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Lifeboost Coffee Reviews 2022 | 10 Alluring Picks!

Lifeboost Coffee Reviews 2022 | 10 Alluring Picks!


If you’re looking for the best gourmet coffee beans that life has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place. Too many times you’re told the same BS about the values of a coffee company only to find out that it’s a holks.

Lifeboost organic coffee beans is one of the premium brands that offer gourmet coffee beans that are made from the utmost quality and attention to detail. 

This is why we decided that a Lifeboost coffee reviews was needed in order to fully portray the values this company has to offer and also the premium beans they make. We wanted to ensure that their claims of low acid coffee were really true!

If you’ve suffered from acid reflux or any unsettling stomach issues when you have coffee, it’s probably because other brands have too much acidity in the coffee. 

Not with Lifeboost, we’ve tried it and believe it is actually one of the healthiest and tastiest cups of coffee we had.

So in this article we’ll be reviewing the company's origin, from overall marketing to quality of beans and then recommend 10 best Lifeboost coffee beans you need to try.

After that we’ll cover off some frequently asked questions about Lifeboost coffee! If you’re in a hurry to find out more about lifeboost coffee, just use our table of contents to click through to a section that might interest you most.

Summary: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Lifeboost Coffee?

There are several benefits to buying lifeboost coffee beans that you should know of! Many of them are straight forward like they are known as promoting the health benefits of coffee!

But they also wanted to create a unique coffee experience for all their users, and this is what we believe sets them apart from others.

So what are the advantages of this USDA organic coffee known as lifeboost organic coffee? We’ve summarised this in a nice easy to read table below:


  • Fairly Traded
  • They promote healthy coffee
  • It is the best low acid coffee and is mycotoxin free
  • Cultivated and carefully selected from the Nicaraguan Mountains
  • It tastes smooth
  • They produce different roasts
  • They offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • It is really pricey
  • Very simple packaging
  • Can only purchase from one origin
  • Adding creamers can make it taste bad.


That’s pretty much it in a nutshell and as you can see there are more benefits than disadvantages! However, given the high quality taste (and other raving reviews) we felt that Lifeboost coffee is a must try at least once.

If you don’t like it, they do offer a 30 Day money back guarantee, which we thought was a unique selling point.

The Origin and Story of Lifeboost Coffee Company!

So how did life boost llc actually start? It started by Dr Charles Livingston who pondered why nearly the entire world’s population loves coffee!

He soon realised that coffee lifted his mood, helped him focus and solve problems with others! It was more than just a drink, it was an experience for him and many others.

By thinking long and hard about it, he created a coffee that gives more benefits than disadvantages. A coffee that was free of poisons and pesticides, and that is how Lifeboost coffee started.

With their main focus being the promotion of healthy coffee with a lot of benefits, they have a variety of products that cater to a broad range of coffee lovers. This includes;

All of this comes as coffee beans or grounds, so whatever your needs, lifeboost coffee has you covered.  We prefer the coffee beans, as the aroma and tasting notes are sealed within the bean until you ground them.

Lifeboost Coffee Packaging!

The packaging is simple, but you don’t really need to be wowed by this

When we tried it, the packaging was last on our minds as we tend to review if the coffee is worth the price and whether or not lifeboost coffee is sticking true to their word.

All we can say is that, don’t worry about this! The money is in the coffee and not the packaging.

best light roast coffee

10 Best Lifeboost Coffee Reviews | Beans You Need to Try

Now that you know a little bit more about Life boost coffee beans, lets take a look at our reviews of the 10 best lifeboost coffee you need to try today.

There are plenty of more than this, so check out their website to see what else they have to offer. Click here for more Lifeboost coffee

#1 - Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee

lifeboost coffee reviews
  • Single Origin & Low Acid
  • Mountain Shade Grown
  • USDA Certified Organic Medium Roast

Looking for a well balanced organic coffee beans in a medium roast coffee? Then you need to try this delicious low acid coffee by lifeboost coffee!

Some of our writers on caffeinated face experience serious indigestion when drinking any coffee, and when they sampled this low acid coffee they had hardly any symptoms of reflux.

With a pH level of 6, this coffee is almost well balanced with water which has a pH level of 7. So we highly recommend getting the lifeboost medium roast coffee beans which can be used in your coffee maker or french press.

#2 - Espresso Roast

lifeboost espresso roast
  • Hand Roasted 
  • Premium Dark Roast Espresso Beans
  • 100% Arabica Beans & USDA Certified Organic

If you're wanting really good organic espresso coffee beans then Lifeboost dark espresso roast coffee beans is what you need to add into your espresso machine.

These organic espresso coffee beans, when ground quite finely, these beans deliver an amazing smooth espresso shot with no unpleasant acidity that is not bitter at all.

This produces a balanced and bold coffee with undertones of chocolate and caramel, with a slight fruitiness. If you've brewed these just right you may even experience a hint of sweetness.

Try these organic espresso roast coffee beans here!

#3- Dark Roast

dark roast lifeboost
  • Single Origin - No blends
  • Low Acid Coffee
  • French and Italian Roast

These beans tend to have a bit more shine and oil on the exterior compared to the espresso dark roast, and they make for a perfect cup of french press coffee.

The beans are rich and full-bodied, which delivers a really smooth aftertaste that seems to linger around delicously. The taste is to die for in any french press coffee and we highly recommend you try these if you are into french press coffee.

Click the link above to get yours now.

#4 - Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

hazelnut lifeboost coffee
  • Toasted Hazelnut flavored
  • Full bodied and Smooth
  • 100% Aribica & Mycotoxin Free
  • Zero Sugar & Zero Calories

Now lets move onto some delicious organic flavored coffee that you need to try from Lifeboost. All of lifeboost flavored coffee is zero sugar and zero calories, because the flavor is actually infused into the bean itself during the roasting process.

Lifeboost has an amazing selection of flavored coffees, however we have only reviewed some of the ones our team enjoys the most. Of course if you love something else you can check out there amazing flavored coffees here.

Want a creamy, yet satisfying cup of hazelnut coffee to wake you up in the morning? You need to try this rich, full bodied hazelnut coffee that will transport you to christmas time.

Experience toasted hazelnut coffee in a well rounded balanced cup that has undertones of chocolate!

#5 - Cinnamon Cappuccino

lifeboost cinnamon cappuccino
  • Aroma of Fresh Cinnamon & Sweet Vanilla
  • Unique flavor.
  • Medium roast & Mycotoxin Free
  • Zero Sugar & Zero Calories

These Flavored Coffee Beans made from single origin, 100% Arabica beans will bring your morning to life with the Lifeboost premium cinnamon cappuccino coffee beans.

Giving aromas of fresh cinnamon, sweet vanilla, silky cream and will give you tasting notes of cinnamon cappuccino in a bold Arabica cup of coffee in your hand, you can't go wrong. 

Lifeboost produce fairly traded beans that have been hand roasted to perfection, which sets them apart from others! 

#6 - Caramel Macchiato

caramel macchiato lifeboost
  • Premium Medium Roast Flavored Coffee
  • Zero Calories & Zero Sugar
  • Sweet Caramel with Vanilla Undertones
  • Mycotoxin Free

We never thought we'd experience a flavored coffee that actually stuck true to it's promise! This flavored coffee was spot on, and resembled something similiar from Starbucks.

Better yet, it actually had zero calories and sugar, because of how the flavor is infused into the bean. Rather than adding an artificial sweetener.

One sip of this drink and you'll be thinking can life get any sweeter than this, these medium roasted caramel macchiato beans will invite happy memories into any occasion.

Get yours with the link above.

#7 - French Vanilla

lifeboost french vanilla
  • Experience Rich Creamy Vanilla
  • Single origin, 100% Arabica Beans
  • Zero Sugar & Zero Calories
  • Mycotoxin Free

Forget the vanilla creama that's filled with tonnes of sugar and calories, when instead you can have a nice french vanilla dessert coffee by lifeboost.

When you have a cup of this you can expect to tasting notes of vanilla flavor complements with aromas of sweet french vanilla.

This go perfect in front of the fire with a nice chocolate covered cookie!

#8 - Pumpkin Spice

pumpkin spice latte
  • Notes of Pumpkin, Cinnamon & Nutmeg
  • Single origin, 100% Arabica Beans
  • Zero Sugar & Zero Calories
  • Mycotoxin Free

We've tried a bunch of pumpkin spice coffee from a variety of manufacturers and nothing compares to this one! It really felt like we were taken back any time of the year to thanksgiving.

If you're looking for a flavored coffee that brings on melt-in-your mouth pumpkin cookies with a sweet taste, but yet nutty and spicy aroma then this is for you.

Seriously get this when you can!

#9 - Eggnog Latte

lifeboost eggnog latte
  • Tasting Notes of Vanilla with Splash of Rum
  • Single origin, 100% Arabica Beans
  • Zero Sugar & Zero Calories
  • Mycotoxin Free

Looking to get into that christmas spirit with a bit of latte and a side of eggnog? Well why not have the best of both worlds with this sugar free and zero calorie eggnog latte flavored coffee from life boost.

This low acid smooth and well balanced flavored coffee is what you need to get christmas off to the right start. Experience tasting notes of vanilla with a mixture of cream, eggs nutmeg and a splash of rum.

A flavored coffee that makes for a christmas time to be treasured with loved ones and family.

#10 - Irish Cream

lifeboost irish cream
  • Sweet Vanilla Enhanced with Irish Cream
  • Single origin, 100% Arabica Beans
  • Zero Sugar & Zero Calories
  • Mycotoxin Free

One of the last lifeboost coffee reviews is this Irish cream coffee that will sure boost your spirit in the morning (or at least your luck).

Made from low acid single origin beans and coupled with a new irish cream flavor, you'll be sure to be boosted of your seat and rolling in the hills of Ireland.

A perfect caffeinated beverage for any time of the year, but even more so special on St. Patricks day, with this zero sugar and zero calorie flavored coffee.

Buyers Guide to Lifeboost coffee

Now that we have covered off some of the best lifeboost coffee that you need to try we’ll help you a little further.

Lifeboost coffee is Fairly Traded

All over the world, in different countries and regions exists coffee plantations, which are owned by farmers who sell coffee beans to manufacturers of coffee.

Fair trade coffee means that the farmers, in these third world regions, receive fair compensation for their labor which includes picking, harvesting and sometimes even drying.

This is so that these farmers can have a better life for their families or community in general. Without fair trade organizations creating this medium between the supplier and manufacturer, it can be very easy for large corporations to take advantage of the suppliers.

Lifeboost Coffee is Mycotoxin Free

Mycotoxins are tiny fungi that grow on coffee beans, if they are not properly stored. We first heard of this when we tried Lifeboost coffee for the first time, and wondered what it was.

These microbes can lead to a range of health problems such as kidney disease or even liver failure. Interesting right! Well the good thing to know 

Lifeboost Coffee F.A.Q’s

Enough about our little buyer’s guide, you probably also have a list of questions that you want answered before you buy Lifeboost coffee!

So we found a few frequently asked questions about Lifeboost by going over google, reddit and quora and hopefully we can answer them for you. If not, just write to us and we’ll definitely update this with your question in the future.

Is Lifeboost Coffee Legit

Lifeboost coffee is as legit as they come! Besides having the best organic and chemical free coffee, they also source it from the Nicaragua regions!

By taking extra care in the process of roasting they have removed all nasty pesticides and chemicals, meaning this coffee is Mycotoxin free. Just another one of the best benefits of Lifeboost coffee.

Although the price can set some people sailing to find alternatives, we believe that everyone needs to try this legitimate coffee brand.

Why is Lifeboost Coffee So Expensive?

Lifeboost coffee is just not your everyday cup of joe, but something with additional health benefits than nearly every other brand.

It makes you feel the best version of yourself  by elevating your mood and then energizing your mind, so that you can be more focused. Unlike some other coffee brands that often can make you feel like you have the coffee jitters.

It is expensive because they are premium coffee beans that deliver not just high quality aromas and taste, but also making you have an experience that is out of this world.

Where Can You Buy LifeBoost Coffee?

The coffee can be purchased directly from Lifeboost coffee shop, here you will find a range of products from light, medium, dark roast or even decaf coffee beans.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase lifeboost from a store just yet which really puts us off! However don’t let this stop you, because their deliveries only take 4-5 business days.

Is Lifeboost Coffee Organic?

Organic coffee is coffee that has been produced without artificial additives, like chemicals and pesticides. Some manufacturers use chemicals during the roasting process to speed it up, or just add them to enhance the flavor so slightly. 

Oftentimes chemicals can lead to having acid reflux within your stomach because of the coffee being too acidic.

Lifeboost coffee is purely organic coffee, meaning they don’t add nasty chemicals to their process.  They are even certified by the USDA and also are 3rd party tested for mycotoxins.

They do all of this to produce high quality organic coffee beans that have low acidity, that’s another reason many people (including us) love lifeboost coffee brands.

LifeBoost Coffee Review: Is It Really Worth It 

So, is Lifeboost coffee really worth it? In our review, we have considered the quality of the coffee, the aromas, the tasting notes and the price.

In our opinion, Lifeboost coffee is to be tried at least once (or more if you love it after your first sip)! It suits every coffee addict no matter what kind of character you are.

We recommend that your next coffee you try is something from Lifeboost coffee.

Until next time, happy caffeinating!

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