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The best coffee canister is one that will keep your coffee fresh for long! Don’t get me wrong, you may already know that but there are so many variances in such a simple device, it can sometimes lead you astray.

Now that you have the perfect brew method down, you got a great batch of premium coffee beans and you’ve fine tuned it! All of that will be pointless if you didn’t keep your beans or ground coffee fresh long enough to execute this precision daily!

What if you had some friends over, and you wanted to show them that you make cafe quality cups of coffee, with a bit of sass. So you reach over to grab your bag of coffee beans from the back of the larder, behind the strawberry pop tarts, and you remembered you opened up that bag of coffee a couple of weeks back.

Nevertheless, you give it a shot anyway! Only to have your coffee taste like a bag of sour gummies! Yuckkk! 

Your ground coffee or beans could have been saved if it had been stored in an airtight coffee container! Which is a perfect little storage container that could have saved you from producing the worst coffee for your friends!

So, whether you’re after a cute coffee canister or even a really good airtight coffee container, this post will give you a run down of the 8 best coffee storage containers that will keep your coffee fresh for longer.

Our Verdict : What’s The Best Coffee Canister?

The most recommended coffee storage container has to be this, Coffee Gator stainless steel coffee canister.

A great coffee canister with a scoop, this is the perfect coffee storage container for ground coffee! Keeping your coffee fresh for longer in this cool stylish airtight container, with a one way valve, will do a good job at retaining the freshness of your coffee.

This coffee canister comes in a varierty of colors which will suit any kitchen backdrop. Click the link below to get one today.

best coffee canister

Editors Rating : 

This stainless steel coffee canister is our top pick for storing ground coffee!

Designed with a one-way valve which prevents oxygen from entering and spoiling your coffee, it is the perfect airtight coffee canister.

The 8 Best Coffee Storage Containers in 2020

#1 - Coffee Gator Storage Container

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Canister - Large 22oz, Silver Coffee Grounds and Beans Container with Date-Tracker, CO2-Release Valve, and Measuring Scoop - Ideal Coffee Lovers Gifts for Her
13,471 Reviews
Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Canister - Large 22oz, Silver Coffee Grounds and Beans Container with Date-Tracker, CO2-Release Valve, and Measuring Scoop - Ideal Coffee Lovers Gifts for Her
  • Fresher Than Fresh: You pay for prime quality ground and whole beans, so it makes sense to take care of them. This premium stainless steel container looks the bees knees and loves your tea and coffee like a Kardashian loves a selfie.
  • Protection from flavor-destroyers: Coffee naturally emits harmful co2 which must be vented away. Our zero-BPA canisters have innovative freshness valves to release co2 but lock out oxygen. Airtight, sealed containers stop this and wreck coffee.
  • Track Freshness: Log purchase or expiry date with the calendar date wheel, reduce waste and stop trashing precious coffee.
  • Drink better coffee. Unlike the competition, we never compromise on quality, service or your personal happiness. Our military-grade vault is no different in delivering more smiles per cup. The search for coffee that makes you smile ends right.

The coffee gator storage canister is the perfect cute coffee canister for storing ground and whole beans.  Made from stainless steel and also coming in a variety of colors this coffee canister boasts keeping you coffee fresh for longer.

Sizes vary from small, medium and large coffee canister to keep any volume of coffee fresh for longer. What we really like the most about this canister is the fact it has a one way valve.

The one way valve freshness valve is perfect for releasing the CO2 emissions that coffee naturally emits and to top it off it has a rubber seal, making it extremely airtight.

One major benefit of the coffee gator stainless steel storage container is that it has a date tracker built into the lid, which allows users to track the freshness of the beans or grounds. Leading to brewing perfect coffee for your guests everytime.

Coffee gators coffee storage container does also come with a handy little stainless steel scoop which really fits with the design.

#2 - Friis Coffee Vault

Friis 16oz Stainless Steel Coffee Vault Canister, 16-Ounce
2,013 Reviews
Friis 16oz Stainless Steel Coffee Vault Canister, 16-Ounce
  • KEEP YOUR COFFEE FRESH: Save the flavor of your coffee by storing your grounds in Friis Stainless Steel Coffee Vault. Store your pick me up for long term enjoyment.
  • STAINLESS STEEL COFFEE CANISTER: Seal your coffee beans in a safe and secure canister. Free yourself from the worries of rust and corrosion. Great for preserving other foods like tea, nuts, sugar, or flour.
  • 16-OUNCE CAPACITY: Use all 16-ounces to your advantage to entertain company or improve your food storage. The portable features of the canister make it easy to travel and hike.
  • FRIIS FRESHNESS VALVES: Our Friss valves have unique airtight seals that prevent moisture and carbon dioxide penetration. Please rinse thoroughly between uses and use the our included measuring scoop.

This large coffee canister by Friss known as the coffee vault canister is a great stainless steel canister holding an amazing 16-ounces of whole or ground coffee.

The canister also comes with a coffee scoop, but unlike the coffee gator canister, the scoop is a small black plastic one. Which doesn't really match with the stainless steel coffee canister body. But if that doesn't bother you, it still is areally good canister.

Friss coffee vault also has a freshness valve, which releases the built up CO2 emissions, and keeps coffee fresher for longer.

The big bonus was that friss provides documentation about how often you should replace the freshness valves, which is every 2 months.

Replacement freshness valves can be purchased at an affordable costs, making this coffee canister one that can last you a long time.

#3 - Airscape Coffee Canister

Planetary Design Airscape Stainless Steel Coffee Canister | Food Storage Container | Patented Airtight Lid | Push Out Excess Air Preserve Food Freshness (Medium, Brushed Steel)
7,287 Reviews
Planetary Design Airscape Stainless Steel Coffee Canister | Food Storage Container | Patented Airtight Lid | Push Out Excess Air Preserve Food Freshness (Medium, Brushed Steel)
  • INNOVATIVE & PATENTED DESIGN - Original Airscape coffee & food storage canister with patented plunger lid removes and locks out air and humidity. Patented two-way valve pushes out excess air to preserve & protect freshness & flavor.
  • SOUND OF FRESH - Airscape lid removes all air in the canister creating airless food storage; extends the life of coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, cookies, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food or any perishable goods. The “swoosh” sound lets you know it’s working
  • COFFEE CONNOISSEUR - Proper storage to preserve the integrity and quality of the whole coffee bean, extending the coffees' body & flavor profile for an exquisitely crafted cup of artisan brew. Resists staining & odor transfer
  • QUALITY COUNTS - Airscape Coffee & Food Storage Canister made from 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel, BPA-Free components with an enamel paint finish. Multiple colors available to add a pop of color to your kitchen. Hand-wash only

An Amazon choice product is this medium sized Airscape coffee canister that comes in brushed stainless steel and in a variety of colors.

Airscape canisters are designed with a two-way valve that is able to release the CO2 gases from the coffee and also keeps air and humidity out. Leading to longer lasting and more fresh coffee.

The downside of this one, altough great in design, is the lack of being able to get a large sized coffee canister.  But don't let this through you off because it actually can hold approximately 1lb of ground or coffee beans.

#4 - Tightvac Coffee Vac

Tightvac 1 oz to 6 ounce - Patented Airtight Container | Multi-use Vacuum Container Works as Smell Proof Containers for Herbs and Dry Goods. Black
8,536 Reviews
Tightvac 1 oz to 6 ounce - Patented Airtight Container | Multi-use Vacuum Container Works as Smell Proof Containers for Herbs and Dry Goods. Black
  • Holds 6 oz. Coffee, Tea or Trail Mix, 16 oz C & H Sugar , Perfect 1 oz. / 45g of Medical Herbs
  • Amazing travel container - fits easily in larger purses and backpacks. Multi-Purpose Storage for wet and dry goods
  • Patented system creates a vacuum seal and keeps all dry goods - Fresher for Longer
  • NSF - Tested and Certified, – Food Grade - Airtight, Moisture free and recyclable

Tightvac coffee canister is a small coffee canister perfect for those that don't usually buy coffee in bulk. It is one of the most affordable airtight coffee canisters that can be used for coffee and also any other dry goods.

Although it doesn't have a one way valve it which helps release the natural coffee gasses, it does have an airtight lid that prevents air from entering and spoiling the coffee.

Made from plastic, and coming in a variety of colors, it is easy to use and gets the job done. However if you are looking for somthing that will fit in with the rest of your kitchen appliances, we do recommend getting a stainless steel body such as the coffee gator storage container.

#5 - Hokeki Airtight Coffee Canister

Airtight Coffee Canister, HOKEKI Stainless Steel Container for the Kitchen, Coffee Ground Vault Jar With One Way Co2 Valve And Scoop, Tea Coffee Sugar, Extra Coffee Spoon, 16 oz (Stainless Steel)
406 Reviews
Airtight Coffee Canister, HOKEKI Stainless Steel Container for the Kitchen, Coffee Ground Vault Jar With One Way Co2 Valve And Scoop, Tea Coffee Sugar, Extra Coffee Spoon, 16 oz (Stainless Steel)
  • [Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel Container]: HOKEKI’s airtight food storage vacuum sealed coffee canister is carefully crafted with premium food grade stainless-steel metal with a metal clamp. Container flip top lid is made of high quality BPA-free plastic. This is the perfect vault for Dry Goods,Food, ground coffee beans, tea, flour, sugar, and herbs more!
  • [One Way Co2 Valve]: Built in air breather valves helps guarantee freshness of your coffee beans by keeping air out and free of harmful oxidation. One-way co2 release gasket is BPA-Free.
  • [A Premium Coffee Spoon For Free]: You no longer have to look for a spoon everywhere!The unique design of the spoon can be attached to the jar. We offer complimentary stainless steel coffee spoons and smooth silicone handles for perfectly measured portion for more precise brewing. Exquisite food storage containers will make your kitchen counter look more classy.
  • [A Numerical Day & Month Tracker]: You can set the storage date or expiry date with the date tracker on the lid of HOKEKI coffee canister. This will help you keep track of the freshness of your coffee to prevent waste and enjoy a rich and fresh coffee at any time.

Hokeki provides us with a vacuum sealed airtight coffee canister, which is perfect for storing whole or ground coffee beans. 

Made from stainless steel and holding about 16 ounces of coffee, this coffee canister is another great pick that can become your new favorite coffee canister.

The airtight storage consists of a silicone rubber seal to help preserve the freshness of your coffee by keeping the air out. Another great benefit of this coffee canister is that it has a calendar wheel which helps you log the purchase or expiry date of the coffee.

It will lead to less coffee wastage in the long run and is a handy little feature! These cute little coffee canisters have been manufactured from food grade stainless steel, are really easy to clean and are long lasting.

#6 - LOVFFEE Coffee Canister

This ceramic coffee canister by Lovffee holds a generous 1lb of whole coffee beans or ground coffee which makes it perfect for those that are bulk coffee buyers.

Not as costly as the gator coffee canister, it has a one way valve in the lid which releases co2 from the container. The ceramic lid also as a rubber silicone seal which will create an airtight system, keeping the coffee fresh.

Although it is made from ceramic, the base is actually made of protective silicon which helps from scratching counter tops.

#7 - OXO Good Grips Coffee Pop Container

OXO Good Grips POP Container - Airtight Food Storage - Small Square Short 1.1 Qt Ideal for 1 lb of brown sugar or confectioner's sugar
36,324 Reviews
OXO Good Grips POP Container - Airtight Food Storage - Small Square Short 1.1 Qt Ideal for 1 lb of brown sugar or confectioner's sugar
  • OXO Good Grips POP Containers airtight, space-efficient design keeps dry foods fresh and your cupboards organized.Product care instructions : Hand Wash
  • New shapes, sizes and BPA free, dishwasher-safe construction stack perfectly with all POP Containers and can be customized to fit any space
  • Convenient fill line makes it easy to store staples like cereal, flour, sugar, pasta, rice, coffee, nuts and snacks
  • Brand-new line of solution-based accessories easily attach to the underside of POP Container lids. This container has an A lid Type so is compatible with the labels, date dial, leveler, coffee scoop, dusting scoop, and half cup scoop. Accessories sold separately

OXO good grips is an Amazon choice airtight food storage contianer. Although it says great for storing food, we did consider that this can be used as a coffee canister.

The lid contains a push-button, and once pushed, creates a great airtight vacuum. Perfect for keeping air out and keeping the coffee fresh.

Unfortunately, it does not have a valve built into the lid for releasing the coffee emissions, which does not keep the coffee fresh for as long as we wanted.

On the plus side, this plastic coffee canister is great for those on a budget looking for a simple storage container to hold coffee.

#8 - Bean Envy Airtight Coffee Canister

Bean Envy Coffee Canister - 22.5 oz Coffee Storage Container and Organizer w/Stainless Steel Scoop, Date Tracker & Co2-Release Valve - Essential Coffee Accessories, Red
2,757 Reviews
Bean Envy Coffee Canister - 22.5 oz Coffee Storage Container and Organizer w/Stainless Steel Scoop, Date Tracker & Co2-Release Valve - Essential Coffee Accessories, Red
  • MULTIPUPROSE: This versatile coffee bean storage container can be used for so much more than just storing your beans. It's also the perfect vault for storing tea, flour, sugar, and more!
  • DURABLE: Consciously crafted from rust-resistant, premium-grade stainless steel, our coffee containers are built to last for even the most regular coffee drinkers.
  • DESIGN: With a silicone base, ergonomic clip, and convenient date-tracker, this airtight coffee storage container will keep your beans and grounds fresh and full of flavor.
  • DECORATIVE: The perfect balance between function and beauty, our elegant coffee jar complements any kitchen counter and is as durable as it is decorative.

Another best coffee canister and also our final one that made the list, has to be the Bean Envy airtight coffee canister! These crafty little canisters have been made with rust resistant stainless steel, which will provide you with a lifetime of elogance in any kitchen.

This is considered a very large coffee canister, that is capable of holding 22.5 ounces of ground coffee or coffee beans, which makes it perfect for thoes that buy in bulk.

It does come with a coffee scoop, but what we liked about this coffee canister is that the scoop had a little holder attached to the canister. This is perfect for keeping the scoop alongside the canister, instead of in the cutlery draw.

An amazing all round coffee canister that is airtight, with a built in valve and calendar tracker, perfect for setting your coffee purchase or expiry dates.

What we liked about this one is that Bean Envy actually provides extra CO2 filters, which is a huge bonus and saves you from having to fork out extra money for more.

Why use a Coffee Canister?

Coffee canisters are a really great way to preserve the freshness of your coffee grounds or beans! 

When you purchase a bag of grounds or beans, you’ll notice that the coffee grounds bag is often dense and hard without movement. This is how coffee is pre-packaged to ensure it’s freshness is preserved on the grocery store shelves.

Sometimes, more than often, there is a valve on these bags which is designed to allow carbon dioxide to leave the bag without more oxygen to enter the bag.

It’s the exposure to oxygen that withers away the freshness contained within the bag. So when you open this bag at home, guess what! Yep, oxygen starts to come into contact with all the coffee compounds.

Using a peg or paper clip to seal the bag does not do the job to help contain the freshness, that is why it is best to use an airtight coffee canister.

If you didn’t keep your coffee fresh longer, you’d be spending a lot more money rebuying coffee. So think of it as a great way to save on coffee.

A Good Coffee Bean Storage Container is Crucial!

A good coffee canister is crucial for every home, why? Well for the most obvious reasons it will help you save a lot of money from coffee wastage!

By having a really good coffee canister you can open your bag of coffee beans or grounds and immediately store them in an airtight container.

Although these airtight coffee canisters are not 100% airtight, they do offer great resilience at keeping air out. As opposed to pegging or clipping your bag of coffee once it is opened.

You also may have heard that freezing is a good way to keep your coffee beans fresh! Well yes you can freeze your beans, however moisture will be absorbed by the beans and that can alter the taste.

Not only that, imagine your coffee tasting like 6 month old meatloaf! On the other hand if you love flavored coffee, check out this great selection: Best Mouthwatering Flavored Coffees
ceramic coffee canister

What to Look for in A Good Coffee Canister

The most important factors to consider when looking for a great coffee storage container is airtightness or even having it vacuum sealed.

A good coffee canister usually has tight seals to prevent oxygen from entering the container thus preventing oxidation.

The one’s I recommend are storage containers with a one way valve, which allows any air to be pushed out thus creating a vacuum within the container.


So you are ready to make the plunge at purchasing a cute, but also, airtight coffee container! However you may have a couple of frequently asked questions that need to be addressed before you make that purchase.

Don’t worry, we have crafted a response to a couple of these questions that frequently get asked on google! So here it is! 

If you feel like we missed something then don’t be shy, get in touch and let us know if we can add anything extra that we may have missed.

What is the best way to store coffee

The best way to store coffee is actually in a cool sealed airtight coffee canister!  Storing them this way will naturally preserve the flavor as long as possible. The best part is you can store the container on your bench top or in the larder.

If you can’t store it, consider buying the right amount for what you need, usually enough for one to two weeks to do the job. A larger amount will see you throwing your coffee out as by then it may have gone off.

Alternatively, you can freeze them to preserve the freshness but ideally it should be consumed once the seal on the packaging has been broken. Remember, freezing for a very long time can often leave your coffee tasting different than when you initially bought it.

What is the best container to store coffee

The best coffee canister in our opinion has to be one that is capable of keeping your ground coffee or coffee beans fresh the longest.

Generally a large coffee canister that is capable of holding a decent volume of coffee is one great aspect it should have. The other factor you need to consider is if it is airtight. 

Other benefits to consider is the quality of the container such as the materials used and if it has a one way valve on the lid. Meaning it is capable of pushing excess air out of the container and making a tight vacuum, keeping your beans or ground coffee fresh for longer.

Should Coffee be stored in a fridge

Storing your coffee in a fridge is generally not the best way to keep ground or coffee beans fresh compared to a good ground coffee canister.

The coffee, when stored in a fridge, will tend to absorb the scent molecules or aromas your other products give off. Meaning your coffee could taste like last week's meatloaf if not stored in a good coffee canister.

How long can you store ground coffee

If you use a good airtight container, then you can technically store ground coffee up to a solid four months.

This is the most effective way at storing your coffee because it retains the fresh aromatic scents your coffee has for months. However most coffee will be consumed within two to four weeks from opening, which is best kept in a good airtight coffee storage canister.

How long can you store coffee beans

Generally speaking, coffee beans can be stored for about nine months. This is because the full flavor is still locked within the bean, and is only released when grinded for brewing.

With ground coffee, the beans have already been grounded and are typically best consumed within four weeks once stored in a good airtight coffee canister.

Final Thoughts on the Best Coffee Canister

Well there you have it, we have summarised some of the best coffee canisters that range from cost effective to extreme.

The winner of our all intensive review of these coffee storage containers has to be Coffee Gator coffee storage canister. This is our top pick that helps you track the age of your coffee with it's built in calendar. Besides that it does come in various sizes, which is a huge plus for people who either like buying small amounts of coffee or in bulk.

If you're on a budget and really just need something to help preserve the freshness of your coffee after opening, then we recommend the Tightvac coffee canister. Although it doesn't have all the neat features that every good canister has, it has the basics which is to prevent air from spoiling your coffee. 

So that sums up this post about the best coffee canister, and if you think we missed anything or you think we can benefit from another addition. Then simply contact us and we'll consider adding your pick and recommendation for our audience.

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