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The Best Cuban Coffee Brand | 5 Exquisite Selections


If you haven’t tried Cuban coffee brands before in your caffeine diet, then you’re missing out on some of the best coffee around. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the best Cuban coffee brand that everyone needs to try and a few other notable selections.

Now, for the people that have a sweet tooth, but can’t stand ordinary black coffee on their own, then this caffeinated drink is for you! Cuban coffee or better known as a Café con Leche is a truly unique and amazing sweet drink.

And if you’ve been trying to make this specialty Cuban coffee for a while now, but have been failing to do so adequately then it might boil down to the beans or coffee grounds you’re using.

After all, you can’t make this deliciously sweet drink with ordinary beans, you will, in fact, need Coffee from Cuba!

So in this article, we’ll be covering the best Cuban coffee brand to make a delicious Cuban coffee with!

At a Glance: Our 5 Top Coffee’s From Cuba are:

Top Pick: The Best Cuban Coffee Brand is...

best cuban espresso beans

Bustello Whole Bean Coffee

Editors Rating : 

These Cuban espresso beans are honestly the best Cuban coffee beans that we tried.

In addition to being gourmet beans, they make the best Cuban coffee that mimics the coffee you have in Cuba. Check out the price with the button below or check out our cuban coffee review below.

#1 - Bustello Whole Bean Espresso Coffee

Supreme by Bustelo Whole Bean Espresso Coffee, 16-Ounce Bag (1 Pound)
946 Reviews
Supreme by Bustelo Whole Bean Espresso Coffee, 16-Ounce Bag (1 Pound)
  • Contains 1- 16 ounce bag of espresso style dark roast whole coffee beans
  • Dark roast coffee blend made with 100% Arabica coffee beans roasted to perfection
  • Espresso-style coffee with a rich, full-bodied flavor
  • Specially roasted whole Arabica coffee beans create a smooth, flavorful cup of coffee or mixed coffee beverage, served hot or over ice

If you're wanting to make the best Café con Leche Cuban coffee drink or just want to enjoy gourmet Cuban espresso, then Bustello whole beans are the best cuban coffee brand on the market.

It is a succulently rich dark coffee, which has been specifically roasted for Cuban coffee, espresso or cappuccino. The best way to enjoy a cappuccino with these coffee beans is to used frothed milk.

What we liked about Bustello coffee beans, was the shine, color, texture and flavor compared to the other four brands that we have reviewed. They truly make the best cuban coffee in our opinion.

Our biggest dislike was that we did wish it was slightly more expensive than the other brands, but heck you pay more for gourmet premium beans.

#2 -  Cafe La LLave Dark Roast Cuban Ground Coffee

Cafe La Llave Espresso Dark Roast Coffee, 10 Ounce (Pack of 4)
3,087 Reviews
Cafe La Llave Espresso Dark Roast Coffee, 10 Ounce (Pack of 4)
  • AN ESPRESSO WITH A LATIN SPIRIT; whether along the sunny beaches of Miami or in the cool canyons of Southern California, this is a favorite of Latin espresso lovers.
  • PURE 100% coffee.
  • OUR DIRECT IMPACT INITIATIVE influences every business decision we make so that we can preserve natural resources and our environment for future generations of our family and yours.
  • FOUR GENERATIONS STRONG: our family's expertise extends more than 140 years and is headquartered outside of Los Angeles in the City of Vernon.

The next best Cuban coffee you need to at least conisder is Cafe La LLave dark roasted ground coffee! A popular choice amongst Latin espresso lovers, that has just as good of a kick like Bustello, but not quite there.

Delivering a smooth and well flavored dark roast coffee, you can't ask for more when the price is just right! 

What we loved about these dark roast cuban coffee grounds was the price itself! While not breaking the bank, it does deliver a good cuban coffee.

Our biggest dislike was the actual quality, as we found a few small clumps of ground in our coffee bricks! Despite that, it broke up quite easily overall and still made a decent cuban coffee.

#3 - Mayorga Cafe Cubano Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Mayorga Organics Coffee Cubano Roast Dark Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2lbs Bag Café, Specialty-Grade, 100% USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Direct Trade, Kosher
9,960 Reviews
Mayorga Organics Coffee Cubano Roast Dark Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2lbs Bag Café, Specialty-Grade, 100% USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Direct Trade, Kosher
  • MAYORGA COFFEE CUBANO ROAST - Our Roastmaster craft roasts our coffees from Peru, Honduras and/or Nicaragua, and gives our Coffee Cubano Roast a unique flavor profile that makes this cuban-style roast a Mayorga favorite. Mayorga has perfected this smooth, dark roast cuban coffee with hints of vanilla and sweet, syrupy smokiness, with a smooth, and bold finish and low acidity.
  • 100% ARABICA WHOLE BEAN COFFEE - Start your day by enjoying the freshness of our organic coffee beans blend consisting of small farmers' best offerings from Latin America. Our whole bean coffee is perfect for coffee lovers who prefer to grind at home for the smoothest, freshest, most flavorful coffee experience.
  • SIGNATURE SLOW-ROASTING PROCESS - Mayorga cofee is specialty grade, 100% Arabica, shade-grown coffee, roasted and packaged in the USA. Using our signature Latin slow-roasting process to craft roast our coffee in small batches, we are able to give each of our signature roasts a distinct flavor and ensure the highest quality.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLY SOURCED - We believe our customers deserve to consume clean, unadulterated foods. Our certified organic products are kind to our environment, our customers, and our farmers. This mindset permeates through all aspects of how we run our business and the decisions we make. Operating sustainably isn't a marketing concept. It's a conscientious decision we must make daily.

If the former two cuban coffee brands are not for you, and you're looking for something that was grown without pesticides then you need to try Mayorga organic cubano roast coffee.

Organic coffee has a range of benefits, including being high in antioxidants and vitamins, as well as being free of pesticides and being grown without the need of artificial fertilizers.

These cubano coffee beans is a dark roasted coffee bean, from a reputable brand that everyone seems to love. When brewing these beans expect to taste hints of vanilla with a sweet, but smoky, syrupiness.

What we enjoyed about these beans was the natural smokiness, and hints of vanilla which was only experienced when having it finely grinded ready for espresso. When we used our coffee maker, the flavor notes were dull and the coffee was quite bold

Our biggest dislike was a little weak overall! We expected a lot from these beans, however this was it's biggest let down as we thoroughly enjoy a strong Cuban coffee.

#4 -  Pilon Cuban Espresso

Pilon Espresso 100 % Arabica Coffee, 10 Ounce (Pack of 4)
2,044 Reviews
Pilon Espresso 100 % Arabica Coffee, 10 Ounce (Pack of 4)
  • 100 percentage Coffee blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans
  • The package dimension of the product is 10.2cm L x 18.5cm W x 25.7cm H
  • The package weight of the product is 2.6 pounds
  • Country of origin is United States

If coffee bricks is your thing, and will give you childhood memories of watching your mom make a good Cuban coffee, then you need Pilon cuban in your life.

Similiar to Cafe LLave espresso coffee, these are 100% Arabica roasted ground coffee, however it is a medium roast and doesn't quite have the same strength like the best cuban coffee brand!

This espresso ground coffee is very fine, and can be used in a coffee maker, espresso maker or even a stove top moka pot. It does make a good Cafe con Leche coffee drink but, not as strong as the Bustello coffee.

If you like a milder tasting espresso ground coffee for your cuban coffees, then Pilon is for you. That is our biggest dislike, but it can be loved by others.

#5 - Gavina Old Havana Espresso

Gaviña Old Havana Espresso, Whole Bean, 100% Arabica Coffee, 32 oz Bag
1,031 Reviews
Gaviña Old Havana Espresso, Whole Bean, 100% Arabica Coffee, 32 oz Bag
  • A NOD TO OUR Cuban heritage where coffee means espresso; nutty, sweet with hints of citrus, and a smooth finish.
  • OUR WHOLE BEAN coffee delivers the freshness and quality you need to create the perfect espresso shot.
  • OUR DIRECT IMPACT Initiative influences every business decision we make so that we can preserve natural resources and our environment for future generations of our family and yours.
  • BLENDED, ROASTED & packed at our zero-waste-to-landfill facility in Los Angeles.

Lastly, we have Gavina Old Havana espresso coffee which will deliver some seriously good tasting Cuban coffees, whether you're wanting a cafe cubano, cortadito, colada or even a cafe con leche drink.

The coffee beans themselves are a medium roasted bean in our opinion giving a nutty, but sweet, smooth and bold finish. It is a bit more pricey compared to the best cuban coffee, so that could be looked down upon.

What we loved about these coffee beans was that it did give us a rich and flavorful espresso overall, but it lacked the strength that Bustello gives. This may be beneficial to some of you.

Our biggest let down was the price. Nothing more to add here, for what we paid we thought we could get the top cuban coffee beans, but were surprised at the end.

The Best Way to Make Cuban Coffee (Cafe Cubano) at Home

It comes with no surprise that Cuban coffee can taste amazing when made the Cuban way. 

So we’re going to explain how to make a delightful Cuban coffee with Cuban espresso beans or grounds, just as if you were in Cuba.

With any recipe, there are many ways to make these drinks, so if you try our way just let us know if you liked it or not.

Now, let’s get started and make the best Cuban coffee at home with the Best Cuban Coffee Brand!

Brewing Espresso

Firstly, we need to brew the espresso, but don’t just use any coffee beans! Since we’re trying to make authentic Cuban coffee, it is recommended to use strong Cuban coffee with a kick!

This will ensure the absolute best results to a real Cuban coffee.

So with your espresso maker, coffee maker, or even french press, you want to brew your favorite Cuban coffee grounds

We prefer making about 4 ounces of espresso with an affordable espresso machine that is under $200, which generally works the best. You can use a coffee maker or french press to brew your shot, but generally, it won’t be as concentrated as an espresso shot would be.

You could even use a stovetop espresso maker, such as a Moka pot, to get the perfect espresso brew.

Developing the Perfect Sugar Foam

The next thing you want to prepare is the sugar foam mixture, and this is generally created with granulated sugar.

A top key to note is getting that first few fluid ounces of espresso because this is the most concentrated. Mixing this in with about two tablespoons of sugar in a measuring cup, and whisking it well.

Give this a long beat until you have perfect consistency, and what you want is a smooth whipped creamy foamy mixture.

Combine The Result

Once your mixture is smooth, you’ll want to add the remaining Cuban espresso into the measuring cylinder.

Shaking it will lead to a nice foam layer on top of your coffee. Below is a video explaining all of this with actual practical steps.

Cuban Coffee Facts - FAQs

With the Best Cuban Coffee brand aside and wrapped up, we hope that you’ll use it when making your next Cuban coffee.

Or if you just want to try it as a Cuban espresso you’re more than welcome to. Now, you’re probably wanting to know a few answers to some burning questions.

So we decided to look over some commonly asked questions, and get some answers for you. Take a look at these below, and if your question is not there, then just write to us and we’ll include it in our next update.

What is the best Cuban Coffee Brand?

To make the best Cuban coffee your taste buds could ever imagine having, you want to be using Cafe Bustelo Whole Bean espresso coffee.

Grinding some of these beans with a burr grinder, would lead to having some amazing Cuban Coffee or Cuban espresso for that matter.

These are seriously the best gourmet Cuban beans we have tried and they make great Cuban cafe con Leche coffee.

Is Cuban Coffee the Best?

Cuban coffee in a traditional sense, as cafe con Leche, is absolutely the best drink one could try.

In saying that, the drink uses dark roast beans (which are often very bitter) mixed with sugar to make a nice sweet drink.

If you were to have Cuban coffee on it’s own as a black coffee, then try mixing it with a bit of sugar or alternatively have it as an espresso shot. 

is cuban coffee the best

Brewing espresso shots have the added benefit of unlocking the aromatic scents and bean tasting notes, so it could lead to a better coffee overall.

Is Cafe Bustelo Cuban Coffee?

A brand founded in the Bronx, by a Cuban entrepreneur. It is a dark roast coffee, specifically roasted for having Cuban coffee.

The beans are 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are grown and harvested in Cuba and imported into America.

What Makes Cuban Coffee Different?

Cuban coffee is unlike any other coffee you’ve had! It is specifically roasted as a dark roast so that it can be enjoyed in the traditional Cuban coffee drink known as cafe con Leche.

The dark roasted beans make for a typically bitter-tasting overall drink but having it as a Cuban espresso can prove otherwise.

It’s best to use Cuban coffee to make a cafe con Leche drink than to have it on its own.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the best Cuban coffee brand that will lead to the ultimate Cuban coffee. 

Our top choice (and the most recommended) are Supreme by Bustello which makes for the best Cuban coffee your money can buy.

In our opinion, these are gourmet coffee beans that are packed full of flavor and are very aromatic every time.

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