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Cold brew coffee is extremely popular when the temperature is on the rise, and you’re in need of a decent drink to cool you down. 

However, drinking too much caffeine in one day can lead to problems that you may not like, so if you want to reduce your caffeine intake you need to try the best decaf coffee beans for cold brew.

Decaffeinated coffee beans are definitely the way to go when you’re trying to curb your caffeine habits or just reduce your intake! Not only that, they can also be a great addition to your diet and reduce symptoms of acid reflux.

So if you love drinking cold brew coffee and want to do so while keeping your caffeine content low, then you need to try the top decaf coffee beans for cold brew.

We’ll discuss our top picks and cover off a buyers guide to help you with your choice so that you can be jitter free this spring or summer!

Summary of The 7 Best Decaf Coffee Beans for Cold Brew

If you don't want to read this in depth article of our review for some of the best decaf coffee beans, then take a look at our list below.

We've summarized this in a nutshell, excluded all those pesky chemical brands and only included brands that have been decaffeinated without chemicals.

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top cold brew decaf beans

LifeBoost Organic Decaf

  • Organic & Toxin Free
  • Nutty Caramel Flavor
  • 100% Swiss Water Processing
  • volcanica house blend

    House Blend – DECAF (Volcanica)

    • Medium Roast
    • Sweet yet bold flavor and full rich bodied
    • 100% Swiss Water Processing
    volcanica espresso blend

    Espresso Decaf Coffee

    • Dark Roast & Low Acidic
    • Dense Caramel-like sweetness
    • 100% Swiss Water Processing
    costa rica decaf coffee by volcanica

    Costa Rica Decaf Tarrazu Coffee (Volcanica)

    • Medium Roast
    • Favor notes of Toasty Tarrazu Apple
    • 100% Swiss Water Processing
    sumatra mandheling decaf

    Sumatra Mandheling Decaf Coffee (Volcanica)

    • Dark Roast with Low Acidity
    • Exotic Flavor with intense syrypy aftertaste
    • 100% Swiss Water Processing
    ethiopian yirgacheffe decaf

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Decaf Coffee (Volcanica)

    • Medium Roast
    • Sweet & deeply complexly fruity toned
    • 100% Swiss Water Processing
    columbian supremo volcanica

    Colombian Supremo Decaf Coffee (Volcanica)

    • Medium Roast
    • Smooth Body with Sweet and Floral fruit tones
    • 100% Swiss Water Processing

    Our Top Pick: Best Decaf Coffee Beans for Cold Brew?

    top cold brew decaf beans

    Editors Rating : 

    Looking for organic decaf beans that will give your life an extra boost?

    Lifeboost decaf medium roast coffee beans is what you need for your next cold brew! Check out the link below to see the best price or continue reading our full review below.

    #1 - Lifeboost Organic Medium Roast Coffee

    top cold brew decaf beans
    • Organic & Mycotoxin Free
    • Nutty Chocolately & Caramel Flavors
    • 100% Swiss Water Processed

    The best decaf coffee beans for cold brew is Lifeboost coffee is considered an excellent choice amongst most other brands, and it is our favorite! So why not make your next cold brew decaf coffee with this premium organic medium roast decaf coffee beans.

    The beans are 100% chemical free and have been decaffeinated using only the best technique ever, the swiss water process, so you'll only be having quality cold brew coffee without nasty chemicals.

    These 100% Arabica beans have simply been roasted to perfection, it is rich and delivers chocolatey and caramel infused undertones. All this in a well balanced cup of cold brew coffee.

    Although Lifeboost is more on the expensive side when it comes to decaf coffee, you can be assured that it is only so because of it being fairly traded. So grab a bag of Lifeboost medium roast decaf coffee beans for your next decaf cold brew here.

    #2 - Volcanica Decaf House Blend

    volcanica house blend
    • Medium Roast
    • Sweet yet bold flavor and full rich bodied
    • 100% Swiss Water Processed

    One of our favorite selections is the decaf coffee house blend coffee beans by Volcanica.

    Volcanica coffee is a brand that started back in 2004 and have delivered quality coffee, not only that they have true Christian values and donate 1% of sales from their website to the organization charity: water.

    We absolutely love the decaf house blend and what it has to offer! It's an exquisite blend from South and Central American coffees, that delivers a sweet yet bold flavor.

    Making decaf cold brew from these coffee beans will make your hot summer or spring mornings a bit more fun.

    #3 - Volcanica Espresso Decaf

    volcanica espresso blend
    • Dark Roast, Low Acidity
    • Dense Caramel-like sweetness
    • 100% Swiss Water Processed

    If you have problems with stomach pain or acid reflux, then you need to try this dark roast low acidic decaf coffee beans from Volcanica.

    The beans are well suited for an espresso machine but if you purely want to use them for decaf cold brew coffee, then the only thing stopping you is the right ground size.

    If you use a decent burr grinder to make grounds that are perfect for decaf cold brew, then you can expect to have a perfectly balanced coffee with a dense caramel-like sweetness.

    These decaf espresso beans are highly recommended when you have a burr grinder, then you can grind the beans to what ever size you need for any particular coffee. Get them here

    #4 - Costa Rica Decaf Coffee (Volcanica)

    costa rica decaf coffee by volcanica
    • Medium Roast
    • Favor notes of Toasty Tarrazu Apple
    • 100% Swiss Water Processed

    Another top decaf coffee bean for cold brew is this Costa Rica decaf coffee by Volcanica. So if you're looking for a decaf cold brew coffee bean that can make your morning as crisp like the cool air then you need this.

    Enjoy a good cold brew with these beans that deliver flavor notes of toasty tarrazu apples from medium roasted decaf coffee beans.

    Like all the other beans from Volcanica, these have been decaffeinated without nasty chemicals and by only using an ethical technique known as the swiss water processing technique to decaffeinate the beans.

    #5 -Sumatra Mandheling Decaf Coffee (Volcanica)

    sumatra mandheling decaf
    • Dark Roasted with Low Acidity
    • Exotic Flavor with intense syrupy aftertaste
    • 100% Swiss Water Processed

    Straight from the Indonesian islands, Sumatra is where these dark roasted low acidic coffee beans have been harvested from. If you want to be transported to this exotic place each morning with your cold brew decaf coffee you need to try these.

    Delivering tones of exotic flavors with an intense syrupy aftertaste, it will bring you down to earth with it's earthy richness.

    These decaf coffee beans are heavy bodied and very low acidic, so if you have acid reflux each time you drink coffee, consider these for your next decaf cold brew.

    #6 -Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Decaf Coffee (Volcanica)

    ethiopian yirgacheffe decaf
    • Medium Roast
    • Sweet & deeply complexly fruity toned
    • 100% Swiss Water Processed

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe decaf coffee beans will make for a complex fruity toned decaf cold brew coffee. So if you have a pallet, that loves a hint of sweetness, without adding tones of sugar to your coffee, then this is for you.

    This is considered thee best Ethiopia dry processed coffee, which tends to be medium-bodied but not to acidic for the stomach. 

    Our team at caffeinated face thoroughly enjoyed having this in the office.

    #7 - Colombian Supremo Decaf Coffee (Volcanica)

    columbian supremo volcanica
    • Medium roast with Medium Acidity
    • Smooth Body with Sweet and Floral fruit tones
    • 100% Swiss Water Processed

    Coming straight from the Colombian Andes, these coffee beans have become somewhat renowned for its smooth finish, yet pleasant undertones.

    So if you're looking for a rich medium to full body cold brew decaf coffee with sweet fruit tones, then these decaf coffee beans are for you.

    It does have a medium acidity to it, so if you have any acid reflux issues, we tend to suggest that you try this at your own risk. However, like the other Volcanica decaf beans we have reviewed, these too have been decaffeinated using the swiss water process.

    Buyers Guide to Decaf Coffee

    Now that we have covered off the best decaf coffee beans for cold brew, it would go without saying that you’ll need a little bit more information when it comes to getting decaf coffee beans.

    We’ve gone through a tonne of community forums and found out some common questions, and compiled a little bit more guidance around buying decaf coffee.

    So if you’re really hooked on cold brew but it’s been making you restless due to the amount you’ve consumed on a daily basis, then you need to know that there are many benefits to decaf coffee!

    So let’s jump straight into our buyers guide, to make you a little bit extra aware of decaf coffee beans.

    Decaf is not 100% Caffeine Free!

    Decaffeinated coffee is not entirely caffeine free, but the assumption is that it contains no caffeine at all.

    Well that is not the case, and you need to be aware of this! The decaffeination process is not entirely refined to remove all the caffeine, in fact there are trace amounts that are still left over after the decaf process.

    With that in mind and according to Healthline who referenced the USDA regulations, decaf coffee must have at least 97% of caffeine removed.

    That is still a large concentration of caffeine removed, which can lead to really good health benefits.

    So if you’re wanting to make cold brew coffee that’s decaf, you’ll be drinking cold brew that is almost purely decaffeinated. Which still has good health benefits to it.

    The Most Important Decaffeination Method to Look Out For!

    There are 4 main industry based methods in which roasters apply to decaffeinate coffee beans. 

    Two of which are solvent based ( applying a chemical solvent such as ethyl acetate to the process) and two which are non-solvent based processes.

    Non solvent means, chemical free and a common method to achieving decaffeinated beans to be used with cold brew coffee is the Swiss Water Process.

    It uses water to remove caffeine from the beans and was first developed in 1933. In our opinion we only buy and recommend beans that have been decaffeinated using this technique.

    It can often lead to having some seriously good full bodied and aromatic smelling decaf cold brew coffee.

    Decaf Cold Brew F.A.Q’s!

    Now that we’ve covered some important aspects about the best decaf coffee beans for cold brew, you probably have some questions you may want answered.

    We scraped some forums to find out questions about using decaf beans for cold brew, but if you don’t see your question here don’t worry! Simply write to us and we’ll update this article once we have even more questions.

    Can you use decaf coffee for cold brew?

    As you may know, cold brew involves brewing coffee grounds with water and letting it steep for at least 12 hours, or overnight.

    Since the caffeine content in decaf coffee is low, it may lead to a diluted cold brew than if we used ordinary coffee beans.

    One way to counter this effect is by using more decaf coffee grounds than what is standard compared to with an ordinary cold brew coffee. But doing this will obviously increase the caffeine content in your decaf cold brew, since decaf is not 100% decaffeinated.

    So yes, it is possible to use decaf coffee beans to make a delicious cold brew.

    What coffee works best for cold brew?

    When trying to make the best cold brew coffee, you want to use medium roast coffee beans.

    Using freshly ground coffee beans has the advantage of unlocking the freshness of the bean when you need it, as opposed to ground coffee that has lost its aroma during the processing of it.

    Some people who want more chocolatey tasting cold brew sometimes choose to make decaf cold brew by using dark roast coffee beans.

    Is there a decaf coffee that tastes good?

    Our favorite, and although not the absolute best (since we rate coffee on many different factors), is the house blend decaf coffee beans by Volcanica.

    This decaf blend tastes unbelievably good, giving you sweet tasting notes and a rather bold flavor. Of course it’ll be our favorite, only because we have a sweet tooth.

    Unfortunately it’s not the top decaf coffee because it’s not made organically.

    What is the strongest decaf coffee?

    If you’re looking for a strong decaf coffee, but one that one knock your socks off and give you the coffee jitters then the simple answer to this is increase the concentration.

    Increasing the concentration of any of the brands recommended above can lead to some seriously strong tasting cold brew decaf coffee.

    But keep in mind, if you do increase the concentration you are also increasing the amount of caffeine added into your cold brew.

    Final Thoughts

    So there you have it, we have covered off the best decaf coffee beans for cold brew that you can use for your next batch.

    As mentioned before our top pick is the Lifeboost  Medium roast organic coffee, which has been decaffeinated using the swiss water process. Not only that, it’s been made organically and has really good tasting notes of a nutty caramel flavor.

    Our runner up is the Volcanica decaf house blend coffee, which has also been decaffeinated for your cold brew using the swiss water process. When brewed, it delivers a sweet and bold tasting cold brew coffee.

    Until next time coffee lovers, happy caffeinating!

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