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5 Best Coffee Cup Warmer With Auto Shut Off | Expert Picks

5 Best Coffee Cup Warmer With Auto Shut Off | Expert Picks


Reheating your coffee in the microwave is a really prehistoric way of warming up your coffee these days.

So, if you’re looking for an effective way to warm your coffee up you need to check out the best coffee cup warmer with auto shut off!

Mug warmers are the new trend when it comes to keeping your coffee warm, however many people find them to lack features that make them an excellent choice to keeping your coffee warm.

One of the keys features your coffee mug warmer needs to have is a nifty little feature that allows the warmer to automatically shut off once the optimum temperature has been reached.

This avoids overheating your drink and keeps it consistently warm, they’re the perfect choice for people who are overloaded with work and forget to drink their coffee regularly. So if you need a coffee warmer with auto shut off then you’ve landed on the right post.

let’s dive straight into it and review the best coffee mug warmer with auto shut off!

5 Best Coffee Cup Warmer with Auto Shut Off!

The Best Mug Warmer for Coffee Is...

best mug warmer with auto shut off

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Looking for the best mug warmer with auto shut off features that actually work well?

The Vobaga mug warmer is our top pick, read out full review below or click the button below to check the price.

A top coffee cup warmer with auto shut off is the Vobaga coffee mug warmer! This mug warmer won't disappoint anyone looking at keeping their coffee warm for long!

If you forget that you have set the warmer to heating your coffee, you don't need to worry as this mug warmer will switch off automatically.

#1 - VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer with Auto Shut Off

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer&Cup Warmer for Office Desk Use, Electric Beverage Warmer with Three Temperature Settings, Coffee Warmer Plate for Cocoa Tea Water Milk with Auto Shut Off after 4 Hours Feature
6,027 Reviews
VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer&Cup Warmer for Office Desk Use, Electric Beverage Warmer with Three Temperature Settings, Coffee Warmer Plate for Cocoa Tea Water Milk with Auto Shut Off after 4 Hours Feature
  • ☕3-Temperature Settings: Our electric mug warmer can slow down the cooling speed of hot beverage; You can choose the temperature by touching the “Tempering Button” keeps the liquid temperature to 104℉/40℃ or 131℉/55℃ or 149℉/65℃.
  • ☕Automatic Shut Off: This cup warmer with an auto shut off function after working 4 hours. After turning off the coffee warmer, the blue light flashes for a while to remind that the heating plate is still hot.
  • ☕Use Suitable Mugs: use a thin-walled, flat, or slightly concave-bottomed mug for the best results. This coffee cup warmer suitable for tableware, stainless steel cup, mug, milk box, glass cup and etc.
  • ☕Safe & Durable: With high-tech materials make the coffee warmer heat-resistant and fire-resistant. The spill-proof design avoids damage and makes cleaning a breeze. 60" long length UL power cord is more convenient and safer than other brands. Product-safety guarantee with standard UL1026 certification. Back with VOBAG 100% satisfaction service.

If you're looking for the best coffee cup warmer with auto shut off you need to stop looking because you just found it! 

The Vobaga coffee cup warmer for your office desk or kitchen space comes in a variety of colors, and also that auto shut off feature you've been lookin for!

This beverage warmer heats your coffee, tea, milk or even hot cocoa and keeps it warm for longer! Featuring a 4 hour auto shut off feature and non-skit feet, you'll be wishing you got this earlier.

What we loved about this coffee cup warmer was the simplistic design and variety of colors it had to offer! Not only that, it kept our drinks warm with 3 different temperature settings!

Our biggest dislike was that the plate tended to get scraped quite easily after a few wipes! However using a damp wipe left little scratches over a long time.


  • 3 Different Temperature Settings
  • Auto on and Off Function
  • Variety of Colors
  • Good Quality overall


  • Wiping must be done gently or scratching of the hot plate can occur.

#2 - COSRI Mug Warmer with Auto Shut Off

COSORI Pressure-Activated Mug Warmer & Coffee Warmer Temperature Setting with LCD Display, Auto Shut Off, Premium Stainless Steel, Medium, Silver
  • Keep Beverages Warm: Keep your coffee or tea tasting fresh for hours with Cosori’s Automatic Coffee Warmer. By maintaining the heat in your drinks, you can enjoy a warm beverage anytime. (Note: The coffee cups you use must have a flat/no indention bottom to maximize its function.)
  • Customize Temperatures: Adjust the temperature from 77°–194°F / 25°C–90°C(device temperature) to maintain the perfect warmth for any beverage. You can heat your drink up to 131℉/55℃(liquid temperature) with the right mug.
  • Digital Display: View the current temperature of the heating plate on the LCD display, so you know when it’s hot enough to heat your drink.
  • Pressure-Activated Technology: Designed for safe sipping, the warmer will only warm up after you’ve placed a cup weighing at least 10.4 oz / 295 g on the heating plate.

The next best beverage warmer we have is the Cosri Mug warmer that also has an auto shut off feature built into the coffee warmer.

Looking a little more sleek than the Vobaga one, this coffee mug warmer suits the high end office worker as it'll integrate seamlessly onto your desk.

Cosri have a nice little digital display that is touch screen and allows you to control your drinks temperature between 77°–194°F, which is the perfect warmth for any beverage.

The plate is pressure sensitive meaning it'll only start warming up after a filled cup is placed on it, making it very safe to use.

What we loved about this coffee mug warmer was that it had an outstanding 8 hours auto shut off period or if your cup has been removed for more than 60 seconds. So if you're looking for a mug warmer that can turn off within a minute this is it.

Our biggest dislike was the 60 seconds auto off feature, that's because if you're like us and you love holding your cup in your hand while you sip away, the 1 minute timer can be a more of a nuisance than a benefit.


  • LCD touch display
  • Auto on and Off Function
  • Fully customizable temperature setting


  • Has a minimum of 60 second auto shut off, when the cup has been removed.

#3 - Misby Coffee Warmer for Desk with Automatic Shutoff

Misby Coffee Warmer for Desk Mug Warmer with Automatic Shut Off Coffee Cup Warmer for Coffee, Milk, Tea, Water, Christmas/Birthday Gift (white 2)
  • Maintain optimal temperature: This mug warmer not only can slow down the cooling speed of hot coffee, But also can heat your coffee up to 120℉-140℉(40-60℃). and keep this temperature whole day,which is neither too hot nor too cold, you can sip your coffee at any time, without waiting.
  • Easy to use: Thanks to the microgravity technology, this coffee warmer can shut off/on auto. Just plug the adapter into outlet, then put your mug on and the cup warmer will work auto, take it away, the cup warmer will off auto.The Weight of your mug needs to be over 0.8lbs (13oz) to activate the gravity induction switch.
  • Suitable for most cups: The electric coffee warmer has 3.5" diameter heating area. It can be fit most cups, such glass cup,stainless steel cup, Ceramic cup etc. for better results, we recommend using flat bottom glass cup or stainless steel cup. Placing a lid over the mug will also help retain heat.
  • Best gift choice: coffee warmer keep the beverages(Coffee, tea, milk etc) warm whole day, making it a great gift for lover, dad, mom, wife, husband, grandparents and all your loved ones on Valentine's day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and other special occasions to express your sincere care.

This minimalist coffee warmer design by misby is the most versatile coffee warmer we have seen on the market! And, yes it does also have an automatic shut off feature as well.

A very easy coffee mug warmer to use, with very little effort you'll have warmer coffee sooner than you realize. Allowing you to control the drink temperature between 120℉-140℉ it definitely is not a bad coffee mug warmer.

Our biggest like about this that it was nice, small and stylish. The minimalist design will suit a lot of people that don't want heaps of buttons, lcd screens or bells and whistles.

The main dislike we had about this coffee warmer for your office desk, with automatic shutoff, was that it was not usb powered! Finding a power source in some office desks are harder than others, so this may be best suited for a home kitchen. 


  • Variable Temperature setting
  • Auto on and Off Function
  • Minimalist design


  • Not usb powered

#4 - Smart Coffee Warmer by BESTINNKITS with Auto On/Off

Smart Coffee Warmer, BESTINNKITS Auto On/Off Gravity-induction Mug Warmer for Office Desk Use, Candle Wax Cup Warmer Heating Plate (Up To 131F/55C)
  • Easy to use: 19-Watt mug warmer for use with Coffee, tea, milk, hot cocoa or your candle wax, built-in gravity induction switch with indicator light, No need to turn it on/off manually, Warm your Beverage at a desirable temperature (131℉/55℃).
  • For suitable mug: a thin-walled, flat-bottomed mug will have the best warmth retaining performance, The Weight of your mug needs to be over 0.8lbs (13oz) to activate the gravity induction switch.
  • Waterproof design: the heating plate was covered with a layer of thermal conductive glass without need for security concern for occasional spill and it is easy to clean.
  • Safe & Reliable: FCC & UL certificated, backed by our 24-months warranty, get this Coffee warmer risk free.

The smart coffee warmer by Bestinnkits comes with an auto shut-off and temperature control that prevent heat damage and also lets you set the temperature of your coffee.

This combo uses gravity induction technology that auto activates when you place the mug on it, and shuts it off once the mug is removed.

We really liked the design and technology this mug warmer uses, but it does come at a steeper than usual price tag. I recommend getting this one as a gift or if you want to replace a cheaper coffee mug warmer that has done its time.

What we did dislike about it as that the cable was short, at only about 3 ft long! That means you can't really have it to far from a power outlet!


  • Gravity Induction Switch
  • Auto on and Off Function
  • Easy to clean


  • Short cable

#5 -Desktop Cup Warmer with Auto Shut Off

Cup Warmer with 3 Settings,Coffee Mug Warmer for Desk Auto Shut Off Cup Warmer Water Tea Milk Desktop Heating Plate Electric Beverage Warmer Plate
  • ❤【Durable & Safe Gift Cup Warmer 】High-quality PTC Material & 20W low power can heat quickly and keep highly stable work performance,because excellent thermal conductivity combines high-tech PI film heating element, anti-overheating technology with FCC/UL approved adapter;Waterproof panel design brings no need for security concern about occasional spill.
  • ❤【Maintain Optimally Warm Temperature】Suitable for most types of cups, we recommend to use glass cups or other cups with flat bottom in order to achieve better thermal results;The longer the heating time takes,the hotter the beverage becomes;Placing a lid over the mug will help retain heat.Our cup warmer can keep beverage warm for a long time.
  • ❤【Intelligently Automatic Induction Switch】Just put a coffee mug on the warmer plate,then the mug warmer will work automatically through gravity induction; when you take away the mug from the plate,no need to turn it on/off manually, the warmer will turn to stop heating automatically.Conveniently help you have warm drinking at anytime in the whole day.
  • ❤【Adjustable Three-Temperature Settings】Our cup heater plate not only can heat beverage(coffee,milk,tea etc.) up but also can keep hot drinking maintain at the optimal warm temperature for all day long.By default this electric coffee warmer will auto start heating from the first temp gear (Green,118℉/48℃) so that you can press the button in turn to the second gear (Blue,131℉/55℃) and then to the third gear (Red,149℉/65℃) according to your different heating needs.

Looking for an affordable desktop coffee warmer with auto shut off? The Elyss mug warmer is your next best bet!

The warmer has a unique thermostat indicator button that indicates your temperature level setting, which was quite different to the mug warmers we've reviewed.

The automatic shut off works similiar to the BestInnKits mug warmer, using a patented gravity sensing switch.

What we liked about this mug warmer was that it was quite portable and looked good for the money, but best of all it kept our coffee warm thoroughly.

One downside we found was that the chord seemed a bit to short which limited us from placing it far from a power outlet.


  • Temperature setting indicator
  • Auto on and Off Function
  • Perfect for the office


  • Short Power chord

Beverage Warmer with Auto shut off Buyers Guide

Now that you know what the best coffee cup warmer with auto shut off is, you may want to learn a little bit more about mug warmers.

That’s why we created the ultimate buyers guide to selecting a beverage warmer device that you’ll be happy with.

After all, no one wants to buy an auto coffee mug warmer then be disappointed that it doesn’t meet the other requirements.

So let’s take a look at some things to consider when buying an automatic shut off coffee mug warmer.

Consider the Style of your Mug Warmer

The style of your mug warmer is entirely your preference, because most of us love certain designs or the look of a mug warmer before making a purchase.

Style is selective, so ensure that you pick a mug warmer that suits your taste or if you’re going to have it as a desktop mug warmer in your office.

Portability could be Beneficial

Having an auto coffee warmer that offers portability to its design can be a crucial deciding factor for some people.

If you’re planning to take your mug warmer from your office desk to your home for the weekend, then consider getting a usb powered hot plate.

This will give you the choice of taking your portable mug warmer just about anywhere from your office to your home, or even a friends house.

best coffee cup warmer with auto shut off

Mug Warmers with Auto Shutoff Are your Friends!

We love coffee cup warmers with auto shut off, purely because they offer a safety mechanism that turns off automatically.

Having this feature in your mug warmer can be considered one of the best features a beverage warmer can have and adds an extra level of safety to your device.

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4 Types of Coffee Cup Warmers with Auto Shut Off

There are 4 types of coffee cup warmers that you need to be aware of, however not all of them have an auto shut off feature that will turn themselves off automatically.

Let’s take a look at what these types of coffee cup warmers are!

  1. Electric Hot Plate: Electric hot plates are rectangular mini stovetops or also know as portable electric stoves. These devices typically have a round hot plate on them, however are meant to be used for cooking pans. Putting a coffee cup onto an electric hot plate can result in damage to your mug, this is because the heat generated from them is often far higher than a mug warmer.
  2. Electric Cup: An electric coffee cup are generally used for travel purposes, and most of them are designed to work within your car. These car cup warmers are made from stainless steel thermos and have a power source built into them that heats your coffee cup. 
  3. Portable Mug Warmers: Portable mug warmers are basically coffee cup warmers! They are small plastic or stainless steel device, with a spill-proof heating surface that allows your coffee to get heated. The best ones have an auto shut off feature, which is what we have reviewed in this article. Most of them are USB powered, however, some can have a mains plug attached instead.
  4. Travel Thermos: You’ve seen these in just about every store, they’re pretty infamous when it comes to keeping coffee warm for an extended period of time. Travel coffee thermos are just an insulated flask that retains heat , and some of them can even make coffee.

Auto Coffee Warmer FAQs

Now that you know a little bit more about the best coffee cup warmer with auto shut off you may have a few burning questions that you want to be answered.

We have scoured the internet for frequently asked questions and picked up some common ones from places like Google, Reddit, and Quora and have prepared them with answers below.

If you do see something we haven’t covered just right into us and we’ll include it when we next update this article.

Does every coffee warmer come with auto shut-off?

Not every coffee warmer is created equally! A lot of coffee mug warmers on the market (particularly the lower end ones) don’t have an auto shut off feature.

Having an automatic shut off feature can act as a safety switch for your mug warmer in the event that you forget to turn it off.

coffee warmer with auto shut off

Can you put a paper cup on a mug warmer?

Unfortunately, you can only place a ceramic mug or glass cup on the coffee cup warmer. This is because there are molecules within those types of cups that can absorb heat and redistribute it into the coffee.

Paper cups don’t have the right type of molecules to absorb heat and will not distribute it to your coffee that well.

So try not to put a paper cup on the mug warmer.

Do coffee cup warmers work?

Mug warmers are usually electric-based and require a power source to heat the coil up in the plate, similarly to how kettles work.

Once the coil is hot enough heat begins to transmit through the mug substrate, whether it's ceramic or glass, and once heated enough begins to warm the coffee.

So, coffee cup warmers do work as long as you’re using the right type of cup on them!

What is the Best Coffee Mug Warmer Brand?

The best coffee mug warmer brand in our opinion has to be the Vobaga mug warmer with an auto shut-off feature.

It meets our expectations on design and style, as it doesn’t look cheap and nasty and it is affordable to most.

Are mug warmers safe to use?

Cup warmers are perfectly safe, and they have been used for a very long time by many people that want to keep their drinks warm.

The only thing you must be weary on is that the plate that is used to warm your cup gets hot, so stay away from touching it. 

A good thing to do is to leave the cup on it, and when not in use turn it off!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the best coffee cup warmer with auto shut off that will keep your coffee warmer and more enjoyable for longer.

Our top coffee cup warmer with auto shut off is the Vobaga coffee cup warmer which is the perfect beverage warmer with a 4-hour auto shut off period.

Coming in a 3 level temperature setting, you'll be keeping your drink hot with the predefined high, medium and low temp settings.

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