.

It's lightweight and robust since you can carry it while you're on your vacations without fear of it breaking.

Things That Can Be Improved with the Staresso Portable Espresso Maker

That device needs you to press your finger, which is tough. Just wash this little espresso machine with freshwater once the brewing is finished, and it will be good to go again. If you want to wash the device thoroughly, you can pull it apart fast and effortlessly - and all of the parts are washable.

The coffee is of a shockingly high standard. It produces an attractive coffee with a lovely flavor and thick foam on top. You may use the coffee maker to produce espresso with warm water or chilled brew coffee with cold milk since it utilizes such high pressure.

Overall, the STARESSO ESPRESSO COFFEE MAKER is well-designed. But, we believe one aspect may be enhanced. Though the width of the filter holder is limited, you can squeeze the coffee beans with a teaspoon and then drop them into the bowl. You must be attentive when putting the coffee in; otherwise, you may make a mess.

To fix this, we'd need a funnel that would allow coffee beans to reach the filter mesh without overflowing. The compact machine is designed to create espresso, and the baskets can only store 12g of coffee beans, so you may prepare one small espresso shot at a time. You cannot prepare a large mug of espresso.

The Verdict of the Staresso Espresso Maker

Now the fun part, after testing this device after several espresso shots and really giving it a run for its money here's the end result.


The Staresso Espresso Maker is fun, sleek and stylish. It makes decent espresso that mimics a stove top espresso maker. So if you love espresso and love the outdoors then you need to try this device.

Key  Features:

  • Compact, Light and Portable
  • Makes Decent Espresso with Crema
  • Compatible with Nespresso Pods
  • Easy to use and Clean Up





Ease of Use


Final Thoughts for the Staresso Espresso Coffee Maker Review 

This fantastic coffee maker, along with a visa, wallet, toothpaste, and underpants, will rapidly become your most significant travel accessories if you're an espresso fan.

The equipment is quite easy to operate. The Staresso small espresso machine is generally manual and does not require power. Alternatively, you can use a plunger to push down straight, eliminating the strain from the grinding process and conserving your energy.

It consistently produces excellent espressos, to the point where you may contemplate using it at the house. If that's the situation, it'll be the most affordable espresso machine you've ever purchased.

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